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CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   1135d ago

1) Everyone was expecting WiiU to sell as much as Wii.

2) Even Reggie said that they were amping up production of WiiU so that they would not have shortages like they did with Wii.

3) Retail Store Buyers/Suppliers purchased many units from Nintendo.

A) Searching for the next big Christmas gift of 2012.

1 Stores maake most of their money during Christmas time.

2 Having the “Big Gift” of the year causes foot traffic
& other sales.

B) Not wanting to miss sales if WiiU blew-up like Wii.

C) Because the stock was available, due to 2nd point.

In conclusion, words and boxes on shelves don't bother me, as long as you put the information in context.
ozstar  +   1135d ago
"presumably" because Gamespot isn't bitching over lost revenue from the ad market this year.
chukamachine  +   1135d ago
40million sales for wii u imo. Stated this from day one.
Fel08  +   1135d ago
Kinda sad, but Nintendo's just got an interesting piece of hardware with no real market for it. It's too expensive for the casual crowd, there's no "killer title" for the Nintendo fan, and nothing new for the hardcore gamer.
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