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StitchJones  +   1123d ago
I don't believe there will be a new PS console. It just doesn't make sense based on the issues they are having with their electronics across the board. If there is going to be new PS console it will be at least another year out. I mean they just stopped making the PS2 a few weeks ago. And the PS3 is still plagued by poor multi-platform releases that have lower framerate's and lesser overall quality. Sony just isn't the big dog right now. I think it's high time for SEGA to make a comeback!
stefan771  +   1123d ago
Another day, another next gen rumour
TBONEJF  +   1123d ago
1st THIS IS GREAT NEWS hopefully we all get new systems. 2ND u iFAN THEIR nothing like APPLE and stop saying like APPLE like stage this is the gaming industry not PC/Phone industry where Apple sues and BANS other products.
mochachino  +   1123d ago
I'll get PS4 if the 2 consoles have the same power and PSN remains free. I preferred my 360 this gen by a hair but I can't bring myself to pay for Live anymore.

My total Live cost this gen was approximately $300. When I think of it that way, I'd be a fool to pay to play online next-gen.
sackboyhappy  +   1122d ago
i hope this is true, we've waited long enough
landog  +   1122d ago
whoever is out first will get my money, then later, i will buy the other console

having been an owner of ps3, 360 and wii and being very happy with my purchases of all consoles

i will certainly own ps4, 720 and wii u all at some point, so far the wii u has nothing compelling enough for me to buy it, though that upcoming monster hunter is tempting, if sony waits till after 720 drops i think it will be a mistake

people are hungry for a new generation, everyone is getting bloody sick of hearing how much better the pc versions of games are

ever since bf3 my close friends and co workers have been saying how they want new consoles (and they aren't even "hardcore" gamers, they mostly play the 4 or so big titles a year, but lots of "normal, core or regular" gamers are disappointed with the power of ps3/360

quite a few of my friends literally believe their iphone is much more powerful than the ps3/360 (its not, but there are some damn nice looking games on them, but the interactivity is so limited) I've tried to explain to them how basically those games are just interactive movies, with static backrounds and qte's, they're just like "dude this looks better than anything on ps3, i know i have one" whatever...

people are ready for next gen with stunning amazing visuals!
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zaz12  +   1122d ago
I started to have a feeling that ps4 and 720 are the same console!!
Npugz7  +   1122d ago
Can't wait for the Xbox 720!! Good thing time is flying!
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FFXI101  +   1122d ago
Game fans eagerly awaited Sony executives: PlayStation fastest May advent

Of: Dr Heng network Zheng Jie roundup | Dr Heng Network - January 15, 2013 11:55 AM

Sony (Sony) (6758-JP) (SNE-US) executives revealed that the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 is likely to be advanced to May this year, in time before the E3 games show.
Hiroshi Sakamoto, senior vice president of Sony's home entertainment to accept Chilean news media Emol interview, PS4 may will be published in May.

The previous markets are guessing Microsoft and Sony's next-generation video game console will be published in the the E3 exhibition game on June, but if the PS4 early published, will be able to attract enough media attention.
Hiroshi Sakamoto: "the company may be at E3 or even earlier published until May, when we want to be able to post significant news, but have to wait until at least May.

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