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willud4skins  +   3337d ago
lets get a new video or some new info. screens look good though.
Anerythristic26  +   3337d ago
Aahhhhh !
PS360PCROCKS  +   3337d ago
Ok damn this game looks so awesome, those screens are great. This is definetly going to be a must buy game, hopefully they release a demo so I can get an idea what the hell this game is even about lol, cause I haven't payed too much attention to it yet
DJ  +   3337d ago
Doesn't look all that great. The low polygon counts aren't very impressive and seem be detrimental to the art style. Not much physical detail on the characters or environments either. I can tell that they tried to make up for it with the texture work, but texturing can only do so much.

I dunno why the last screen doesn't have any anti-aliasing either...
Anerythristic26  +   3337d ago
Oh man
You just make yourself look jealous. At least it looks better than Metal Gear Solid 4 , right?
General  +   3337d ago
Another Jealous Sony fanboy, Just accept defeat already, Cant you get it into your Sony heads that you have lost already?
joemutt  +   3337d ago
If this doesnt look good to you
Then you are going to be really dissapointed when you get a PS3.
Marriot VP  +   3337d ago
take this into consideration chief hater
xbox360migs  +   3337d ago
Low polygons
Low polygon count? are you alright mate?
Phenom19  +   3337d ago
whatever happened to people just being happy about a game, i dont understand why people feel the need to nitpick everything they see and be the black cloud over video games. the game looks great so stop trying to be the bearer of bad news
THAMMER1  +   3337d ago
DJ= hater
You are just getting bitter now.
Unknown  +   3337d ago
I agree with DJ
I was expecting more but it is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I know that these developers are top notch so I expect nothing less than stellar visuals from them on the finished product. This is NO WHERE near the quailty of MGS4 though and this you can't deny. The other screens were maybe even surpassed it though in my opinion.
Unknown  +   3337d ago
I agree with DJ
I was expecting more but it is a WORK IN PROGRESS. I know that these developers are top notch so I expect nothing less than stellar visuals from them on the finished product. This is NO WHERE near the quailty of MGS4 though and this you can't deny. The other screens were maybe even surpassed it though in my opinion.
Voodoochild  +   3337d ago
Can't wait for this game
It looks great in the videos. I think that the gameplay looks sweet as well.(RPG/TPS) The main character looks cool as well. This game is on my wish list for sure.
drewdrakes  +   3337d ago
Unknown, just wait. This game will be excellent quality. KOTOR was definately top-notch. There are so many little things you can do in it. For a last-gen game, it is still amazing.

P.S. How do you know about the quality of this game or MGS4? Theyre both still in production and all we have seen are movies and screens? No specifics on storylines.
Antan  +   3337d ago
You can say that comment to every unreleased game which has been doing the rounds lately!! not one of us have any idea what any of these damn games will be like till we play them.
power of Green  +   3337d ago
Great looking tittle.
Don't make me post links to compare ME with MGS. ME is on another level in almost every way not that it's the same genre. BELIEVE IT!. The action part of the gameplay will improve also BELIEVE IT!. BELIEVE IT!!!!.
schnodder  +   3337d ago
those who say that Mass Effect doesn't look cool must be blind or on crack or something like that.

but MGS4 looks good, too!
TR0N  +   3337d ago
you're a j@ck@ss. This game will probably sell like hot cakes. It was awarded "Best of E3 2006: Best Role Playing Game of Show". We know what happened with the game that was awarded that the previous year, Oblivion. I'm looking forward to this game even more than i did for oblivion.
dikturbo  +   3337d ago
System Seller
There are good games, great games and system sellers. This my friends is a system seller. Gears of War-system seller, Splinter Cell 4-system seller, BioShock-you get where I'm going.

I'm not a big FPS guy (read zero) but I did dig the KOTOR and Jade Empire games (does anyone actually make better games than Bioware?). This game will move me to get a 360; and just in time too, as the 65n chip should be in by spring.

Wii this xmas and a 360 in the spring with Mass Effect.
TheXgamerLive  +   3337d ago
This is NOT a FPS game, neither was KOTOR, nor Jade Empire,
But all great games and yes, system sellers as well.

DJ is full of it but he knows that already, don't you. The polygon count is high and detail and facial expressions are one of the things that this awesome game is famous for.

MGS4 will be a good game, maybe very good but remember CGI isn't game play and the demo that we all caught a month ago wasn't impressive, good but not close to what we've seen. I still will go out on a limb and say that sony will "NOT" begin selling a ps3 at all this year. I believe a world launch or atleast a U.S., Japan, Europe release wont be until march 2007. Why??? Because there's no news about actual production and the last showings was of a bottlenecking system. OK, enough of the problems of sony.

