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whoyouwit04  +   1001d ago
Man seriously what the hell is wrong with you Sony fans you are saying you are a head of Xbox when these are shipped numbers, OK so if Microsoft ups the production and they announce 86 mill shipped 360 to 84 ps3 next month don't say a word. cause we are counting shipped numbers as sold so there for we are the victor, seriously stop claiming a victory that
Sony hasn't even claimed, its been over 24 hours since that report and Sony hasn't made a sound now, don't you think that's funny?
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solidt12  +   1000d ago
Shipped means sold to retailers which means Sony already got paid for it. So yes Sony is ahead because there is more demand for there product than Microsoft's
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Zichu  +   1001d ago
I'm not bothered whose in 1st, 2nd or 3rd. As long as they are still in business for as long possible and developers are still producing great games, I'm happy.

I own all three consoles, my 360 gets the most action due to it being my multi platform console. My PS3 has a number of JRPG's I plan to play and some other exclusives I am looking forward to.
My Wii hasn't been played for over a year, I last played MHTri and played it a hell of a lot, but other games didn't really interest me. It probably will get another game I will be interested in and I will most likely get it.

Everyone has different opinions, but I don't like the fact people stick to one company and bash another console without even giving it a go.
Neo-Axl  +   1001d ago
For years Xbox 360 users have used the "But the Xbox 360 sells more" excuse to avoid a intelectual arguement about the two consoles, and now that this is not the case, they seem to be lashing out as if what they were saying so proudly never mattered in the first place.

Just an excuse not to own a Playstation 3, You fools are missing out on some of the greatest exclusive games that have ever graced consoles, My friends and family are now buying PS3's and have not went back to the Xbox 360 for a while.

Games like the Uncharted series, MGS4, Killzone, Gran Turismo 5, are making people question the Xbox 360's lack of bench setting exclusive games, .. Finally, all the insults from 2007 have been washed away, the Xbox 360 is awesome don't get me wrong, but you may wanna try the PS3 before the next generation arrives.
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Indo  +   1001d ago
It doesn't matter how you start but how you finish. Congrats Sony's PS3, can't wait for whats next to come
csreynolds  +   1001d ago
This is hypocrisy at it's finest.

Xbox outsells PS3: every Xbox owner and their dog reports on it.
PS3 outsells Xbox: "I don't get it. What's the big deal?"

Y'know, the grown up thing to do would be for us all to just enjoy our consoles and refrain from starting or partaking in fanboy wars. Seriously.
BillySpandex  +   1000d ago
Also, spot how many times articles about this is being blocked and reported? If this was about xbox this place would be littered with how great xbox is.
MYSTERIO360  +   1001d ago
Fan hypocrisy
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UnitSmiley  +   1001d ago
I wonder why the 360 sells so well in the US. Could it be that the most "gamers" in the US are people who don't actually care for, nor know anything about the hobby but will do anything their friends so to stay "cool"

Yup. Every 360 fan i've ever talked to doesn't know jack about the industry, most of them don't even know the difference between a multiplat and an exclusive game. They swear by the company they see the most advertisements for and completely shun anything that isn't on their system. They are complete sheep.

IF Sony fans are rubbing this in, it's only the result of years of mistreatment from 360 "gamers", especially in the US.

And yes, the media had a hard on for bashing Sony early this gen.

Microsofts success was due to ignorant people, not because of quality.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1000d ago
What a pathetic comment. You are a fool. Didn't Sony win the USA last gen? Was your "theory" the same then? This kind of pure stupidity could only come from the militant ps3 fantard scumbags that populate this horrid community.

How are the ps3 fanboys on n4g not sheep? You people swarm articles typing the same bs over and over again. On top of that, you all seem to think with the same mind somehow lol.
UnitSmiley  +   1000d ago
Because gaming was less mainstream last gen than it was this gen. This gen brought a bunch of people into the industry and most of them aren't even actual gamers.

The 360 fans I have met (and yes I realize my experiences don't represent the whole) were extremely vicious at the beginning of the gen. They were far too quick to trash the other consoles despite them not knowing anything other than the 360 is popular so therefore it must be the best.

