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arbitor365  +   1051d ago
the title of the article is deceiving. it makes it sound like tearaway got canceled, which is not the case. its just "death inc." a game that no one has even heard about

people in the comment section are spouting nonsense about how this is some sort of blow to the vita and that the vita is lacking upcoming games.

you serious? we have

killzone mercenaries
sly 4
soul sacrifice
phantasy star online 2
MLB 13
Dragon's Crown
Warrior's lair

it amazes me that people still want to bash the vita and call it a failure. it has had a plethora of high quality titles in its first year, between them have walked away with almost all of the "portable game of the year" awards. and the console itself sold 4 million units its first year. how is that a failure exactly?
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