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Rhythmattic  +   1013d ago
this is not News.... this is shite...

Here's a sentence near the end of the (F)article...

"I’ll be writing articles on why I hate the other systems in due time as well because every system, no matter how much we love it, has it’s critical flaws that nag us every time we turn it on"

Well whooptee Fkin Doo.... -
Story quality ----WTF?
Like this website?----- NO!!
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BillySpandex  +   1013d ago
These sorts of articles is why I've started to hate the gaming media. I'm joining you in voting this:

Story quality=== Wtf?
Like this website? == NO!
H4all  +   1013d ago
blah blah blah blah.....
what is this?????
Neko_Mega  +   1013d ago
An how is this trash news?

Wow, thats all I got to say.
PhillipSantanaMusic  +   1013d ago
PC Games look good/run good whatever but buy the latest game and running it MAXXED OUT will most likely need an upgrade to run it on max in a 1080P. either buying a new graphics card(s?) whereas a consoles purchase price covers you for some years.

The only thing i realize on pc vs consoles is that games (i love racing simulation) is the depth of adjustments.

I love my PS3/PS Vita and my Dell XPS Desktop all networked together.
mattgdumb  +   1013d ago
why would i come home from a hard day of work and put in a game and have to wait an hour for it to update, fuck that sony sucks
Rebo00  +   1013d ago
Not sure if someone has already said this but a 50Megabit connection downloading 2Gigabyte patch would not take 20mins. It equates to 6.25MBps which if the line wasn't saturated and they got the full speed of 6.25MBps it would only take like 6minutes to download the 2Gigabyte, sadly I doubt they are the only people in the area using that line so at peak time they're more likely to get 50KBps - 100KBps...
Rebo00  +   1013d ago
Also, I've never had a problem with the PSN service, ignoring the hacking which didn't effect me and actually led to me getting PSPlus, and find that there are less American kids calling people f**s...
zeroskie  +   1013d ago
It's honestly not such a big deal for me. I go make a sandwich and the patch is done and then I play.
ZBlacktt  +   1013d ago
Why is this even news or approved. Some guy who has personal problems.

How I hate the XBox news is next? Damn cheap sounding DVD player! Why does the XBL look like it's the same thing off the Wii? Your little cute characters looks just like the little people on the Wii. Where's my exclusive games anymore? I have to pay to play with my friends still? Wasn't last gen's consoles DVD players? I hate my life....
smashcrashbash  +   1013d ago
Do you see why many people avoid N4G like the plague? Why do people bring articles like this here knowing to will spark chaotic behavior? I mean surely people know the difference between constructive criticism and chaotic troll bait? Oh what am I saying? No you don't.
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RandomDude655  +   1013d ago
Yeah n4g is a shithole. I just come here to laugh at it.
ShaunCameron  +   1013d ago
The only thing I hate about the PS3 is that its exclusives are mundane as hell.
specsmatter  +   1013d ago
I agree with the haters lol.....

1)I hate the browser that i use every single day to check out this site and stream movies directly to my ps3 via letmewatchthis

2) I hate the blue ray drive they added that allows me to watch blu ray movies.

3) I hate the free wifi ability
and ethernet port

4)I hate that awesome Ps plus that gives me cloud storage, automatic updates and so many games my 250 gb hdd has ran out of space

5) I hate the rechargeable controllers that allow me to game wireless for hours on end!!!!!

6) I hate the true stereoscopic 3d and full dolby surround sound capabilities offered since shortly after release

7) I hate the awesome exclusives like Starhawk, Uc series, LBP series, GOW, KZ, Journey and others that have year after year won gaming awards for innovation and pushing graphical benchmarks.

Man i sure hate my Ps3 guys!!! Sorry for the rant!!!!!
d0nT wOrrY  +   1013d ago
Who the fuck gives a flying fuck about you hating the PS3. I'm so damn sick about these shitty articles! Just stop, you can hate it as much as you want. Stop writing about anything you hate, seriously this is getting old.
urwifeminder  +   1013d ago
I gave it a go wasnt a fan would have to book in advance to play just in case of updates got ylod after playing 17 games as it was more for bluray i wont return to sony the games were not my bag.
USMC_POLICE  +   1013d ago
So can we do a why I hate the 360 article I can show many valid points
Klonopin   1013d ago | Offensive
megamanX2  +   1013d ago
"Why I Hate The PlayStation 3"

because it will never be the ps1 or ps2?
superterabyte  +   1013d ago
The only download that takes too long is DC Universe online. Took a long... long time!
Orionsangel  +   1013d ago
Sony is lagging way behind MS in the online service department. I played FF online on PS2 with the Network Adapter back in the day and the feel of PSN, from the way the install meters look to using a traditional HDD. It hasn't changed much. Sony is following the old handback. They need to upgrade their view for their next media service.
P_Bomb  +   1013d ago
Your PSN hatchet is buried in the aesthetics of an install meter? That's a first for me. I've never heard anyone complain about having to use a PS3 HDD either, especially since every console uses them but only Sony lets you install non-proprietary ones. Aw well.

Disappointed to see 2013 start off with the same ol' left wing headlines and partisan console wars. Especially with the promise of more to come (at the end of the article).
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TBONEJF  +   1013d ago
I hate journalist keeps complaining "why i hate my PS3" U don't like it sell it or get rid of it no one have to hear u complain bout it. At least on PS3 u can stream PORN PORN PORN on the web browser and it plays flash and online free gaming. Blu-Ray disc holds 25GB-50GB of storage use no DVD tech. I don't mind the install base time just flip your channel or do something else. quit btching bout why i hate my system. everyone have pro and cons but don't need u to wine bout it.
mamotte  +   1013d ago
Hate the PS3 for the PSN? First, the patches download as fast as your internet connection is. Now, about the PSN... you should be glad that you can use it, at least. I'm from Colombia, and racist Sony dont let us access the PSn. We create an american account, so we can see it, and then, our non-american credit cards doesnt work, so the PSN is completely useless for me. Cant even dream with getting an PSN+ account.

And yet, I dont hate the PS3.
sdplisken  +   1013d ago
at least be fair and write some "why i hate the xbox or wiiU articles" as well
thawind  +   1013d ago
Whoever wrote this article they can go suck a d*** imo.
hazardman  +   1013d ago
PS3 is like the step child you come to love with time. I dont like my anology but it was 1st thing that came to mind..
danthebios  +   1013d ago
My reason for not owning a xbox 360 is because there are only one game i look forward top which is gears thats it where as ps3 lots of exclusives that are more to my choices.
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