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black911  +   1001d ago
Poor Crash what did they do to you.
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J86blum  +   1000d ago
Sony Exclusive character DLC should be free, multiplat you should pay for like 2.99 or something lol.

Nathan Hale
lol a Gran Turismo driver.
maybe someone from Beyond Two Souls and The last of us
a Fuse Character be cool
sweetSWAGGER  +   1000d ago
I quite adore this take on Crash's design, it reminds me of the art style of Billy and Mandy, with a pinch of the Mario & Luigi RPG series (then again, I'm a bit of a cartoonist).To me, personally, The look perfectly retains the whole point of Crash's character; goofy and fun-loving with a cartoon-like charm.
Jek_Porkins  +   1000d ago
Too many people here are living in the past. Crash was a decent game back on the PS1, there hasn't really been a good one since that time. Sony never owned Crash, they will never own Crash, and Naughty Dog probably wouldn't want to waste their time on an IP that has been used like the town bicycle.

I think a reboot would do Crash some good, if they took the proper time and care with it. It could be that platform games are just a dying breed and the people who played the original games simply grew out of them.
tigertron  +   1000d ago
I have to disagree there. I played Crash the other day and it's just as good as I remember. Platform games may be a dying breed, but people like myself still want Crash Bandicoot to come home and provide us with hours of entertainment.

Crash 2 and 3 were great sequels, so I'm not sure what you mean when you say there hasn't been a good one since the first. Crash Team Racing is good and Wrath of Cortex was decent, despite the latter not being a ND game.

Why would Sony/Naughty Dog want to bother with the IP? because we all associate Crash with the Playstation and consider him the Playstation's mascot, like Mario is to Nintendo.

The best thing Sony can do is to buy the rights from Universal and Activision (seeing as how Activision have raped the franchise) and release 'Crash Bandicoot 4' on the PS4. It would have made an awesome launch title.
Jek_Porkins  +   1000d ago
You are living in a dream world. Activision will never sell the IP to Sony, and Sony wouldn't want it. Why waste money on something that has gotten such a bad reputation lately?

I know the consensus around here is that Sony makes everything better, but living in the past doesn't appeal to me. I considered Crash to be a Sony thing in the late 90's, but that is about it. I'd actually consider Tomb Raider to be in the same mascot line of talk as Crash, I associated Tomb Raider with Sony and PlayStation, but that IP isn't going anywhere either.

I think people need to face the facts that Spyro and Crash aren't going to Sony, they never were owned by Sony, and Naughty Dog has moved on to way better things. Also, I actually have enjoyed Skylander's more than any other Spyro game, I think it was genus.
TuxedoMoon  +   1000d ago
That reboot version of Crash looks really ugly. It's as if they implanted Crash with Pop-eye's arms. A character like Crash does not need a physical make over to be edgy and unique. He's already like that!

This isn't as ugly as the new Spyro design. Spyro was beaten hard with the ugly stick.
crazysammy  +   1000d ago
Crash got milked very hard, and then thrown away. Its about time for a reboot if they get back to what made the game fun in the first place. It was a different type of platformer not just another 3D clone.
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