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5eriously  +   1050d ago
Thanks but no thanks, there is nothing new apart from a nifty dedicated micri PC in a small box and my computer is just doing fine on steam as it is, also connected to my HT system and Smart tv streaming videos etc. Yet I still have two PS3's and an PS2 (semi retired)and I do not see how this erm ...wel...PC? will revolutionize this concept for me, thus I am eagerly waiting for the PS4 but am not in no hurry.

The steam PC? will not play KZ4, etc. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Plllleeeeeaaaaaaasssssssssssse don't touch me on my console!
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Pandamobile   1050d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
ziggurcat  +   1050d ago
kraptaku's at it again... down voted.
STARRHUNTER29  +   1050d ago
lets see buy one console for a grand ...or get to consoles for about the same price....really im stickin with ms and sony sorry valve not me.........
matrixman92  +   1050d ago
not sure why people cant understand that this IS NOT the steambox..this is the "piston" a completely different thing. Valve brought a lot of prototypes of side projects out recently, this is not the steam box. In the Newell interview with the Verge, he said he wants there to be 3 models. One being as low as 99 dollars, one for 300 dollars, and one that is pay what you want with no limits.
TheKayle  +   1050d ago
its simple ...valve cant compete with ms and sony on hardware prices.....

they will have a underpowered micro atx pc build with a simple interface ..for that ppl that r bored to use the same machine to work and play games.......

and everygame will be on pc too.......PLUS...most of ppl that dont know nothing about linux....can use that machine just for "play games" (always if there will be a "desktop mode")

just useless......

is like to buy a ferrari to drive always at 70 km/h
2pacalypsenow  +   1050d ago
Why? PC gaming is DEAD RIGHT!!!?????????????
Ben12  +   1050d ago
If steam box wants to succeed. The console price will have to be the same price as the new xbox and ps4.If not then they will never make it. People will not pay 1000 dollars for a video game console when xbox and ps4 are half the price.
susanto1228  +   1049d ago
I'm buying the xbox 720 day 1 probably the PS4 like 3 years later...

My PC rocks and is superfast and it has steam and it connects to my Samsung HD what's the steambox suppose to offer me? for 500 dollars no thanks. I won't even buy it for 200 dollars I'de rather buy another PS3 for that price. Sorry Steam I luv u but steambox just doesn't seem worth it sorry I'm happy with my xbox and my PC thanks but no thanks.
rbailey  +   1049d ago
Glad to see Valve finally entering the console gaming market. If they launch this console with Half Life 3, then it's a wrap.
AO1JMM  +   1049d ago
I disagree.
ufo8mycat  +   1049d ago
SOny or Microsoft don't have to worry at all.

First of all Steam Box is download only if I am right? BIG minus.

I have always preferred physical copy (nice to see a row of all your great games stacked along each other) not too mention you can trade or sell them.

What games will the Steambox have that aren't on PS4 or 720? If it's just going to have the same games that can already be played on either PS4 or 720, like the PC platform already has, then it will be irrelevent.

Couldn't care if the Steambox is over $1000 - if it has a butload of games that I can't get on PS4 or 720, Ill get it and I don't mean indi games. I mean retail.

Oh and Valve guess what, you can already hook up a PC to your home HDTV....
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WeedyOne  +   1049d ago
This looks like neat idea. One thing though...

With a system as open as a computer you might see more pirated games and online hacks.

Im wondering what they will do to make the system secure?
PurpHerbison  +   1049d ago
Once again... The expertise in the comment section is sky rocketing! Why are you not working for these companies that you speak so surely about? Come on N4G, go make that cash.
isarai  +   1049d ago
Sorry but not with that price
thecowsaysmoo  +   1049d ago
All of the gaming consoles need to be worried about the wiiu.
madjedi  +   1049d ago
Perfect user name for the comment you wrote.
Right worried about the launch of slightly tweaked 7-8 yr old hardware, with a history of horrible 3rd party support, and a online service taken seriously a generation late.

Why the hell would ms or sony be worried about a competitor, just now offering what they were doing 6 or 7 yrs ago and doing it on last gen tech at that.

Some of you nintendo fans are seriously delusional. When nintendo lives up to it's nes/snes greatness wake me up, because sony currently is holding it's crown and has been since the ps1.

But this is a generation of metacritic scores and sales numbers being the "ultimate measure" of how good a game is.
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banjadude  +   1049d ago
So... WiiU, New Xbox, New PS, Ouya, Onlive (sort of???), Steambox and Nvidia's device... seems like things are getting way too crowded.
Adolph Fitler  +   1049d ago
The problem is this, go up to any of your casual mates & ask them, "hey bud, have you heard of steambox". They will probably tell you, "yeh, I made one in a worksite portaloo the other day".
And there is the problem for Valve, nobody outside of some mild gamers to all hardcore gamers have even heard of Valve, or know what steam is, or about. Whereas, Sony & MS had WORLD brand recognition outside of the hardcore gaming community.
The other problem is that so far all even a hardcore gamer can see Valve developing is FPS's, so if your not a fan of FPS's or one FP puzzler, then why bother?
JasonXS12  +   1049d ago
When I think about it, Valve has never had bad prices from what I remember. They'll release at a good price no doubt.
HeroReborn  +   1049d ago
They have people excited but at the same time confused. Direction seems to be all over the place just don't see how this half stepping approach is good for the customer base?
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tubers  +   1049d ago
Or.. I could just upgrade from my 5870 to a GTX 780! For cheaper! xD

j/k.. I know it's an alternative to console buyers that don't want much fiddling with the sytem.

Goodluck Steam Box. Some more competition is fun. :D
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