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JoelT  +   1125d ago
"Final Fantasy X HD"

I'm sorry but when did the Vita get an HD screen?
Bigkurz85  +   1124d ago
960x544 on a 5 inch screen. Seems rather high-definition to me. But you and your superhuman visual acuity must be unimpressed.
McLuvn  +   1125d ago
SE is dead in the water. X is not quite as mediocre as XIII but it's damn close. Until these clowns get their act together, I'm not giving them a cent. Turning XIII into a trilogy is unforgivable. What a joke. DLC anyone?
squallcloud9  +   1125d ago
ffx was the last great final fantasy for me. i still remember how i had yojimbo kill almost all the bosses in the game with zanmato-even dark yojimbo who appeared three times in a row. the end to final fantasy for me did not happen with ffxiii but with ffxii. in that game you could miss out on a ultimate weapon(not the boss) if you opened a few forbidden chests. no indication in the game of what chests you should not open but you can find out about it if you read a gamefaq. when i started to rely on gamefaqs instead of carving my own adventure as i dead in ffx i stopped liking final fantasy.
Run_bare  +   1124d ago
I Love FF X the most, Rikku is one hot CG girl.

I hope they remade it, it shouldn't take that long since the story elements is done.
Drabent  +   1124d ago
Just release my FFXIV on Ps3 no later than march plz-_-
KShinigami  +   1124d ago
This should have been released by now along with versus.
Eremgee  +   1124d ago
Wtf. Square is such a joke. Always 'promising' something but never following through.
ayabrea93  +   1124d ago
they really should give some information on this as it's something the majority of fans want and could be something special for the vita.
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Bigkurz85  +   1124d ago
Ways for SE to be successful:

1. A good, original, not-completely-linear Final Fantasy game
2. Just remake FF7 already because it'll be a surefire CASH COW
3. Versus XIII? Bueller? Bueller?

Ways for SE to fade into nothingness:
1. More Lightning games
2. More MMOs
3. Continue to tease fans with Versus and FFX HD while perpetually delaying them until no one cares anymore
4. 1, 2, & 3 AKA what they're doing
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