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steve30x  +   1135d ago
Sony must have thought it through that if your console dies that if you have to change your console then you contact them with proof of purchase of the game and your consoles serial number. Then if they see you own the game from new and that its not second hand then they give you a code or something to allow you to play the game on the new console. i could be wrong but it would make sense to work it that way.
WetN00dle69  +   1135d ago
We all need to calm down!! Lets wait for E3 before we all start the doomsaying! We have yet to see what Sony has planned. Cause lets be honest. If Sony has Patented its own downfall then so has MS since they have been planning to not support second hand games for awhile now and that has been known before Sony Patented this feature. So for now the best thing we can do is WAIT to hear it from the horse's mouth.
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BrianC6234  +   1135d ago
This won't be the PS4's downfall. We have no idea it will even be part of the PS4. But the other consoles could all include ways of stopping you from playing used games. Instead of buying used games everyone should just wait for sales. Then the game developers will get their money and be able to keep making games and you won't be handing your money over to stores like Gamestop. Their used games aren't very cheap. If you really care about the future of gaming you should support the companies that make the games.
ginsunuva  +   1135d ago
Or you patent to stop others from trying it. Dumb@sses.
Drainage  +   1135d ago
you stop other competitors from killing themselves...hmmmm yea sure buddy
Silly gameAr  +   1135d ago
Are we crying over a patent again?
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Kidmyst  +   1135d ago
I am not yet even concerned over this. If PS4 and 720 both have this, I highly doubt it'll have any impact to those who buy the new game, even years later. I may get negative votes for mentioning PC but I am. PC gaming has done this for years, you install a game, register the CD with your login and years later can re-install the game and use the same CD key. Some companies link it to an account so as long as the same account is tied to the re-install you have no issues. Some games you can use the same CD key to install it, but only one can be online at a time. So you could install on a PC and laptop but don't try and connect both to MP or punkbuster would kick you.
AlucardFury  +   1135d ago
People need to realize that these companies are in it for the money. Its just a patent, which come and go, some not seeing the light of day. The company to blame is GameStop. Everytime they post their earnings, you always see massive numbers with their used market. Money that the developers don't get a piece of.
finite  +   1135d ago
How happy am I to be a PC gamer and already have DRM where I already can not sell my games .... welcome console gamers to what us PC users have had to put up with for some time... stop crying like babies always wanting everything your way.
annus  +   1135d ago
To bad after about 2 weeks PC games are already cheaper than used games on consoles. You only have to look at steam, they have been throwing out heaps of games for 75% off, even games like Assassins Creed 3 was like 50% off.
CLOUD1983  +   1135d ago
I am & I always was a hardcore PS fan "but" if PS4 cant play used/borrowed games then this will be enough to never buy a PS4 for as long this chip is in use, so sorry SONY but this will be your downfall next generation & this time for good & the fault will be all on your side.
brich233  +   1135d ago
OMG Sony, I am so excited for this new patent. I cant wait. Oh and by the way, F uuuuu!
aceloth  +   1135d ago
Technology solution aside - this may be what the industry needs to stay viable.

We've seen enough companies shutdown during this generation. The dev costs are just too high to also be financing (read carrying) the used game industry, not to mention hackers who are paying no one.

If you enjoy playing video games, then you should want to pay the people making them, so that they can continue to do so.
ZBlacktt  +   1135d ago
No more Game Stop!!!! Boy do they rip you off. Yet everyone wants to look at Sony. I bet the price of new games drops $20 right off the bat.

The real people mad here:


Game burning pirates

You know whole else is mad? Yep, all you trophy hacking custom firmware using low lifes. The PS4 will be more locked down to only run with "current" non hacked firmwares.

So we can thank all of the people listed above for their greed and dishonesty for changing the way we all play now.

btw, this story is just looking for hits. This has been posted before. See, more low lifes all around us. Has Sony come out and said this is all fact? Nope....
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wynams  +   1135d ago
"I bet the price of new games drops $20 right off the bat."

No offense, but you are an idiot.
ZBlacktt  +   1131d ago
Coming from you. It really doesn't matter. I'm just surprised trailer parks have Internet.
OSIRUSSS  +   1135d ago
Implemented or not I will quit gaming if I can't play used games. End of story. I think this is not gonna be implemented on launch, it will come year 2 maybe? That chip will be activated with a FW update. Sony is doing this to get 3rd party exclusives. They can pitch to 3rd parties that all games sold on our system will make you money.
Treian  +   1135d ago
Because how many sony patents actually go through lol
wynams  +   1135d ago
If PS4 (or any console really) ever ships with something like this, then no sale here.
FinalomegaS  +   1135d ago
man, the year just started and we get sony is doomed?

let's look on the bright side... at least now MS & Nint will have to have physical media disc since they can't follow on to this patent lol jk...