That was years ago, today however most of them shy away from console war topics because they know they will lose. It used to be "PS3" has no games". Now we have more exclusives. Then it was "PS3s online sucks" PS+ begs to differ, and have fun paying for features that should be free while eating a spoonful of ads. Then it was "well, well 360 is outselling the PS3!" Really? because PS3 has been outselling the 360 for years. Now all of a sudden most of them say "Can't we all just like a console without making it a competition?"

Perhaps we could have, if you weren't so aggressive at the start of the gen.
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jaredhart  +   1000d ago
I was at a Target a few weeks ago and talked to an employee in the video game section about how much I like my PS Vita. I asked him if he had one or played one, his response:

"No, I can't. I'm an Xbox supporter."
clearelite  +   1000d ago
MS spends tons of money on "marketing" here in the US.

Playstation products sell very well here considering.
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SITH  +   1001d ago
Definitely so what. Some ps3 gamers act like their ps3 is going magically transform just because of a shipment made it to its destination. Whoopty doo.
TheKayle  +   1001d ago
yes everyone can sell thing losing money..good job sony
Rebo00  +   1000d ago
PS3 is a more popular console than the 360 is all i'm seeing.
Does anyone know if the Shipped Figures count MS shipping replacement consoles for RRoD? And the same for Sony and the yellow HDD light of death?
tiffac008  +   1000d ago
Sadly, there is no solid data for both hardware failures only estimates. Of course, we do not expect MS or Sony to give any data for that matter. That would just be bad press. ^^
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TheRealHeisenberg  +   1000d ago
Seems like competition is good for the industry and the consumer. It will keep the console makers on their toes and will humble their asses with a swiftness if they get too cocky; be it a steep launch price or paying for access to multiplayer.

So when does the Next Gen start?
ahm  +   1000d ago
this was destine to happen sooner or later. Cod time DLC alone can't sell a console, gamers need games.
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sprinterboy  +   1000d ago
Well I think Sony PS3 will hit the 110 million mark by the time they stop production and I believe that will be enough to come in first place in front of the wii. Anyway regardless of sales they have all shown there is a market for three consoles to all reach the 100 million landmark, what these companies will want toachieve in nxt gen is too cut into there competitors sales figures. Imagine as an example Sony took 30 million sales off MS or Nintendo or MS took 30 million extra harware sales of Sony, thats a lot of extra money in hardware and software sales, something Sony will want desperatly in there current finacial situation, this is why a good price point and coming out before MSis vitsal for Sony imo.
TronEOL  +   1000d ago
This is hilarious. Almost anything Sony did well, or when they released a game that sold better than expected, the excuse Xbox fanboys ALWAYS used was "Well the Xbox still sells more consoles and that's all that matters!".

Now that Sony surpasses them, they're back with "Good job, it doesn't even matter anyways, everyone should be happy with what they have".

How about have that attitude years ago when Sony/fans NEEDED the positive attitude, not some aggressor poking at their console of choice. Claiming they made a bad purchase and the PS3 was going to fail (even tho it now surpassed the Xbox360, even with the year head start and all the bad media).

It's a lesson for the future fanboys (of all kinds).

Good job Sony, you deserve this. I'm sure it'll surpass the Wii before the PS3 is done.
AD705  +   1000d ago
LOL this is funny. So when the 360 was outselling the ps3 the sales mattered. Now that the ps3 is getting so close to outselling them or has already done so it's "sales do not matter anymore?"

It reminds of back then when the 360 had more exclusives than the ps3 and wii from 2007-2008. Then when the wii and ps3 started to outnumber the 360 in that department the 360 fanboys said "oh it's not about exclusives its about overall more games and 360 has more (even though it's mainly exclusive)" This is when you started to see 360 fanboys claim multiplats as exclusive. It's as if it only matters when its the 360 on top of the ps3. But when the cards change and the ps3 ends up on top of the 360 in a certain aspect it's "who cares?"

It must of obviously mattered since it was the 360 fanboys who brought it up in the first place. BEsides if you look at sales 2007 and 2008 were the only years the 360 outsold the ps3. While in 2009,2010,2011, and even in 2012 the ps3 has out sold the ps3 and ppl still say that the PS3 is doomed even though it's been outselling the 360 the most successful console? Also god knows how many 360s were rebuys due to RROD.
horndog  +   1000d ago
It really DOESN'T matter. MS and Nintendo have taken a big chunk of the ps market. Theyve pretty much himuliated the ps brand this gen. Taking market share means a win. Ps doesnt dominate the market like it used too. Thay right there tells ya that ms and nintendo kicked ass. So playstion is in second now? Great but at what did they gain? Yeah nothing, they just lostthe biggest gaming market in the world. North america. Lol. Biggest losers this gen if you asj me. Second doesnt mean squat when youve lost so much more
trouble_bubble  +   1000d ago
You namedrop Nintendo but do you even have a clue how many times Nintendo has been up and down? Last online, last to disc, last to HD. One gen' ago Nintendo lost America too, selling only 25 million GameCubes worldwide. Fast forward one gen and they're back at #1.

