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GalacticEmpire  +   746d ago
Congrats Sony! Top of both software AND hardware.
darthv72  +   745d ago
NA and EU
have always been pretty close. Even taking a look at their charts of previous systems it shows them being on par with each other.

JP...that is like the swing vote territory.

Now that nintendo has officially started over (with the release of wii-u). 360 and PS3 have some ground to make up with those Wii numbers.
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aCasualGamer  +   745d ago
Am i the only one living in the present?

"Ending 5th Dec 2013" ....
Congrats to Microsoft, only exclusive in the top 10. 3 in the top 25.
Congrats to Nintendo. 7 exclusives in the top 25. That's beast.
KwietStorm  +   745d ago
Lol I guess someone had to be that guy
NukaCola  +   745d ago
Hingle also mentioned that he was impressed with the PS3 sales doubling the 360s for the week...I guess it didnt post when he hit enter.
smashcrashbash  +   746d ago
PS3 did really well this Christmas. An to top it off they seem to have passed the 360 in sales.Still waiting to hear from the companies though.
Belking  +   745d ago
Trust me you probably won't. It funny how people rag on VGchartz all the time but they always accept the number they present. Especially when their console of choice sits on top of the list. The wars continue.
Sanquine90  +   745d ago
Is it wrong that the ps3 is doing well? He never trolled any other system. Every system should sell a lott more sales= more Ip's and games:D

Do not be a troll or a fanboy!
Sanquine90  +   745d ago
Congratz sony! Nice Ps vita is doing better! ( NOT TROLLING)

Getting disagrees? Dafuq! I have 2 vita's !!!!

Ps3 top selling console! As it should be with the awesome catologue and upcoming games in this year.


Why do you care? Aren't we all hypocrits? ( Sorry for spelling or grammer i am not a native speaker).
I haven't seen the Usa charts but i think the xbox sold more than ps34 as always in the US. Kaz hirai himself said that the marketshare in US is the lowest in comparison with EU and Japan.

Furthermore, I think EU should get more love from developers and the console companies. The japanese and Americans always get games ealier. We always have to wait a month or don't get the game at all. ( Im looking at you SCEE )Same goes for Nintendo. My 3ds wants some awesome games ( That are already out in japan...Monster hunter)
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josephayal  +   745d ago
Good Job Sony, The PS3 is Def the best selling HD Console of this GEN .. Incredible omg
TheRealHeisenberg  +   745d ago
Lol, you crack me up.
dark-hollow  +   745d ago
USA charts: vgchartz is an unreliable source.

Europe charts: congrats Sony!
Seraphemz  +   745d ago
I am a PS3 owner. I really think that VGchartz is probably really close to getting the numbers right.

US is def 360 territory. Everywhere else is PS3.
venom786  +   745d ago
360 is also strong in the UK as well.
Godchild1020  +   745d ago
You will always get that because the USA/NA is Mircosoft, they sell better in that region.

In Europe it's Sony, their consoles and products sell better there and that's why they get better deals and or treatment.

In Japan, it's Nintendo, their console sell better and their games get better support in most cases in Japan.

That is why you will see different people in the different VG sales charts articles, praising a console and others hating that X console sold better than Y/Z console.

The only numbers that 99% percent believable are Japans, they come straight from Media Create and Famitsu. We will have to wait until the the big 3 to come out and let us know worldwide numbers.
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Sanquine90  +   745d ago
LOL Almost every post with the word Sony in it got disagrees. I own every console but i prefer the sony consoles because i grew up with them ( Expect N64 which was my first console). May i have my preference? Or must i get downvoted because i love the brand playstatation? Pathetic people, there is no reason why you should hate on any console. If you love Nintendo, fine with me. Same goes for microsoft :) They all have their gems ( Mario , Metriod, Zelda = Nintendo Microsoft=Gears of war/halo/forza
Nathaniel_Drake  +   745d ago
You are right u should have a legit reason to hate a console or company for that matter. My beef goes with MS and their practices on the Xbox. I always found paying to play online was not smart due to the other companies giving it for free.

But I also realized people bashed the heck out of capcom and other companies for charging for unlocking content already on the disk yet guess what MS does the same thing with online play it's already on the disk so users are paying to unlock that aspect why haven't MS been bashed for this is beyond me. Their console keeps losing value every year as you pay for things and you don't get anything in return for investment wise. The only thing MS was good for was to bring the PSN infrastructure to what it is today and also to add to that with PSN plus which now surpasses Live in value 10 fold. I don't hate on a console just because of allegiance but what it brings to us gamers in terms of value and the 360 is one of the worst valued consoles IMO. They really need to change their practices for their next console. I am just glad we have a company like Sony that even at a loss they invest in their gamers.
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wiiulee  +   745d ago
lets go wiiu...soon the games will be out and haters will go back in a corner..nintendo need to do a better job advertisement...but so far so good for the wiiu
disturbing_flame  +   745d ago
No article to say that WiiU is doomed ?

Who are the people that write about the Vita's failure ?
kikizoo  +   745d ago
Who ? The same stupids fanboyz, and paid "journalists" claiming "ps3 is doomed" 6 years ago ;)

ps3 selling 2X more than xbox (even in us, they can't do that), it's great (before the 199$ price tag who'll destroy even more the old box)
Kingofwiiu  +   745d ago
What are you talking about ? Vita has been out for a year , Wiiu a month and a half globaly. Wiiu is on 3M , Ps vita on 4. As you can see the Wiiu is doig fine and has outsold both the ps3 and 360 launch and made more revenue than the wii launch.

It's a successfull launch , Not AMAZING but Great.

You can't compare it's sales to anything on the market because it's an 8th Gen console , it's not fair to compare it to Wii , 360 , Ps2 sales of today , they're cheaper and have more games.

Wiiu sales will have to be compared to the sales of the 720 and ps4. If the PS4 and 720 smash the launch sales of the wiiu (fellow 8th generation consoles) then you may write your doom article.

But the reality is , the launch was a good-moderate success. The 360 was primed for holiday season in USA with low console prices , and a TON of HUGE sellers like Halo4 , Blops 2 etc.
Godchild1020  +   745d ago
The fact is the Wii U only made more revenue than units sold. Doom articles come about because the successor of a system is not selling or didn't sell as well as it's predecessor in the same time frame. The Wii Sold very well and was sold out everywhere, the Wii U sold, but people expected it to be sold out.

It was a great launch, just not a Wii launch. Hence why he asked about Doom Wii U articles.

It's funny that you say that, but members and the media have been doing it to the PS3 since the launch and that hasn't stopped. I agree we should compare the Wii U launch to the next Xbox and PlayStation console. But will it be okay to compare those consoles to the Wii U at there first holidays?
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