Not sure we are going to end up liking the outcome in the future, these big corporations are looking out for their number 1 after all. Just hope physical media never goes away...
juaxoo09  +   1135d ago
What ever happened to the whole try before you buy notion? Console makers are forgetting the past. When I was growing up, and my parents wouldn't buy me every single game, I would just pawn off my spoiled friends who did. I would borrow their games until my birthday or Christmas came around. So they're trying to completely take that away from gamers? Not being able to borrow a game from a friend to see if you'll like it or not. I don't know man, sony may have just lost a loyal customer.
silkrevolver  +   1135d ago
It doesn't affect me all that much.
I almost never buy used.

But I do lend out my games all the time.
Ryto  +   1135d ago
Doubt it, someone like this would require Internet access such as associating a game code to a user account, Sony and MS have consoles is just about every country in the world, many of which have very little to no Internet, so no. Not this generation.

Edit: just read its a chip so it can be offline, well maybe it's true!!
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Omnislash  +   1135d ago
There is a patennt out there for windshield wipers that never need to be replaced guess who has it? The windshield wiper company. There is a patent out there for a fully functioning gas-free electric car guess who has that patent? Ford Motor Company. Just because someone has a patent doesnt mean they are going to use it.
ironmonkey  +   1135d ago
i dont mind it
ATi_Elite  +   1135d ago
GameStop now closed FOREVER
if you think Sony/MS are NOT gonna use this or something like it then your kidding yourself and you need to learn Business 101!!

Sony/MS make NO money from used game sales and that's Billion of dollars they are missing out of and Sony/MS want that MONEY...especially Sony who is not doing well right now!

.No more used games
.No more letting your friend borrow a game
.Gotta drag your whole console with you to play at a friends house
.Game Rental prices will go up as Game Rental Companies will have to Pay higher fees to unlock features

I am very curious as to how things will work when your console burns out and you buy another one. What happens to your games?
Clarence  +   1135d ago
1st off who cares about gamestop. They rip people off all the time.

2nd No one knows what Sony will do with the patent. They could implement it, but we will have to wait and see.

3rd It sounds like a couple of people are trying to scare people off from buying the PS4.

4th It this does happen maybe developers will start making exclusive games for the PS4 because they know that the game will have to be bought new not used.

Imagine COD franchise only being on the PS4 because Activation gets tired of their games being bought used. Think of how much money is lost to the used game market.
lonix  +   1135d ago
Sony is protecting us from other console makers "who would" use this system by patenting it. This system could have other uses besides anti used games it could be used to fight piracy.
Adolph Fitler  +   1135d ago
Wow, this is a new low for even the interweb media & fanboys......Bashing Sony before they have even shown, or announced existance of a new console.

They filed for about a thousand patents last year alone, & lately (as in last few months) have filed for a boatload more patents (many of which won't be used ever).

So stop this Sony bashing, as it is already ridiculous. We know from last gen. that U.S. media hate Sony, & want them to fail, it is understandable considering a U.S. based console manufacturer has never got past 1 gen., let alone come close to dominating the Japanese giants.

But MS don't need any help, & as sure as the world turns, it's inevitable that the Japanese giants are outdone does peeve me that U.S. media & fanboys are desperately trying to speed up the process.
AD705  +   1135d ago
I personally haven't bought a used game in years. I use to be a guy who bought them all the time then I got tired of getting screwed by gamestop and atleast 1/5 games I bought were always scratched or damages to the point where I couldn't play it. That's when I stopped getting used games.

But I do think it is dumb for any company to restrict or banned used game sales. We're in a false economy and not everyone can shell out 60 bucks with taxes for every game and most aren't patient enough to wait for price cuts.

Also who knows how much money the games on the PS4 will cost.
aceloth  +   1135d ago
People who can't afford to pay for a movie at the theater wait for the dvd rental, which here is analogous to waiting for the gaming price cuts...
bunfighterii  +   1135d ago
At the moment we don't even know how this technology will be implemented, if at all. It might be used for an entirely different purpose, it might not be used at all. Companies have literally thousands of patents that sit idle and never get used. Instead of jumping to conclusions from a patent application that, frankly few people understand, how about we go by what Sony have said in the past, which is they don't plan on blocking used games.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1135d ago
I so don't care at all if this is only used to check to see if you have a legitimate copy of the game, not a pirated copy.

"Why in the world would Sony file this patent if Microsoft and Nintendo aren't?"
I don't think the author knows how patents work...
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