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rapidturtle  +   1127d ago
Its funny, I thought we bought the game, and should be able to do with it as we please. If Sony does this then crown MS the crown of next gen.
stefan771  +   1127d ago
Who said they were actually going to use this? It's nothing more than a patent until Sony says otherwise
Adolph Fitler  +   1127d ago
@ Stefan771,
Nobody did mate, in fact, there PR head has already stated that there machine won't block used games. I mean, they made PS3 games region free, unlike both Nintendo's & MS's machines.
Sony knows they need every advantage to get good sales numbers fast with there next console, & they are aware that this type of feature is not the type of negative press they need.

So, in answer to your question, it is merely internet fanboys that have grabbed one of Sony's many recent patents & turned it into there own twisted set of fictionalized facts that PS4 (Orbis) will have intergrated. Don't listen to these dumbass clowns that dig into a companies many patents to find the most negative & damaging one to either get hits on the web with, or use to "TRY" hurting a company they hate.
kingPoS  +   1127d ago
Um... can someone tell me why it apears ok for pc games to be either system locked or have limited activations, while the very idea is taboo on consoles. I may need some help figuring out this seeming paradox
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Adolph Fitler  +   1127d ago
All it could be potentially doing with such a patent, is what other developers are already doing with games online modes, in that used games will require an extra fee to be played online.
So, now companies like EA, Ubisoft, Sony, MS, Hacktavision & such give us a piece of paper with our games that include a online verification or activation code, so I would assume Sony are looking for a way to cut that cost of having to include that useless slip of paper.
So there you have it....another useless, non-factual, made up, story about "The Evil" Sony corporation trying to kill our babies in there sleep.
Danja  +   1127d ago
Sony has stated that understand the importance of used game sales I'm too lazy to go look for the article or quote.

Second not because they make a patent of something means they will actually implement it, sometimes major companies patent something to prevent another from doing it.

I'm sure they won't implement this they have already implemented a way into making money off people who buy used games with the Online Pass.

Stupid article.
Neko_Mega  +   1127d ago
Sony will only do it if Microsoft does to. Because they wouldn't want a reason for people to turn to the new Xbox, plus I don't fully see this going through.
Rebo00  +   1127d ago
Having never bought 2nd hand games or traded them in I look forward to this RFID chip and hope the savings are passed on in cheaper games (£30 instead of £40):-)
Rebo00  +   1127d ago
Also, would seem that 3rd Party Developers would prefer programming for Sony rather than Microsoft knowing that they would get more money off 2 games priced at £30 than one game priced at £40 and then it being traded in and resold.
sdplisken  +   1127d ago
sony wont do this for one reason, microsoft would then open its arms to the used game market and more than likely advertise about it big time
stryx  +   1126d ago
Something that I've noticed is no one has seen the other reason RFID chips could be used, anti-piracy. The patent may have use to limit used gaming, but it could have major benefits to kill piracy. It would be a lot more difficult to spoof an RFID code if it is required to run the software.

Also, if America wasn't as cheap as it is, we wouldn't have a huge used market. Years ago, we all used to be proud to have new and better. Now we skimp and cheat others out of money. The more this happens, the less money being circulated.

Best benefit for all developers and publishers would be to have their hand in the used game business. Buy back the game give % off their new games. Or if so, someone open a store that cuts in the developers on used game sales instead of hoarding it and the gaming industry wouldn't have to jump to these kinds of solutions.

Besides, Microsoft is going to start using Blu-ray in their next system and RFID coding is going to appear in the drive itself, not the system hardware, so all next gen Blu-ray drives will make games and movies work differently.

My vote is all this is to prevent piracy...not fight used games.
deletingthis34675334  +   1126d ago
I am supportive of this idea. Developers get ripped off by greedy ass American corporations like GameStop by raking in more cash for a game than the developers themselves ever could, oh but the developers get demonized for taking measures against such a mess that is GameStop. If I was a developer I would rather have my game posted on Torrents and Usenet than having a greedy American corporate giant raking in billions of dollars and me not seeing a single cent from their profits. That's just criminal and is way more evil in my eyes than someone on The Pirate Bay sharing their games to everyone for free. It's sad that pirates get demonized for getting some of their games for free off the computer when the same people that demonize pirates pay 55 dollars to GameStop and the developers getting none of that money, yet somehow feel good about themselves for doing the "right" thing. Such twisted justice among gamers. No wonder I hate living in this world.
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ArcticWolfUK  +   1126d ago
Could be a good thing, Sony patent it so gaming / movie / music industries don't abuse it.

Ya'll so negative, sony use it the ps4 won't sell simples! they ain't that stupid
Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1126d ago
Oh, noooz! Sony is doomed! Sigh... Where is my sales article btw?
ziggurcat  +   1126d ago

when will idiot "journalists" realize that patents don't mean anything? companies like sony/MS/apple have patent lists a mile long, but that doesn't mean they're going to use those ideas. if anything, it just gives them some kind of legal leg to stand on if anyone uses this kind of thing (in the exact same way sony developed the idea).

and as several people have pointed out: an identical patent was filed before the PS3 launched, and we all know how that was impleme... oh, wait, it wasn't.

idiotic article down voted for being ill-informed, and an obvious sony doooooooooooom article.
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