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xboxinsider  +   465d ago
Oh dear!
Muffins1223  +   463d ago
This is not gaming news
iamnsuperman  +   463d ago
No it is not news which is why it has been submitted as an article. Big difference here that people are failing to see. This website doesn't just include news there is opinion, articles, videos, podcasts..... that are all gaming related and that is why it is here (I submitted it)
Hicken  +   463d ago
So, as long as it's gaming-related, it's okay? Nevermind whether or not it's worth wasting time on.

I don't want to read Kotaku stuff. There's not enough good on that site to be worth the one or two decent articles a year they publish. Yet, for some reason, N4G is flooded with it.

Please, don't submit crap just because it's got a video game theme.
zerocrossing  +   463d ago
How did this get approved?
Ezz2013  +   463d ago
what the.. ohhh's kotaku
never mind
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Chosenprince7  +   463d ago
Why do they submit shit like this that doesn't even begin to relate to gaming?!!
sandman224  +   463d ago
Dude it was gaming related. It involved Xbox customer support and kinect. That was hilarious, just when I thought it was about to end the customer changed his voice. I bet the chick on the other end of the phone will never forget that day at that boring job. Great post iamsuperman
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iamnsuperman  +   463d ago
I am not sure how something to do with Xbox's customer support isn't gaming related. I understand if it was Microsoft customer support with one of the twitter posts being about the Xbox but this is specifically about the Xbox customer support (a.k.a as gaming related as you can get)
YourFlyness  +   463d ago
Hip Hop Gamer, who actually did journalism, went to events and studios to interview Developers, but had a tendency to "overhype" things was banned. However Kotaku garbage is stll allow to pollute N4G. Somebody please explain this.
Pekolie  +   463d ago
This right here is (surprisingly) not worthy of N4G...

This is YouTube quality right here -_-
isa_scout  +   463d ago
Hell,I don't know what you're complaining about. Most of the stuff on youtube is better than the daily garbage that finds it's way onto this site. I thought this was kinda funny, and most definitely gaming related as it was Microsoft customer support for the "Xbox 360" as in you know, the "GAME" console.
Pekolie  +   462d ago
So its a video... That go put up on YouTube...

Why do we need an article on it exactly?

Also if the argument is "its gaming related" lets just post everything that's game related from Youtube why dont we -_-
Xklaw  +   463d ago
Man, that shit was funny. And it was game related, can´t see why people say it´s not.
Chosenprince7  +   463d ago
All I'm saying is that this article isn't even relevant and is not worthy to be on a "gaming related website. In my book it's pure trash. No wonder it originated on kotaku.
MattyG  +   463d ago
Come on guys, at this point its just "we attack it because its Kotaku". It is gaming related, and its actually pretty funny. And besides, there's a reason it doesnt have the news tag.

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