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-MD-  +   1125d ago
Game got repetitive when you got to the 2nd island. I rushed to finish the story at that point.
Dfooster  +   1125d ago
I would be more annoyed if I was the writer of the article to know how close I came to finishing the game only to give up so near the end. Plus the whole reason for quitting was beyond lame. Half life 2 has a character talking to you in the same way with absolutely no noises coming out of Gordon freemans mouth whatsoever and that is one of the finest video games there has ever been made. This so called issue is hardly unique to far cry 3 or even all that much of annoyance to normal people anyway.
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ColdNorway  +   1125d ago
After having played the Far Cry 3 SP for 65+ hours ,and I'm still not entirely finished, I've experienced some frame rate issues on my PS3, especially if I play nonstop for more than 3 hours. But just restarting the PS3 fixes everything for me

The main story was overall too short and felt quite annoying as it actually was crammed full with many interesting characters that sadly exited the story too soon for my liking. They either got killed off or had to leave before they got a chance to be a fully fleshed out character. The few that remained after Vaas exited couldn't keep up my interest or momentum of the story , it fell apart and the main bad guy Hoyt was just boring. It didn't help that most of the second island story missions felt rushed, like the developers said to the writers: "Ok let's wrap things up, we don't have all day."

I thought the developers also missed an opportunity with NOT implementing a real world cause and effect for all the actions done by the "hero". Stopping me from killing civilians/soldiers inside key villages (Amanaki/Thurston Town) was a rather retarded decision.
If the developers had a true understanding of creating a "real" sadbox game they would have let me free to do whatever I want. Let's say I killed a bunch of innocent civilians in a village, the result should really be: I wouldn't have a safe house there anymore as surviving civilians would have burnt it down and they are forever hostile and have hired people to guard the village and most likely kill me. If you choose to go down the homicidal maniac path you might just end up losing your life and key story missions. What if you killed so many civilians that either Citra or some Rakyat warriors decided you had become an enemy? So perhaps half through the game you trigger a mission:you're actually hunted down and have to fight for your survival. Whatever the outcome and multiple choices in the fight it would seriously alter the story missions. Perhaps you fail to survive the fight and suddenly you get to see a scene in which your captured friends are either killed or sold after Jason Brody's death. There are some important choose A or B options in the story missions, but whatever you do in the world in between missions doesn't count at all.Stupid!

Some hated the forever respawning roadblock enemies in Far Cry 2, for me it's just common sense that someone would try to recapture tactical important areas, control= power.So me capturing outposts in Far Cry 3 shouldn't be the end of it, why in the world wouldn't the enemies try to recapture these outposts? They spent good money building them, their need them for the criminal activities that give them an income... so why aren't they coming back?

An overall jarring loppiness while creating the open world experience is forcing me to ONLY give this game a 8.

Oh and I actually thought Joe Gilgun's character in Lockout is more Vaas than Michael Mando's Vaas.

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SSJBen  +   1125d ago
Don't see what the problem is with the article, I agree with most of the points. People need to sometimes chill the F out and just read without any bias in mind.

People complain that legitimacy of editorials or opinion pieces getting shittier by the day, yet when there is at least a decent one, you guys don't want to give it a chance.

So wtf is it that is going to make you happy?
Monstar  +   1125d ago
it's pointless...his ego feels like he needs to address the popularity of the game, his points are unneeded and irrelevant. So in the process, he nitpicks and overstates his so called It of course will create a stir, which he will feed off from.

No such thing as a PERFECT game, the positives over OVER way the again, it's pointless to create attention and of course hits for himself.
Monstar  +   1125d ago
he secretly loves this game, but he needs da HITZZZZZZZZZ! cause it's cool to stick out from the majority....WOO!

monkeyfox  +   1125d ago
I also stopped playing after a week or so. It IS a great game and i loved it but eventually like all of these types of games.. the sense of wonder goes and your left with a "go here, do this, open up another radio tower, go here again, get this, kill him" type affair which becomes boring.. Just like assassins creed. Ive since moved onto DayZ which i have to say is one of the best games i have ever played. Not as polished as FC3 or AC obviously but has a better sense of wonder and atmosphere, evoking genuine fear at times...
garos82  +   1125d ago
why i stopped playing Far Cry 3?
i had to go to bloody work!
seriously was considering pulling a sick call to get out of it. this game is serious fun and having read this opinion piece i couldnt disagree more with authors view
Excalibur  +   1125d ago
The reason I stopped playing it is because I 1000/1000'ed it.

Great game but I have tons of other stuff to play plus the fact Amazon gave me a $23.10 trade in credit on it.
unicronic  +   1125d ago
Why I stopped reading 'Why I XYZ' articles.

Good articles, whether opinions are aligned or misaligned, should always feature compelling headlines and breadcrumbs. This one doesn't.
_LarZen_  +   1125d ago
You aint getting a hit on your webpage from me ;)
Shotcalm  +   1125d ago
i stopped playing far cry 3 when i completed the game...
bunfighterii  +   1125d ago
I must admit I've stopped playing too. It's a good game but I gets pretty samey after a while, and yeah the monologues piss me off too. But I'll finish it. I always finish the games I buy.
themiracle  +   1125d ago
I just couldn't take it anymore?

that's it?

look. I can't take people ripping on the writing in FC3 anymore
at least not without making some reasonable comparison to other major releases that somehow rise above this new standard of writing for which FC3 does not qualify.
sure. the cut scenes should have been skippable
but honestly? go get yourself a beer? take a pee break..
anyways, you must not have liked the gameplay THAT much to stop playing in the last sequence, or perhaps you thought it'd be a dramatic way to frame an article .. but either way, I can't say that the writing in Gears, or COD or any of the R* games is any better at all.. yet you never read about the shallow writing in those games.
just tired of FC3 being held to a different standard, particularly given the exceptional gameplay.
just my 2c
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isyourhouseonfire  +   1119d ago
FC3 is just the original Far Cry with updated graphics... We've known that since launch. For anyone to still be playing it is mind boggling.
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