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Saryk  +   1127d ago
Males like T&A,beer and violence deal with it!

Surprised some of these brewers haven't put any games with their beer!
Fallster3000  +   1127d ago
Not this again.

There are a lot of male gamers and most male gamers like women, I don't see what's wrong with catering to them by advertising games with attractive women.

Look at the males from western games, most are very good looking and masculine it's not like this is one sided.
Canary  +   1127d ago
I get the distinct feeling that no one in this comment thread has the slightest understanding what sexism is.
aliengmr  +   1127d ago
Same might be said about the ones who write these articles.
aLiEnViSiToR  +   1127d ago
lol you humans are so funny... *deletes the article from my mind*
legendof117  +   1127d ago
I thought thia was a Kotaku article.

Well, because it wasn't I read it.

Kotaku sucks.
HonestDragon  +   1127d ago
As kind of dumb as the trailer was, I can understand why people are looking at it as a sexist thing. Scantily clad woman in the rain is not uncommon, which is cliche to be honest, but I would like to see more on the game before judging it.

By the way, did anyone else find that the message at the end where it said "Coming when it's ready" is sort of stupid? It seems like forced humor in what's supposed to be an announcement trailer for a dark game.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1127d ago
Thats the boilerplate answer for Valve's HL3. I don't see any stupid puns there.
aliengmr  +   1127d ago
Teaser was intended for recruitment and for giving those familiar with the lore an idea of what the team plans.

Since its based on existing lore (of which I am not at all familiar with) they want to make sure its done right. "When its done" is actually referring to 2015, so its a long way off.
Jreca  +   1127d ago
I've seen the trailer a lot and I've yet to see the problem with the scene, involving an artificial psycho robot that looks like a female being supressed/arrested by the police.
Feylynn  +   1127d ago
From what I understood the reason the Hitman trailer was seen as so sexist was that they were wearing blatant fetish gear in a context that made no sense and then showed up for no reason other than to be killed while looking good to sell us on how bad ass the protagonist was. I don't know how much a problem it really was, I wasn't on the list of the offended.

In this trailer the bulletproof girl is dressed down pretty excessively but it may be trying to convey that this was a girl caught unaware, driven into a corner, she seemed at a loss. My assumptions based on the setting would be sleeper program placed in her with the tech to be a remote terrorist act. But hey it seemed like a 3 second cut of the situation after you take all the slow motion off of it.
CLOUD1983  +   1127d ago
Am I the only who thinks that this article have no purpose whatsoever & this fcktards feminist & religious/moral freaks have taken over the game industry & make their life purpose to break our balls & shove their opinions on our throat no matter if we care what they think/believe is rightful or not? I mean come on get the fck out from my games moral Nazis & let me enjoy my games with bad ass half-naked women in it, did any1 of those scumbags thought that I might like my game to be HOT & sexy? & btw where is the prob for adults to play adult-games? that's why there is a fcking age indicator on top of the box u know so STFU & stop this pointless articles already don't u have enough already..
MilkMan  +   1127d ago
What a dumb article. How about we just have some fat ugly chicks and some fat ugly dudes with chocolate bars for guns substitute for what you see on the trailer.

Its SUPPOSED to be entertaining and sexy.
Oh man, what dumb troll flame this crap is.
bsmith61  +   1127d ago
I really hate people like the person who wrote this article, they think that art form should cater to everyone on the planet, especially women more than men. What makes this more sad is that this article was written by a man. A man should be ashamed to be so submissive. A submissive man and a woman that denies anything that doesn't pander to her drains society. This train of thought will eventually cause our downfall, see John B. Calhoun. Now, getting back on track, it is the freedom of the developers to create whatever they want, as we do not live in a society where creativity is government issued. I also don't believe the author believes in "creator's intent". This stuff is not holding the gaming industry back, it never did. Developers should worry about making the best game they possibly can, not worry about having to pander to the feminist agenda. These male feminist worshipers have caused feminists to deem anything they might not like or enjoy to be sexist. If CD projekt wants to make a cyberpunk game that appeals to a certain audience, then they can do it if they damn well please. The author of this article shouldn't hold them back. Also, wasn't it said that almost half of all video game players are female? So how exactly is this holding them back, when they are almost even with men in play rate. Do they want more women than men to play games? Do they want every game to be as awful as Mass effect 3 and every developer to be as bad as Bioware? They seem to be the leaders in this "equality for games" movement thing that is picking up.

