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brandonb21  +   970d ago
it would be stupid of sony doing this on the ps4 or 720
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tubers  +   970d ago
Well, PC gaming is actually the same cost or cheaper in the long run.. so there's that option.. Unless you really love console exclusives ;)
spike  +   970d ago
If that's the case I wont be buying one a launch.
KingItachi  +   970d ago
It's simple I just won't purchase those systems.
madjedi  +   970d ago
And for a hypothetical scenario alot of you people are acting like sony and ms said they will do exactly this in a official press release.

I'll believe it when i see it, sony takes a chance at pissing off alot of media enthusiasts, which is counter productive since wants to push the playstation as the all in one entertainment package.

I don't think the revenue from eliminating used games sales, would replace the revenue lost from the people writing off the next console entirely.

I think gamestop(there are others yes but not as significant) and the industry should try to workout a compromise with used games sales. Because the industry will eventually come up with a answer to the used games debate, hopefully it's one that doesn't screw it up for everyone.

Banning or blocking used games isn't a acceptable option.

If this was a industry wide effort even nintendo would have to play along or else 3rd parties would boycott it's console.

Even nintendo can't go without 3rd party support, unless it wants a system with only 1st party games, sorry no successful can afford it.
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