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Silly gameAr  +   1129d ago
It never was the gold standard for me. I just knew I had to pay to Play Gears online so I really had no choice. It's a good service, but it's a bit overrated.
cedaridge  +   1129d ago
The only thing missin from the ps3 is "cross game chat" but other than that Microsoft shouldn't be charging. Netflix, U tube, etc is FREE on the PSN. I could definitely understand why Sony players do not want to pay to play. I'm tired of paying I'm down to paying for 3 mth live cards now!
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1129d ago
I got rid of Live Gold about five years ago. Since then I have played completely online with my PS3 because I feel playing online should be free; no ifs, ands or buts.

With that said, I feel Live Gold ran better. I was never disconnected from it, while I have lost count of the number of times I have been disconnected from PSN to this day. The updates are also a pain on PSN.

Since becoming a PS+ member midway last year, I could not be happier with the amount of content I get access to for subscribing to the service. I know some will say it is not free. To that I ask, what does MS give to Gold members, access to features that should be free like Netflix? I'll wait.

Bottom line for me:
Xbox 360 and Live Gold = Better Service for multiplayer on consoles.
PS3 and PS+ = Best overall value in consoles.

Don't get it twisted. I completely support both my MS and Sony gaming products but I can clearly see that both have their positives and negatives.
ShinraE5  +   1129d ago
Stop it, you are making sense and being calm. There is no place for that on a gaming portal!
RuleofOne343  +   1129d ago
Blah, Blah, Blah , blah enough with the BS articles about XBL if you folks like free stuff then fine enjoy but stop trying to sale people on PS+. you folks sound like a broken record - it's free , but it free. Enough people will buy what they like, stop trying to pedal that PS+. again if that floats your boat & curls your toes then by all means enjoy. but cut the crap out already.
hazardman  +   1129d ago
you mean PSN. PS+ is a paid service just like xbl. not disagreeing tho!
RuleofOne343  +   1129d ago
My mistake it's that articles like this one just piss me off.

Thank you for the heads up
ThatsGaming  +   1129d ago
I think every three months someone simply copies and pastes this article from somewhere...

This is an old argument and a waste of time...

No one forces people to buy an Xbox or Live Gold... They choose to...

And to this date my account has never been compromised on Live whereas on PSN Plus my credit card info was stolen and used costing me a lot of money and grief. I can pay for 56 years of Live with the money I lost in that mess. I will never replace the time I spent on fixing it and the time I had to work to pay the bills racked up on my card.

Microsoft wins in my world. There is nothing to convince me otherwise.
sdplisken  +   1129d ago
only idiots pay to use their own internet connection imo

PS Plus >>>>>> add filled ripoff live anyday
Legion  +   1129d ago
So you are saying you have free internet? Let me guess... you leach of your neighbors internet?
rapidturtle  +   1128d ago
He's saying your already paying for internet, so why is Microsoft charging you to play online? Gaming is done on a p2p basis, so it is your internet connection doing the work, which you already pay for.
Netflix, facebook etc. are available apps that you are not charged for on any other system, br player, or smart t.v.'s.
It's amazing that Microsoft has been able to scam the public into paying for nothing for this long. I have to actually give them kudo's. It shows just how dumb we all are. (yes me 2, I pay for it)
Legion  +   1128d ago

Is that what he is saying? That isn't what he typed.

And MS isn't charging you to play online. They are charging you to connect with other players online using their system.

And trust me... I know about peer-to-peer systems and how they operate. (and no not all games are P2P) And I also know the cost of linking these systems in a secure way so that nobody can hack the systems being linked.

As for being dumb? Well I have ran and operated many military systems that link multiple networks and computers together. And you might not understand the number of people that are employed to keep said systems secure and functional.

You get what yo pay for... if you pay for nothing then don't expect anything.
ShinraE5  +   1129d ago
I can understand this article's points to a degree...

But do we need the same one every month? It is getting pretty old...
clonerz  +   1129d ago
Passst I have it from a good source that next gen Xbox will come with a coin slot the reason for it is unknown but I dare to speculate its there to charge you 50 cents a pop if you should need to pause your game
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PHIBALNATION  +   1129d ago
I have never paid the $59.99 a year, after 3 years you get a 33% discount on live and can find deals every where. I refuse to pay $30 to my phone provider a month for internet access ($360 a year). But I'm sure the same guys complaining about live are.
AlucardFury  +   1129d ago
This crap again??
A7XEric  +   1129d ago
I still think it's the gold standard in terms of the quality and quantity of content. It's just the price that isn't the gold standard anymore.

People are just used to paying for Xbox Live at this point. They've been doing it since day 1, which is why we are "letting" microsoft get away with it. I think come next generation they are going to have to offer some serious premium content for gold members or adjust their pricing structure.
Legion  +   1129d ago
Doubt it... next console you will see more business leaning towards pay as you play.

People call STEAM a free network service. Well it is NOT. It is a game sales service that offers Network so that people will buy it's products and play on their service.

It is all virtual thus saving all expenses to advertising and network thumb print.
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hazardman  +   1129d ago
If you dont want to pay for XBL then buy a PS3/WII U/PC. Problem solved.
WetN00dle69  +   1129d ago
EXACTLY!!! No one is forcing anyone to pay for XBL. I for one am quite happy with XBL.
isyourhouseonfire  +   1129d ago
I've tried all the online environment options... Nothing comes close to XBOX LIVE. I'd love to not pay a membership fee to play online but like I said, nothing touches XBOX LIVE. It is what it is, folks.
faraany33k  +   1129d ago
I think non XBL users should stop voicing against this stupid MS ripoff.

