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Qrphe  +   1049d ago
It's because of next gen, once next gen hits on the Xbox, expect 3 yearly exclusives!

Seraphemz  +   1049d ago
Is that a fact?

Also, are 360 owners really ready to abandon the 360 and get the new system which hasnt even been announced and might not even come out this year?
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Tzuno  +   1049d ago
Wait for E3.
Seraphemz  +   1049d ago
i agree, although I dont own a 360 and really dont care. I think that its too early to get all worried since E3 is coming up and im sure they will announce stuff then.

Although, i dont know of many games that get announced at E3 and then get released the same year...
landog  +   1049d ago
hopefully because a new xbox will be out in june, how cool would that be?

i am so beyond ready for new consoles, the one bad thing about owning a gaming pc is it makes all console games look last gen, it's time

i am ready to forever say goodbye to sub-720p, to jaggies, to screen tear, to 20 frames per second, to artifacting shadows, the long load times.....goodbye

bring forth the new generation of gaming bliss, and away with all the trappings of last gen ps3/360!
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   1049d ago
What I like about Sony is their continuous support for their consoles WELL into their newest consoles life span!

What I find respectable about that as well, is that NOT EVERYONE can just JUMP IN to the Next Gen right off the bat... and great Exclusives being provided help the wait be more easy. With Exclusives like GOWA, LAST OF US, and BEYOND 2 SOULS... they keep their console fresh in the mind of gamers. The fact that the PS3 console and its games have both equally aged properly it still shows how the tech is untilized beyond the competitions!

You can still put out a new Xbox and a new Playstation and PS3s games VISUALLY are still going to be able to hang within the launch window of the new systems... Im willing to bet!
OneAboveAll  +   1049d ago
Because quality > quantity. Let the hate flow through you.
rainslacker  +   1049d ago
and quality + quantity > quantity, unless quantity is a negative variable, which obviously it isn't.
Hicken  +   1049d ago
And quality + quantity > quality > quantity. Unless that other stuff you said.

I only like math when it includes imaginary numbers and dividing by zero.
bunfighterii  +   1049d ago
MS has clearly been winding down the 360 in favour of the next Xbox for a while now. It's resources are just being reallocated. I'm an owner on Xbox and PS3 but I stopped playing Xbox long ago, for no real reason in particular, it's a great machine.

To me all this says is Sony will announce PS4 this year and ship in 2013, whereas MS will announce at E3 and ship before Christmas 2013.
Jek_Porkins  +   1049d ago
Microsoft just takes a different path than Sony when it comes to exclusives. Usually we'd see around 3 great years of exclusives, Microsoft really pumped out great games for the first few years, where as Sony was lackluster for the first couple of years. It all evens out and comes down to preference.

If you are new to the Xbox 360 or the PS3, there is a TON of back catalog games to enjoy.

I think with AAA third party games becoming better and better, both Sony and Microsoft will rely more on those in the future.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1049d ago
Microsoft has already won this gen and already has a lead in the next gen. Stop posting these articles acting like its still a competition.

As gamers, we lose out more than anyone with such a lack of competition.
IRetrouk  +   1049d ago
Uummmm no
Canary  +   1049d ago
Why single out 2013? I feel like the 360 hasn't even tried to compete with Sony via exclusive games since its second or third year, or the PC since ever.

Exclusives aren't the 360's schtick, and no gamer should EVER hope they would be, considering Microsoft exclusives are seldom exclusive by developer's choice, and more often exclusive through shady backroom deals with publishers.
DivineAssault  +   1049d ago
Hopefully MS has some secret exclusives coming up.. If not, i wont be buying a 720 or anything on 360 anymore.. PS3 satisfies all my gaming needs.. If i want to venture somewhere else, itl be on nintendo w zelda n metroid
AD705  +   1049d ago
Next gen is nothing but an excuse. Sony is preparing for the next gen as well and yet they can still provide lots of games this year. It's not like this is the only year the 360 has lacked either. It's been like this since 2009.

As far as i'm concerned 2007 and 2008 were the only years that the 360 came out with the games. Sure they're opening new studios and it's all for making dumb kinect titles.
tommygunzII  +   1049d ago
Xbox has exclusive ad's at a 5:1 over PS3. At least they have that going for them.
supergravity  +   1049d ago
Here's a simple answer to the titles question, Sony cares more...I witnessed first-hand MS' s willingness to abandon ship, I personally loved my original XBOX then got to watch them completely drop it, that felt good. Here's where it gets good, so knowing this, I go out and buy a 360, 3 doses of RROD later I finally really got it and since 2007 the PS3 has been my savior. Thank you Sony, you've made me a fanboy
landogriffi1  +   1048d ago
The thing is people are slightly blind, you say that, well Microsoft are releasing quality over quantity... It's not like Sony is releasing a bunch of garbage games they have some good looking story driven, technological boundaries are being pushed on the system for the exclusives. They have been doing this WELL for years straight now and will continue to support the ps3 for years to come even when the ps4 is here and in our homes. Whereas it seems to me personally that Microsoft is saying to their loyal devoted users/gamers that we are just going to hang on to al of our properties until the "NEXTBOX" is available. I love my 360 BUT if the next gen comes and i can only afford one i would rather own SONY consoles to be able to play TONS of exclusives plus the multi's rather than Microsoft's console which means i may miss out on 1-3 exclusives a year
Nafon  +   1048d ago
Halo and Forza are all I need. I could care less if the xbox had less exclusives. Ive played a lot of ps3 exclusives, GT 5, LBP, uncharted 3, etc and they just aren't my type of games... or the cars sound like vacuums...
black911  +   1048d ago
When has this ever changed. Same 3 franchises gears,halo or forza. No more left 4 dead since valve has gone console.
Indo  +   1048d ago
Well im perfectly good with my PS3 ,why thank.
Max-Zorin  +   1048d ago
Something gamers did last gen that this gen clearly does NOT know how to: Have fun.
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