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black911  +   1055d ago
Lets Start a Petition Now!
Ulf  +   1055d ago
I actually have such a backlog of games, that I can wait a year or two after a game releases, and buy it new for $20 from Amazon.

So... not really a concern for me. If it makes the games better, and the games industry more healthy, I'm all for it. I like used games, but places like GameStop just deserve to go under.

They buy new games from publishers for like $37, sell for $60. Profit == $23. Publishers pay ~$7 to manufacture a game, plus they need to pay ~$10 in licensing fees to S, N, or MS. $37 - $17 == $20, and they still have to recoup dev and marketing costs before they actually profit. The $17 (sometimes it can be as low as $13, depending on manual sizes, disc type, and licensing agreements) is the reason why you NEVER see new games for less than $20 retail, unless the retailer is intentionally discounting it below the MSRP to clear inventory. If it was below $20, somebody would be losing money, and that's just stupid (unless clearing inventory for more profitable items is warranted, for retailers).

Gamestop, in addition to making MORE profit than publishers on NEW games, buy used games from people for < $15, and sell for $55, WITHOUT online passes. Profit == $40, plus an additional online pass sale, if the publisher is lucky.

Can't they at least include an online pass with their used sales, so that the publishers can see a couple $ on a game that has been out for just a few weeks, and gamers can play their used game online without shelling out another $10? Seriously greedy bums, screwing both gamers and game makers -- they suck, and I just can't support their BS, ever.
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sarshelyam  +   1055d ago
GameStop has actually lowered the pricing structure of their preowned multiplayer heavy games that require online activation by around $10, which makes up the difference a gamer would have to pay for the average online pass.

It's still not ideal, but they have realized the community backlash and reacted accordingly.

Everything else you comment on I can get behind, but to be clear, this patent reads like nothing more than the digitization of the current paper-pass/online pass. Nothing more.
punisher99  +   1055d ago
" Seriously greedy bums, screwing both gamers and game makers -- they suck, and I just can't support their BS, ever."

You know. It shouldn't be about whether or not you are supporting gamestop business practices. But it should be about "options". And by banning used games on systems, you are taking away options from gamers. Gamestop is not the only place where people buy and sell used games.
csreynolds  +   1055d ago
The industry will suffer, and I will be finding myself another console/hobby.
Somebody  +   1055d ago
I'm a PC gamer and I'm here to share something I've observed: whatever you say against Sony's current will be be for nothing. Look at the always-online DRM PC gamers suffered through. We thought we successfully expressed our unfiltered contempt to the system and thought we've won the war. Instead it came back as Free-to-play games and in no time at all a lot of future games, including old PC classics (Age of Empires, Silent Hunter, Sim City, Red Alert Generals and Mech Warrior to name a few) were turned into one. Years battling online DRMs (via boycotts, e.g versus Ubisoft) and yet we were greeted with PC classics in F2P form.

Simply put: for all your rant and anger here, there will always a lot more people out there that will this support (willingly or begrudgingly) this thing Sony is preparing for next gen. I'm not trolling here, just adding something for you guys to consider for your arguments in the coming days.
gamernova  +   1055d ago
I'd call them a pc wannabe. I can't sell my games and I'm perfectly fine with it.
Games4ever  +   1055d ago
Don't care. Always buy new games, and NEVER sell them again.

So bring it on.
Tru_Blu  +   1055d ago
DRM on PS4=no sale
extermin8or  +   1055d ago
I'd be all for it if it weren't for the risk that if my console breaks or my account gets lost I'd lose access to games I legitimately paid for infact if this comes into effect then depending on how many games got lost I'd actually have to seriously consider like taking legal action to get access to games I bought back but that's only IF i lost them (and I don't think that breaching T&C's of PSN etc would alone justify removing access to games you own by banning your account-theres and issue legally they aren't allowed to do that so they'd have to have a way of releasing the lock if they banned someones account. If they fix that issue then as long as games prices go down abit new, and there's like a free cloud copy and stuff like that then I'm all for it. However I can't see the issue being solved I think they patented it for future use or maybe to try trick competitors into implementing it 1st? On the belief sony is about to.
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Deadpool616  +   1055d ago
I have several hundred games spanning all the way back to the late 1980's to the current 2000's. If these companies want to focus on the best interest of their bank accounts besides their customer, then that's it for me. I don't stick around for nonsense when I have PLENTY of games to play from past gens to keep me entertained.

With DRM, DLC, on disc DLC, immature game companies treating customers like crap, games companies bribing game reviews, game companies lying to the customers about their game, shipping out an unfinished game only to have the rest of the game DLC, the faulty console designs and revisions...I think I can stop here.

All I wanted to do this gen was play my games and enjoy them. Suddenly, gaming was less about playing games and more about game industry politics.
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5eriously  +   1055d ago
["What if Used Games Were Banned on PS4 & 720?"]
I would be very glad as the devs would make more money and thus we would maybe see more titles and better games. I hardly ever buy second hand goods including games, DVD's and music CD's.
GamerzElite  +   1055d ago
They are not blocking used game. Idea is once a game is registered on 1 console or account and if you want to use that copy in another console then they will ask you some money to reactivate your game for your new account or console.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   1055d ago
I don't know why people act like Sony wont do this? They already won't let you play mp on used/rented exclusives without an online pass. I think that is the first step. That is why I gave up my gamefly.
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sarshelyam  +   1055d ago
Having read the patent, I see no difference other than the digitization, between this and the Online Pass.
BioDead  +   1055d ago
The real problem is game shops!!! They should pay some fee/license to game developers for selling their art!
If I would be game shop I would cladly pay for developers something since without them I wouldnt be able to even sell anything. (Like some solid fee for each sold used game).
So the problem shouldnt be targeting to consumers - it should be targeting to sellers!!!

