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KontryBoy706  +   1055d ago
I think they are a few years late or so with this article. It's BEEN not the gold standard. Steam is still number 1. Steam had cloud saves, digital downloads, account access on any computer you sign in with, GREAT sales, chat system for online chat in all games, instant game patching... FOR A LONG TIME. PSN and XBL still aren't up to the level as Steam is and you have to pay for XBL and PS+ while Steam is still free. Steam does what PS+ and XBL does... for free. So if you bought games under a Steam sale... you OWN them for life. There's no "if you don't pay a fee you lose the games you bought at a discount or downloaded free" like PS+. There's also no "well if you don't pay a fee you can't play the game online" like XBL does. To me PSN and XBL are closer to each other now more than ever but one is free and one is paid. However, Steam is still the gold standard by far.
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memots  +   1055d ago
I haven't paid for it for over 3 years now and will never pay.

MS doesn't realized that they are losing sales over this.
I buy everything on ps3 and pc instead since i do not have to pay for online. I literally haven't turned it on since reach.

I would be using it of i had some incentive to buy games on it but i don't.
devilhunterx  +   1055d ago
M$ should charge $500 for XBL. I am sure the XDF would happily pay it.
bozebo  +   1055d ago
No shit. It's literally a scam. I just ignore MS consoles and pretend that they, and their games (some of which are amazing, shame the art form is ruined by business) don't exist.
Mikeyy  +   1055d ago
I still have not been convinced how XBOX LIVE is any better then PSN, considering the Price difference?

Say we are both going to play Black Ops 2. How is our experiences any different? Ok, so the Xbox player creates a party via LIVE so they can chat. Then they have to again, create a party via Black Ops Menu to play together.

The Playstation player simply created a party via the Black Ops Menu.

both console players have chat now, Neither one is any different, we can both talk to our "party"

So now we both queue up for some Team death match, both systems use Peer 2 Peer hosting (there is no dedicated servers in COD except for PC)

both games are exactly the same. I fail to see where the LIVE player got his $60 value from? He seems to have gotten ripped off?

Cross game chat? What is the point in talking to somebody not in your game? that would break your concentration on the match, Rubbish feature.

Voice messages??? The only use this could possibly have is for harrassment purposes, ask any pro player that gets called a hacker by 12 year old kids sending profanity laced voice messages, again, Rubbish feature.

What the FUCK are you paying for exactly?
T3MPL3TON  +   1055d ago
I knew people where stupid when they didn't flock away when M$ raised the price of XBL. XBL will be a paid service until people grow a brain it's just that simple.
wynams  +   1055d ago
There are so many things that are overpriced these days. Honestly, suggesting that xbox live gold being one of the top offenders of over$ is just preposterous.
Zephyrus34  +   1055d ago
@ Gaming_Guru I don't need to make friends I don't know, thats my option buddy. I have enough friends in the real world (that play 360 Live). I choose to game with them, since I also see them everyday, and that's totally my choice. And making friends on PS3 is not the problem, dude. Ha.
DonFreezer  +   1055d ago
Xbox 360 fanboys should accept that paying for Xbox Live is stupid.Microsoft not only stopped providing quality games to their customers but continue to charge them for something that should be absolutely free.The only reasoning behind charging for Xbox Live is giving you for the same amount of money Netflix and other features and it would still be not that much worthy.It's funny how the ps3 fanboys have came here to talk about Xbox Live when in most European countries PSN drops the fps like hell and has extremely poor ping values.
mmj  +   1055d ago
Xbox Live has been about extorting as much money as possible since day one, the trouble is people are addicted to the service and they aren't going to change a successful business.
gnothe1  +   1055d ago
If baffles me how this little group of people here on N4G get so worked up over what people chose to do with THEIR money..listen people..both console sit there side by side..people have the same chance to buy a PS3 as they do a xbox...but they still chose maybe those EXCLUSIVES an free PSN just don't appeal to real world people like they the small hand full of people on N4G....but I guess if you dont chose sony your far as one being paid an one being free..what sony brings to online gaming..THEY COULDN'T CHARGE FOR IT..that's why they had to come up with something with a BONUS...yes PSN is free...but so is trash out back in the dumpster behind the restaurant. ..I rather pay alittle for good food then get free nasty food..but that's just
Karum  +   1055d ago
The only reason I pay for XBL Gold is so I can access Sky Player using my parent's Sky account details since they don't register any devices for Sky Go which means I don't need to shell out money for Sky Sports :)

If this was not possible I simply would not pay for Gold.

None of this is because I can't afford either service, I quite easily can but I simply would not pay for the sole ability to play online. The Sky stuff is just kind of why pay when I don't really have to lol.
profgerbik  +   1055d ago
What is more amusing to me instead of getting rid of the service they actually had the balls to up the price of it by $10 dollars.

I remember when it was only $49.99, I actually saw the new prices because I recently sold a very old Gold Subscription and they kept telling me they didn't cost that much.. I checked and was like damn they were right.. Either way he got a cheap Gold Sub.

Still blew my mind they had such nerve to actually increase the price as if it was ever needed in the first place, only big companies like that can get away with blatantly robbing their costumers.
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Morgue  +   1055d ago
New year same articles. Is there anything left of this horse that's been beaten and picked apart by vultures?

In the end this debate is beyond pointless because we all shell out $60 a month for some bill for a service we use and XboxLIVE is a once a year payment.
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