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PS4isKing_82  +   1131d ago
Kinda pointless article considering it came out over 6 years ago and will soon be replaced by the ps4 possibly by this fall.

But then again, any no talent "journalist" could write an "why I hate the (insert console of choice)" article. It's not that hard.

A quick demonstration.

"Why I hate the Xbox 360: not enough variety of genres. Relies too heavily on fps and 3ps.
$60 yearly for Xbox live. On top of Internet and monthly service charges such as Netflix and Hulu plus."

See? It's quite easy.
Braid  +   1130d ago
There has to be something wrong with your perception of gaming if you hate PS3, or any gaming brand for that matter. I don't see why you would hate any brand, as long as you're a gamer. If their games do no appeal to you, don't buy the console. But why the hatred though? Competition is what keeps industry expanding in an exponential rate. Unless you want monopoly, which I doubt any rational person would, you shouldn't be hating on gaming devices.
Nacho_Black  +   1130d ago
This kind of "article" just seems so unnecessary.

What ever happened to real gaming stories. This is still a gaming news site isn't it?

Who gives a monkeys what a single person thinks of a particular console.

Jog on mate!
5eriously  +   1130d ago
Just a few words. PS+ and Auto-updates. The rest is just poor BS and crybaby vitriol. FFS who sits and wait for any install to complete? are you so bored that you have nothing else to do. It's not like you re install every game before you play.

I hate these useless self opinionated articles that brings nothing to any party and contribute zero significance to anyone.
Godofgames  +   1130d ago
The article is not right
seanoc  +   1130d ago
The PS3 network and OS are rough around the edges but that's indicative of the fact it was designed over six years ago. It pre-dates the iPhone and was designed by a company that was still finding its feet in the digital age. It has come a long way since then and it now works very well, but there is plenty of room for improvement and I expect a big leap for the PS4. Nevertheless, all systems have their flaws.

The issue of patches really isn't that big a deal though. It's been a couple of months since the last one which was minor to say the least. The only time we've been bombarded with them was during the period after the PSN hack which was kind of understandable.

I tend to find the people who suffer most from patches are those who don't use their PS3 for months while those more engaged with the console barely notice them. That's not great but that's something that affects most platforms.

I turned on Steam yesterday for the first time in months and I had to perform a number of updates. Downloading Planetside 2 took ages and there was a big install with some updates. It was bed time by the time it was ready. I'm not slagging off Steam; installations, patches, download times are all part and parcel of modern digital gaming. They are a pain but they are providing some benefits too.
microgenius  +   1130d ago
without reading the article i would say
go fuck yourself
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andshesays  +   1130d ago
its been out for like 6 years now... and now you say its stupid

your stupid
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josephayal  +   1130d ago
This article is well written
andshesays  +   1130d ago
its been out for like 6 years now... and now you say its stupid

your stupid
rapidturtle  +   1130d ago
PSN allows me to play multiplayer games online for free. If you bought a 360 at launch, then you have paid $350 for Xbox live.
Belking  +   1130d ago
Not exactly true.
AlucardFury  +   1130d ago
Money well spent
wiiulee  +   1130d ago
the ps3 could have turned out so great had sony not launch if for that awful price and with that so called cell processor....and just not enough new the end hate it for lack of achievement..
Cam977  +   1130d ago
And you think this is news?
ps3 is superior to Xbox in performance and exclusives so shut the f--- up, pr---.
bunfighterii  +   1130d ago
1) Game patches aren't mandatory unless you want to play the game online;
2) Cross game chat is the most overrated feature ever;
3) PSN download speeds do suck;
4) Mandatory installs have never been a problem for anyone except the most serial complainants;
5) PSN compares completely favourably against Live considering its free. The store has content a plenty, the service provides what it should and does it with minimal disruptions.
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GraveLord  +   1130d ago
No one cares. Go fuck your Xbox USB in the port.
ajax17  +   1130d ago
All he did was list minor annoyances! Nothing to hate the PS3 over. The pros far outweigh the cons especially when you consider it's a blu-ray player and has some of the best exclusives this generation.
trouble_bubble  +   1130d ago
When your blog starts off with:

"I pick up games released for the XBOX 360 relegating the PlayStation 3 to Blu-ray playback duties..."

and you END the article with:

"Stay posted for next week’s installment in the “Why I Hate…” series as I reflect upon the Nintendo Wii..."

