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showtimefolks  +   1129d ago
this game has been finished for like over a month, and from than till it comes out the developers are busy at polishing it as much as possible

i have high expections
jammy_70  +   1129d ago
I have a feeling this game could be awesome, maybe it ends how the 1st one started in the caves?
TheOpposition  +   1129d ago
Looks like a solid game
Psychonaughty  +   1129d ago
I absolutely adore hub-world games, gimme gimme!
fgjhrtdgr   1129d ago | Spam
AINT_I_OADOS  +   1129d ago
This time around, tombraider seems much promising, apparently the game seems inspired by the uncharted series severely. Previously all TRs were having auto aiming, this time its manual, The developers are awesome, i have lots of expectations.

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