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gtr_loh  +   1120d ago
I would want the cell on the ps4... But too many devs are crying mercy over the long days trying to develop for the cell...I highly doubt Sony would ever bring back the cell processor unless they make IT techs take courses in "developing for the Cell Processor".
TheKayle  +   1120d ago
ibm abandoned the cell
ibm had never product the powerful versione of the cell PowerXCell 32iv ....(moooore powerful of the ps3 versione ...36 spe vs 6 spe)

now ibm saying THAT MAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYBEEEEEEEEEEE in the future we will see an hybrid ...(like all the others amd cpugpu that r alreay hybrid cell like but more powerful)

keep dreaming
bigfish  +   1120d ago
My PS3 cell chip has pumped out some beautiful graphics this gen I must admit.
konohashin  +   1120d ago
I dont understand the whole "the industry needs Sony etc." How does the industry need Sony? What has sony ever done to the industry? Memory cards thats it....

I mean buying small studios that make good games like InFamous is hardly doing something for the industry its making a potential multiplat title into an exclusive title.

Sony is just slowing down the industry and stops good games from finding a larger audience by buying all the devs and making their games exclusive to Sony consoles.

This is def. not "helping" the industry and is also def not what is "needed".

Btw rate my comment down as much as you want. Compared to alot of guys on here I have a real life and dont care about digital thumbs downs or thumbs ups. I dont have to compensate something else by boasting my ego online LOL have fun.
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joeorc  +   1120d ago
OMG this again?
People, People, People..

No where has Sony stated they would not be using the Cell, and No where Has Sony stated that they would be using the Cell also!. We will not know for sure until the next playstation Get's released.

What i can say, is this Sony infact can use the Spur's engine inside the New Processor if they want BC for the PS3 software, and it does not require the full Cell processor to do it. and they can do it right on Chip Die Level without needing to go off Board if Sony is in fact using a 3D stacked TSV, like the CTO stated already.

The Cell was not going to be their only Graphic's processor when the first started development of the PS3, IT WAS A GPU ACCELERATOR CHIP! I do not know where that Rumor that Sony was only looking at the Cell as their only GPU for the PS3 came from, but that's not what the Head of the project was talking about on the PS3 design for pete's sake they were The SPEs used in the Cell processor are each SIMD (Single Instruction, Multiple Data), 128-bit vector processors. Vector processors. Those were for GPU acceleration as a engineer they would know what the main purpose for these were.

Sony's recent Patent design is two different GPU's on the same Chip Die Patent that allows you to switch back n forth between them . why make such a patent, why o'h why would you make such a patent..Hmmmm LOL

Spur's engine can provide the PS3/ BC needed ,and not have to use the entire Cell Chip to do it!
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kingPoS  +   1120d ago
Very interesting!

I believe Sony will put to good use some of those patents they've been throwing around over the years. ^_^

That Sony for ya... adapting to how processors work in mobiles & tablets.
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castro   1120d ago | Spam
Lucreto  +   1120d ago
I hope the PS4 has the cell just for backwards compatibility.

I would hate to lose all my PS3 games.
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