If there customers are brain-dead and are slaves of whatever MS force down there throats, it should be fine with us.

Its there money and apparently they are not smart enough to spend it wisely. Who cares.

isyourhouseonfire  +   1128d ago
I'm not surprised that the person who can't spell is also the person against Microsoft.
SITH  +   1129d ago
Cost does not bother me. I can afford the annual payment. If you can not, that is your problem.
AO1JMM  +   1129d ago
I will pay for something that I find value in. Simple as that.

PSN is far from the GOLD Standard as well. Steam wins that title hands down....
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RevXM  +   1129d ago
Its really unfair by microsoft to charge for live gold on xbox, the irony of it all is that live on windows gives you pretty much all the same stuff / features for free.

Steam and Psn is way ahead and I happily pay for ps+ knowing I really get my moneys worth with games I get and can play for free whenever as long as my subscription is paid for and steam also have awesome deals and discounts pretty much all the time as well.
Legion  +   1129d ago
The large point that many don't understand is the amount of money Microsoft puts into making their network secure and closed.

The cost to us is a secure theater to play in.

Some say it is no longer the Gold Standard. And yet it is still the BEST network system for gaming. Nobody has stepped up to challenge the issue other then those that claim similar experience is available through other services for less or no cost.

But these are not similar enough to make them better then XBL. You pay for the best. When another service makes a BETTER system and THEN offers it for FREE only THEN can they claim an issue of XBL not being the Gold Standard in gaming Networking.

Everyone else is still comparing their currency (networks) against XBL... so it IS the Gold Standard until others choose another network system to compare as the STANDARD.
faraany33k  +   1128d ago
How is it better? Or you are just assuming things.
clonerz  +   1128d ago
Secure ya right you kidn I know two people who had live accounts jacked they both had to wait over a week to get them back. That is two out of my 7 friends who have live gold and you are here talkn bout it being secure whatever man stop drinkn the koolaid
Legion  +   1128d ago
Likely your friends fell for the internet scam of putting in their password and e-mail address to get free MS points. Because they are stupid don't blame it on MS.

And if it was something else then explain and we can go over why it had nothing to do with said network.

Because the market has made it the Gold Standard. Until other such systems prove to be the Gold Standard then it is. If you don't think so then go someplace else. Nobody is stopping you. But we are all STILL talking about it as the Gold Standard and comparing all systems to it. Thus it is the Gold standard.
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TABSF  +   1128d ago
Steam and a web browser of your choice go beyond anything on Consoles
r1sh12  +   1128d ago
This article/rant - does make perfect sense, I used to pay for XBL without even thinking, because I needed to play online.
I doubt MS will ever give out the statistic of XBL gold accounts that are used less than 1 hour a week, but there must be soo many.
They should make XBL silver, have the same functionality as the PSN free, and the extra features like party chat etc.. should be in Gold.
MS will find a drop in XBL membership sometime soon, but they can easily combat that by releasing the xbox 720.

I know I will be buying the 720 as soon as its available, not because Im a fanboy, because I love games, I know Ill be held to ransom when I have to pay the insane price for XBL gold, but its the only way to play multiplayer on that particular platform.

I do hope MS change their pricing for XBL gold, but its a money maker. If sony could make people pay for something that should be free, they would do it too
aiBreeze  +   1128d ago
Much respect for gamespot for having the balls to do an article like this. I have to 100% agree with them.. I've been subbed to XBL since I got my xbox 360 over six years ago, I'm so used to paying for it that it's just another bill I don't think twice about. However looking at XBL gold from a pure PC Gamers perspective, they must think gold subscribers are mentally insane for paying for such a basic service.
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Droid Control  +   1128d ago
I consider Steam the Gold standard. Allt he features of XBL but without the ugly green, adverts, and price.
PirateThom  +   1128d ago
Considering how many games are online enabled, Microsoft truly have their users in a tight spot. Either pay what they say, or lose access to half your game, even if you buy it new.

Great business model. One I do not wish to be a part of.
OllieBoy  +   1128d ago
Good. More people are finally opening their eyes.

XBL is a joke.
gnothe1  +   1128d ago
not this shit must be a slow news moment....everbody knows that N$G people DONT like what?..this type of crap article ALWAYS makes it to the top an this is nothing but an opinion piece...i feel like this..IF YOU DONT LIKE XBL DONT USE IT...the PS3 is out there...but America has chosen an we chose XBOX 360 with the subscription cost an please just get over it..
rapidturtle  +   1128d ago
Sony just needs to price their next console accordingly, and keep the PSN play online free, and then advertise the hell out of the value of their console vs Xbox, and that alone could for Microsoft to offer us Live for free.
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kariyanine  +   1128d ago
In the end I think we're going to set screwed from both sides. I'd wager to guess that come next gen, we will see Sony's PSN take a similar approach to XBL, while Microsoft's XBL takes a similar approach to PS+ but we'll all be paying for services and features that should have or had been free the previous gen.
tigertron  +   1128d ago
The online subscription fees should go on maintaining servers and providing players with dedicated servers. It baffles me why a game like Halo 4 still uses ancient P2P.

The PSN is better since you only pay for optional things i.e. exclusive content and you don't get bombarded with adverts in the XMB like you do with Metro.

I'm not saying Live is a bad service, it's great, but just has some way to go before matching the PSN. I can't understand how people say the PSN is inferior to Live. Without cross chat, what makes Live better?
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