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Kingdom Come  +   865d ago
Irrefutably a Worst Game of the Year 2013 Early Contender and most probable victor.

(Although, statistically speaking, the game was released fall 2012. But, considering the majority of "GOTY Awards" had been decided upon, and due to this games horrendous gameplay, it would be shameful to exclude it from this years nominations... )
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ApolloTheBoss  +   865d ago
Was a review really necessary, IGN?
Sony360  +   865d ago
More exposure to how terrible this game is, is always necessary.
ratcop22  +   862d ago
DAMN straight it was! This game is a terrible piece of trash. It's worst than shovel ware.
NYC_Gamer  +   865d ago
War Z is the biggest piece of garbage from 2012
TheFallenAngel  +   865d ago
Hey that's a title that Call of Duty for the vita has!
tack129  +   865d ago
No, War Z takes that title, hands down.
ApolloTheBoss  +   865d ago
Amy is a close second.
Ace Killa 08  +   865d ago
I can't imagine how someone dies by hackers or campers comes back to that game 4 hours later. I seriously can't wait to play for a game where dying is common. Not four hours at least.

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