Everyone should have right to resell they unwanted items in a way that they are useable to second user. Why in the hell they want to milk all the money out of everyone? Isnt it enough when original buyer pays like 60-70 €/$/£ for a video game?!?!

I would TOTALLY understand this if they want to make SOME SORT OF little payment like a activation code/license which would be like 1-3 €/$/£. That wouldnt be bad, but making second user to pay full game price or even close to that is out of the question.
rapidturtle  +   1055d ago
Used games are such a ripoff anyway. I never buy them. They go on sale at Amazon, Bestbuy, and other stores brand new cheaper than you can get them used. Look at two of the more popular games of the holiday's, BO2, and Halo4 were selling for $49 and $39 a couple of weeks before Xmas. That's cheaper than the $5 gamestop knocks off of a used game.
gamingisnotacrime  +   1055d ago
This would bring the value of a new game down in the eyes of the consumer.

Prices must come down for a one and done game, since one cant exchange it, sell it or even give it to a friend.

If prices dont come down, failure awaits sony's 1st party games in sales
sarshelyam  +   1055d ago
You didn't read the patent did you? The wording simply implies that features could be locked out. It's no different than the current Online Pass. The only difference is its embedded on the software, not an included paper voucher.
LUKENBACHER  +   1055d ago
I will just put it this way...

Used games don't PREVENT me from buying brand new. They allow me to sample a franchise that I would never buy at full price. Big difference...

If there is a game I am interested in, I have no problem pre-ordering and paying full retail. But I would have never bought Uncharted 2 & 3 at full price, if I wouldn't have bought a cheap used copy of the original to see what the franchise was like. I would have never bought BioShock 2 brand new if I hadn't picked up the original for $10 to try out. (And I will be buying BS: Infinite brand new on launch as a result.)

How many people here bought PS2 games used because most retailers were stocking next gen? Used game companies give us access to all types of games long after they are readily available on store shelves.

Imagine if the music & movie industry did something like this with CDs & DVDs?

I think piracy gets blown way out of proportion these days as an excuse to be greedier as a company. Recent studies have shown that piracy is not the big bad wolf it was in the 90's. Another point is that Hollywood set an all time record this year in revenue.

Half of the companies in the US are based on a "buy/resell" principle. Imagine if used car dealerships were banned from selling used vehicles because the motor companies were claiming they were bleeding profits from people not buying new? To me it is the same concept.

If the gaming industry really hated GameStop so much, then why do they constantly negotiate all these pre-order incentives?

Hopefully this is just a simple patent that will never see the light of day.
N4Gguy1  +   1055d ago
why? because they want every f***in penny of everyone.
DJ  +   1055d ago
I would switch to PC Gaming.
sarshelyam  +   1055d ago
Seems to me the only consideration being given here in these discussions, in regards to this patent, is the worst-case scenario. Nevermind the fact that the wording found withing the patent sounds like nothing more than the embedded software RFID transformation of the previously paper-exclusive Online Pass.

Everything I read in there is exactly what the online pass was created for, so I really see no difference other than stepping away from more paper in the box. At the end of the day, if all we're seeing is the lockout of features (in this regard online gameplay/multiplayer), well, par for the course. The patent isn't some huge revelation, simply a reinvention of an already existing and currently implemented valuation of NEW software.
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Jason143  +   1055d ago
nothing will happen. Steam shows us this :)
mechlord  +   1055d ago
Ok...i still dont get why the game industry is so far up in its ass. I mean, can you imagine a car maker locking a car to the first guy that buys it new?

THe same applies to a game system. SONY shouldnt do this. Im already fed up with the vita memory card bullshit, im not gonna take one more from them, no matter how awesome the ps4 becomes. I just dont like the feeling of that BigBrother
susanto1228  +   1055d ago
Very bad news...

Gamers would get even pickier when it comes to buying new games...because many SUCK. which means fewer sales which means reducing subpar games to lower prices here is some good examples....FFXIII was 59 dollars when it came out turned out to be a crappy game I bought it for 19.99 not too long after it came out because of bad reviews...expect the same for crappy titles..

PC games would get even popular good news for me because I play games on my PC 95% of the time over consoles...

piracy would just have more incentives to crack consoles etc etc...either way this is just plain stupid....

Here are some industries that dont care if there products get resold because business is business....

Automobile Industry

etc etc etc....

What ever happened to once I buy a game it's mine??? I say the law gets involved here I could see a lawsuit coming out of CALI as always over rights of ownership to games...gonna be interesting...I'm glad I have steam.
mamotte  +   1055d ago
I dont have anything against it. I dont like buying used games... what bugs me is, if I have a friend, and I want to borrow a game from him/her... I wont be able to do it?

Now that's sad.
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Kidmyst  +   1055d ago
This could hurt gamefly as much as used. I also wonder if prices of new games won;t drop as fast. Skyrim and COD games didn't price drop for the longest times where other cames a couple months after launch are like $20.00 cheaper. I don't buy much used or sell much, but hope retailers would still discount new games though as fast or faster.
sedx  +   1055d ago
lower the prices in these games, it's just too high.
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Dazel  +   1055d ago
Either console do this and i won't buy it or the games, period. PC offers far more value in the long run, for better games and graphics. I can't honestly see either Sony or MS doing it.
PopRocks359  +   1055d ago
Simple. I would buy myself a nicely spec'd out PC and stick with my Wii U as my only gaming console. I won't support a console that restricts what games I play to such a dramatic degree, Sony/Microsoft exclusives be damned.
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