You know what, it isn't even worth it anymore. This guy is a dumbass and is just trying to pander to feminists because he is afraid to anger them.
aliengmr  +   1127d ago
*sigh* Whatever.
b_one  +   1127d ago
Pathetic, this is Mature game and story, in here, eastern europe it is normal, how come CODs are tolerated in US and model that overdosed techs to fit her body is something bad, evil etc. M for mature means something, right? World isnt a pink rainbow place.
Dms2012  +   1127d ago
Sexist? Not really. Silly? Very much so.
OneAboveAll  +   1127d ago
Here's an idea. If you don't like it then make your own fucking game with a fat obese women instead ok?
wynams  +   1127d ago
MattS probably wishes he could shut down comments on n4g as fast as he can his own blog. This is why games journalism is what it is ... any moron with an opinion can throw up a wordpress theme and start jabbin'.
Conquerbeard  +   1127d ago
Enjoy the hits while you get them, Digitally Downloaded [whoever/whatever that is]. Some douche jumping at a chance to create controversy where none exists.
ShiftyLookingCow  +   1127d ago
WTF! I guess this is a new type of flamebait to get more pageviews.
47  +   1127d ago
Well damn, another game is being labeled sexist and is creating a controversy, now i must buy it. CDPR you guys have my money...again.
CaptCalvin  +   1127d ago
Very little women see this as an issue. It's mostly feminist men feeling the need to defend women from EVERYTHING. That's a superiority complex which makes them the real sexists.
BozoLoco  +   1127d ago
I'm actually getting a little worried by the deluge of Leftist commentators in the games media. These "progressive" thinkers want us all to subscribe to some fantasy of equality in which we can't portray a certain demographic in any way other than a way that fits their own determined understandings of appearance and sexuality.

Articles like this are dangerous. The minority of people that find this trailer sexist happen to be the ones with the loudest voices, and they initiate change and then sing and dance like they've done something right, the majority have nothing to complain about so there's no noise.

And then, if you disagree with them, you're sexist.

"There's a tendency on the Left, that if you disagree with them it must be for the lowest possible reason. If you've found the worst reason, that must be it." - Christopher Hitchens

This trailer is not sexist. It's a trailer in a cyberpunk setting, depicting a liberated robot with a liberated female appearance.

Get over it.
legend911  +   1127d ago
Long story, short. Guys don't complain when there are shirtless guys. Girls get away with almost everything when they claim sexism but guys frankly don't give two sh*ts, so please. Gtfo feminists.
hylandpad  +   1127d ago
I'd just like to add it's not a woman. It's a robot.

But seriously. It's supposed to be sexy. And I would also like to point out that there seems to be a HEROINE in this trailer as well. She may very well be one of the "Butch" guys shooting at the scantily clad robo-woman.

At any rate, the article is just someone looking to make inrows and get page views. Every woman I showed at the office (granted there are two) didn't seemed irked or bothered. One of them thought the trailer was cool. If they weren't bothered I dont see any reason for this MALE JOURNALIST to be. This isn't some subliminal message to go home and beat your wives or girlfriends. It's simply an artistic statement for an upcoming game.
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hano  +   1127d ago
Fucking attention seeking feminist articles.
mmike855  +   1127d ago
She's a protagonist who happens to be attractive as well. Don't see what the big deal is. People didn't freak out when Angelina Jolie starred in, 'The Changeling.'
MeatAbstract  +   1127d ago
"IT'S SEXIST" some women will cry...then they'll go and cosplay the shit out of it.
Horny Melon  +   1126d ago
Ive noticed in life that the only people that bitch about this topic are ugly fat people with badattitudes whom cannot get laid bitch.

They called this chick half naked, but the only thing she is missing from an "acceptable" outfit is a pair of leggins that will look painted on.
glopez  +   1126d ago
Guys its simple: don't like the website or the story simply vote it down.

I did.
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