Mass Effect will be (just my opinion) one of the top 5 titles of 2007 for any system. I mean were dealing with Bioware here and they know RPG's. KOTOR was fantastic and Jade Empire very very good. I think being a next gen. designed title, we'll be seeing some relatively awe inspiring graphics, game play, character AI, you name it, we'll be in awe by it. So will you DJ, lol. But who cares really, I mean whatever your system of choice, whether it came out last november, this november or next march, we'll all be having fun doing some true 21st century gaming. It's a great time to be a gamer.
Unknown  +   3337d ago
In response
to Drewdrakes. I also believe,as I previously indicated, that this game will be greta based on the developers past productions. I never said that it was a fact that MGS4 was better than ME or that it played or performed better than ME. All I said was that in my opinion the above screens didn't look as good as MGS4. Maybe you guys like a different art style. Look at SC4 and MGS4. They both look good but have different graphic styles. Splinter cell is more realistic whereas Metal Gear has a more anime feel to it. Oh, why do "xbox" guys bash DJ because he has a Kratos(ps icon) as an avatar and speaks his opinion. Sure he might be getting a PS3 but he is also a gamer who is just inputting his opinion. I could see if he was alright trashing the game, but he wasn't. Guys get a grip.
FeralPhoenix  +   3337d ago
Unknown?......No we really do know!
DJ is a Sonyfanboy plain and simple, know it, I know it, and anyone who's been on this site for more than 2 days knows it, if you looked up Sonyfanboy in the dictionary it would read; Sonyfanboy; -DJ, extremely blind Sony fanatic, a drone incapable free thought/positive nature unless its labeled Sony and the fact that you even attempt to describe him as just your everyday "gamer" with a unbiased opinion is so ridiculous....I'm sure I'm not the only one who laughed when you said that! lol, but I'm not surprised YOU are defending him.
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original seed  +   3337d ago
DJ- You are such a fanboy
give crdit where credit is due. Low polygons? what they hell are you talking about? It puts almost all other games to shame especially any PS3 games. Thats just the truth. Youre almost as bad as JIN. You make me laugh
wiggles666  +   3337d ago
better than MGS4 because...
We've all actually seen gameplay from this and no that the screens do it no justice. Unlike MGS4, ME has shown extended videos of straight GAMEPLAY. The TGS trailer of MGS showed quick snippets of gameplay, but nothing extended which showed the HUD and a block of footage long enough to show how the game will play and what it will look like.
DJ  +   3337d ago
I'm amazed how sensitive some of you guys are. In fact, it seems that you spend more time talking about me than about the game, which is flattering but pretty pathetic. If a game impresses me, i'll talk about it. If it looks like junk, I'll talk about it. Bioshock is the only 360 title that's grabbed my attention and impressed me. Halo Wars looks interesting; it's a CG target render, but intriguing nonetheless. I'll probably love Halo 3's multiplayer. Yes, that's right. DJ's favorite multiplayer FPS is Halo 2. -cue dramatic music- And I'm fairly good at it (ranking on Live is 24~25).

Come on, you only hate me because I don't sugarcoat anything and don't care how many people I offend when I tell the truth about each console.
MyNameIsNotRick  +   3336d ago
Yes DJ
Yes DJ. Everyone is totally wrong about you. You are "fair and balanced" in your views on games and consoles. Come on everyone, he must be fair. He is one of the top Halo players in the world for Christ sake. If that doesn’t convince you, just read all of his comments. You won’t find any favoritism there. It’s defiantly a “no spin” zone if you ask me. He simply calls them like he sees them. Right DJ?

PS- Billy O’Reilly likes to use the “I’m not a conservative because I’m against the death penalty” argument often. In my opinion, this is similar to your “I’m fair because I like Halo argument”. Bill never brings the death penalty up unless he wants to somehow prove he isn’t biased just as you like to keep Halo in your back pocket as some sort of proof that you’re not biased.
ahmedbagoun  +   3337d ago
360 fans
bash ps3 games all the time even thou most of them are better, but when a sony fan bashes a 360 game then oh oh he is a fanbo a hater and a jealous, jealous from what, Sony been had gaming on lock since they came out, and MS nedd to sell about 50 milion more units to match Sony, oh and i think you people got it twisted in how sony is trying to compete with MS, because it is the opposite MS is the one trying to compete with sony. they have more market shares dah.
EVER OLVERA  +   3336d ago
Stop please. Your spelling composition is giving me a headache. The game bashing goes both ways. You're right about Sony owning the majority of market share. But I remind you that this fact only pertains to last generation hardware. Currently, MS owns 100% of the current new generation market share. This being the case it is Sony who is competing against MS, not the other way around. Furthermore, it is Sony who needs to drop 10 millions units in order to match MS. In your own words "dah"...
THAMMER1  +   3336d ago
Dj says the poly counts are low and no anti-aliasing. When if you just look at the pics you see some great looking renders of playable characters. Compared to most PS3 games this looks better.
Say's you  +   3336d ago
This game is going down hill ever since I saw
This game in real time on my Xbox 360 when I downloaded it that is and "NO" Anerythristic26 this game isn't even close to being better then MGS4 and besides there's a difference between this game and MGS4,MGS4 has more like a reality feeling while this game is way beyond "bogus" crap like lasers so how they h3ll? would you mix these to particular games up when 2 of them are way to different to compare in the first place!

and plus this game takes place in every planet this guy goe's to in the galaxy and well MGS4 only takes place on earth and in some arab country and further more General how can the PS3 have lost when there was more preorders then the 360 preorders ?huh? answer me that!
you liberal "douche".
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ahmedbagoun  +   3336d ago
first of all this is not an english class, and we're not here to try and see who speaks the best english, we are here to discuss gaming, and as long as you can understand what i am writing, then ahh.
I agree with you that now MS own 100% for know, but the bashing goes both ways, then you know you are wrong, e.g in this post only DJ said the game was not that good, and even thou i agree with him, but i am scared to say so, and if you go to a ps3 game news you will see like a 100 MS fanboys bashing it.
AuburnTiger  +   3336d ago
damn people
DJ just gave his opinion on the game. Nothing in his comment seemed harsh or offensive, all he did was point out the weak issues in the game. What's the matter with you people, don't let your egos get hurt over a freaking video game.
nuclearnipple  +   3336d ago
are these in game??
are these in game shots?? if they are its bloody good imagine what it will be like when its running. cant wait to get it

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