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thatsBangin  +   1124d ago
why is greg miller wearing a ring that he got out of a cracker
MRMagoo123  +   1124d ago
K now we all have this out of the way and there is no more excuses for xbox fans , lets all just talk about games and how fun they are. Im really enjoying far cry 3 at mo on pc and also wow which is on pc too, what games are you guys enjoying at mo ?
Soldierone  +   1124d ago
Xbox 360 has been outselling PS3, so what? Oh wait that actually matters for some stupid reason. Switch it around and suddenly its a bad thing.....

Ive been saying it for years..... WHO CARES! If you don't work for them, why are you so happy about sales? Honestly.

If its selling, its fine! If its not selling at all, then there is a need to worry. Beyond that, who cares who sold more. As long as we keep them all its all good. If Sony was really "losing billions" why do they keep pushing PlayStation? Why not cut it? Why make PlayStation lead every new gadget they release? They even erupted into the phone market and tablet market using PlayStation!

Sony has had its fair share of losses on new ideas and gadgets, they are not shy about it. When a gadget is losing out, they stop it and go elsewhere. They don't keep revamping it and pushing it....
deafdani  +   1124d ago
"If Sony was really "losing billions" why do they keep pushing PlayStation?"

Because their Playstation division is by far their healthiest one. By a wide margin. Remember that Sony is a megacorporation comprised of several smaller corporations, and out of all them, their gaming division is the one that gives them the most profit.
Soldierone  +   1124d ago
Thats my point. It ISNT losing money. If it was, that side of the company would have been shut off. Sony has seen failures in the MP3 market, camera market, etc... and they take the product away and find something new.

the only one they are rather stupid with is their TV market, but that market as a whole is a struggle right now with cheap arse Chinese made companies under cutting everyone with crap TV's, and Sony won't put their name on that crap for a reason.
deafdani  +   1124d ago
Why people take console sales number so seriously? Why do they debate endlessly about PS3 sales versus Xbox 360 sales? Do they have the (stupid) notion that, whatever console sells the most, it's the best console?



(Please note that the caps section was hugely sarcastic, despite me being a big Nintendo fan and having enjoyed the Wii greatly).

Sales numbers don't mean anything to US, the customers. They're only important for investors, otherwise, they don't prove jack shit.

So, dudes arguing over this: why are you arguing over this?

If you want to make a civilized discusion about this subject just out of amusement, that's fine, but to watch people talking about it like their son's lives depended on it is absurd.

My personal opinion? The PS3 has been closely following the Xbox 360 in terms of total sales... but people tend to forget that A LOT of people are on their 2nd, or 3rd, or even 4th Xbox 360, due to the RROD fiasco it had on its first years... and not everyone has used the warranty, in fact, a lot of people don't, especially outside the U.S.
Urusernamesucks  +   1124d ago
Thats right , So waht?
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SOULJER  +   1124d ago
WOW im glad for sony on a side note HELP! I got no bubbles. Oh why the horror. The HORROR.
Adolph Fitler  +   1124d ago
MS & Xbox fanboys should be disgusted, as they got absolutely smashed by Nintendo. Sony, not so much. MS had the greatest oportunity to come in & dominate heavily for the 2 gens they've been involved in the business. Sony came in with PS1 & absolutely killed it with there first foray into the console manufacturing game, against the 2 only survivors & dominant forces in Sega & Nintendo.
Everybody in the games media laughed & thought Sony would be in & out quicker than all the companies before them that had tried, including Panasonic (even Apple had a go & failed hard).

And not only did Sony dominate sales of Nintendo & Sega's current (for that time) consoles, they also smashed former biggest seller ever, SNES at 60million, with over double the SNES's install base at around 120million+ consoles sold. In comparison, MS's 1st attempt was lucky to get just over 30million units sold (without Halo, that figure would be lucky to be halved), & Nintendo with N64 couldn't even get to 30million consoles sold, I believe (& if so, it was barely over 30million, which I'm damn sure it was under) & without Mario64 that number would have suffered immeasurably (& yes, that is taking Goldeneye into account).

Fact is, that Sony is an impressive force & are going nowhere soon. They have killed it with PS3, to release over a year after 360 & now equal there sales is unbelievable when you take into account the heavy negative press that started when Sony announced the price for PS3, & from there it was uneccessary, non-stop Sony PS3 bashing for 3-4yrs, (& it's all starting again now), then PS3 launched for it's highly justified price point, & everyone b1tched & moaned, until Sony were virtually forced to lower it, then they b!tched & moaned because Sony's production cost savings included cutting the b/c feature (& us Australians & Europeaners suffered & never got the choice of it, in fact, we were charged like the feature was still there)..........
The negative press continued with the "no games" BS, even though we got two awesome new franchises in MS & Resistance.....and Sony just kept copping that kind of crap. Yet, they are still going to prevail.

So suck it all naysyers & fanboy Sony haters.
Max-Zorin  +   1124d ago
Nothing funnier than watching people brag about sales when they're not seeing ANY of that money.
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