MS likewise hasn't "humiliated" anyone. They've yet to even win a console gen sales wise, and are en route for 3rd again, while the WiiU struggles to gain 3rd party support. Momentum shifts fast in this business.
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deceptiGOD  +   1000d ago
People, People, People
Seriously how many of the US Xbox sales numbers are the RROD systems? Millions of them so I wonder what the actual real number is not the b.s. Microsoft number. Microsoft was so desperate to beat Sony that them made a defective console. I love my 360 Slim but thats what the 360 should of been in the first place.
2pacalypsenow  +   1000d ago
Im sure if MS came on top this would read something like (Sony should quit the hardware market )
8bitHero  +   1000d ago
lol ign. i bet if this was the other way around it would be like "xbox 360 outships ps3: why it matters". the "journalist" on that website are so biased
ZBlacktt  +   1000d ago
Again, not a surprise at all. We know the PS2 is the best selling console of all time. Then the PS1 is the second best selling console of all time.

As far as shipping and real numbers. How about the fact that MS bricked over 1 million XBox owners consoles because of hacked games? So more then likely everyone of those users went out and got another one to use for all the games they already had. So that only held MS in their numbers.

Then you had the years of RROD. Which I know many just went out and bought another system. While they sent in their broken console. So again, the XBox numbers all have issues that helped it greatly.

So when it comes to real numbers. It will always be hard to say. But given the ground the PS3 made up. Sony just is the video game king. Which again, is nothing new.

Recall, the PS3 came out in Japan and the US first. Then all of Europe didn't see it until 2007. Where the XBox was a worldwide launch day one. The console was $600 and had few games on Blu-ray. Yet, here it is today with the lead.
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CidFTW  +   1000d ago
It is a big deal beacuse tons of people said the 360 always selling more then PS3 its better then 360. Don't get mad or cry or make a bull.... post saying SO WHAT.

The 360 will not have 4k gaming so once they drop the price on them tv the ps4 will out do the 720.
joefrost00  +   1000d ago
What im trying to figure out is why number shipped not sold is the criteria for winning.
I play both systems but playstation fans are pathetic first fighting the 360 cause yall lost this generation lets be honest if sony ever takes top sold from MS when that happen it wont. Matter cause next gen has started
Then its wii u not a next gen console lol.
Yall are like a bunch of insecure kids that are getting defensive. And fighting about every thing cause you're not on top right now
MRMagoo123  +   1000d ago
Because like ppl have already mentioned if you can read that is, shipped consoles are sold as far as the company is involved they get paid for them when they are shipped it doesnt take too much to understand this unless you are herping more than derping.
BrianC6234  +   1000d ago
This shows all the haters should shut up. All we ever see from the gaming media is Sony is in trouble. They should get out of the hardware business. The PS3 isn't selling. This generation there was enough room for all three consoles.
DivineAssault  +   1000d ago
The way i see it is that BOTH companies are doing well.. Nintendo wii outsold them both & look at the type of 3rd party games it got.. #s dont really mean jack, its about the content & value u receive from these systems.. I prefer PS over MS due to the amount of games i have to choose from & the incredible value ps plus provides but some people like MS because of the user friendly UI & certain multiplats running slightly better on it.. To each his/her own.. Nx gen however, i believe someone is going down.. Nintendo? MS? Sony? who knows but i doubt all 3 will continue moving forward after this nx gen war
PirateThom  +   1000d ago
It is rather amusing to me that the approach this gen has always been "it's only an advantage if Microsoft have it".

Exclusives? They don't matter any more.
Media centre rather than a gaming machine? Perfectly fine.
Sales? Don't matter... unless it's US, because that's the biggest market.

I really don't understand why people defend a company who only got into "gaming" to stop Linux capable devices being in so many living rooms.
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