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TronEOL  +   1122d ago
I'm pretty sure the PSN and Steam versions are getting this as pre-order bonuses. And I'm assuming it'll be available on launch day.
GenoZStriker  +   1121d ago
They are getting it for free as pre-order bonus, but I am assuming once it is released that you can purchase them, since it doesn't say that it is exclusive for pre-ordering, just that it's free. Players who have beaten Nephelim and DMD did not get these costumes as unlocked, just white-haired Dante, jacket-less Dante and Super Dante Mode. So most likely they will charge like they do for Street Fighter IV.
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Neo Nugget  +   1122d ago
Ultr  +   1122d ago
wuat is this, wannabe shinobi? looks aweful xD
Ill stick with the original. lol
Information Minister  +   1122d ago
Yep, sounds like Capcom alright... Let the DLC milking begin.
Mocat  +   1121d ago
ahaha wtf are those converse, i tought i'd never see the day.

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