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Knight_Crawler  +   1011d ago
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PS4isKing_82  +   1011d ago
pretty much a needless re-release if i ever saw one.
wow an included poster!!!!!!!!!
wow konami, seriously????
seems like something capcom would do but konami? im shocked.

unless its just to build interest and hype for the upcoming ground zeroes. then i could understand this move.
jon1234  +   1011d ago
well im pretty sure it would be cool for people who havent played it yet... no need to be so negative
RioKing  +   1011d ago
Yeah dude, why the negativity? Think as a GOTYE re-release with extra goodies. For people that never got around to playing MGS4 (finally kicked my COD addiction, thank you Far Cry 3) until recently...this is a great buy!
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PS4isKing_82  +   1011d ago
I'm just a little confused on its purpose tho. From what I read, it just has the poster, trophies and slightly altered box art.

But aside from the box art and poster, you can already buy the greatest hits and download the trophy patch for the same price.

So unless there's someone out there who really wants a free MGS poster, they could just get the gh version.

It seems like a wasted opportunity to me on konami's part for a 25th edition.
It would have been nice to include alot more I think personally since this is MGS after all. Maybe a special solid snake statue, collectors edition dog tags, free psn avatars, and other goodies.

To me, that would be a 25th anniversary edition worth releasing.
Sorry if I sounded so negative, I'm just baffled Konami didn't do more with it.
RioKing  +   1011d ago
Wasted opportunity?..maybe, but that's a matter of opinion. Me personally, I wouldn't care much for figurines or anything...just more in-game stuff.

But for me, it was a great I can only leave it at that :)
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PirateThom  +   1010d ago

It was the same price on release as the Platinum/Greatest Hits edition was and has the patch/trophies on disc.
Nyxus  +   1011d ago
It seems to me that it was also to remove all MGO related things for the box and disc. So they just printed a new version without it, and made it cheap.
Shadow Man  +   1011d ago
i bought the game a month ago for 10 bucks and love it. I got the throphies and full install through an update, so i dont see the point for this version.
r21  +   1011d ago
Just got the game 2 weeks ago. Its pretty ridiculous IMO but still fun, love the Octocamo suit :) The only thing i dislike bout playing MGS4 is everytime i crawl super slowly, Snake does the worm XD
God, its hard not to laugh at that!
Y_5150  +   1011d ago
I should finally try out this series by buying this edition, how much is it people?
Nyxus  +   1011d ago
About 20 euros.
Y_5150  +   1010d ago
S would it be around 25 US dollars then. I don't have any Euros on me haha.
Sarcasm  +   1010d ago
Aha! Confirmed coming to the Xbox 360 with PS3 packaging!
Shuyin  +   1010d ago
Shuyin  +   1010d ago
The only reason I'd buy this would have been a revamped MGO. I own this game since a few days before release. For me this game is the game of this generation. I miss MGO, which was also the best multiplayer experience this gen and I have EVER seen. Sadly, it wasn't very popular and full of lagswitchers and hackers in the end.

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