Well damn lol. Can't wait for week three's "why I fap to" conclusion. Wonder who wins? Hint: he's already told us in the first paragraph. What a pointless excersise.
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Max-Zorin  +   1130d ago
Wow. it's 20goddamn13 and this fuckery still get approved.
mayberry  +   1130d ago
PS+ allows the user to keep free avatars, themes, discounted game purchases and some ps1 titles after ps+ expires. All other games are returned on PS+ renewal. Thats a win for me.
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KrimsonKody  +   1130d ago
Ok, a little off topic, but it came to my mind after reading all this PS hateration;

If you are a PS+ member, but you officially buy a game (that may not particularly be on sale, but has the PS+ discount), can you not play that game with no PS+ membership?
MYSTERIO360  +   1130d ago
Yes you can but you wont be applicable for the discount, its only valid if your a PS+ member.
KrimsonKody  +   1130d ago
Thanks for the reply

Ok, so I'm thinking;
If a game is on PSN for $30, but it's $20 through PS+, I can NOT play it outside of my subscription, although I paid mostly for the game.
Now, does that mean that its best to buy such games outside of the subscription, in order to guarantee that I can play what I purchase outside of PSN?

I'm bot too familiar with all the logistics, because I've had PS+ for a while & my PS3 auto logs in, so theres always online service.
rainslacker  +   1130d ago
If you buy the game at a discount, you can continue to use it after your subscription ends. The only thing you can't continue to play is the instant game collection offerings, which are free. Although there are a few exceptions in there, but it is rare.

You can continue to use the freely offered avatars and themes.

If your subscription expires, and you renew...say a few months will regain the rights you had to play those free games you got on your initial subscription, although you will not be granted access to those that were offered free during your lapsed subscription.

Any free game offered that you don't "purchase" will no longer be available to add to your download list for free after it is removed from the instant game collection.

That should cover all the basics, and is one of the most commonly asked questions about the service.
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MYSTERIO360  +   1130d ago
"After recovering my PSN account, we fired up LBP2 and were met with a familiar black screen for a system update".................. ...... ............... .............................. . ..."I know that the rival Xbox 360 suffers the same issue (try playing Halo 4 multiplayer, playing Forza Motorsport 3, or playing Battlefield 3 with high-resolution textures and you’ll see what I mean)".....So he realizes that this isn't only a PS3 issue, halo 4 had about the same download time length (about 1 hour) and that was one patch let alone 10 individual ones with LBP2.

Cross game chat on the other hand isn't a big issue for me personally but it is based on personal preference.
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AlucardFury   1130d ago | Bad language | show
JamieL  +   1130d ago
@ AlucardFury, I missed that patch too. The thing is there was someone else in this article that said the same thing. I own both and I could install a whole game on the 360, then download all the patches for that game faster than the PS3 updates no matter the size of the PS3 update. It’s just slow. This is not a knock on the PS3 because I hate it, it's just in this category there's no competition. That being said, it kind of mirrors the exclusive game situation, but the other way around. There is no question who puts more money into the "GAME's".
Raoh  +   1130d ago
Why I hate kids with blogs.

Use the system more and you wont have this issue.

At a gathering at thanksgiving a friend received an early xmas gift. hip hop dance. But she uses her 360 in the bedroom, rarely the one in the living room. But we are all in the living room. 360 needs an updates, update takes along time aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand pretty much freezes. Restart 360, same thing, screw it, lets just start the game and update the system later. Can't play the game until it updates and it can't update until the 360 updates. I got it working by retesting the network connection eventually but pretty much a half hour later, everyone was over the idea of hip hop dance on kinect and just went back to the drinking.

Crappy 360 online system? or unused system?

That's why these articles, if you can call them articles, more like forum rants, are useless, they are biased and dont' tell the full story.
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Tzuno  +   1130d ago
Why hate? I own only a 360 but don't hate PS3, i just like 360 more. I used to like Sony in the ps2 days but now i like more 360. Simple as that, i have my own reasons and i don't need to explain myself to anyone. People like whatever they like.
dee-ecks  +   1130d ago
Well if thats the case
He must REALLY hate PC gaming!! Thats all pc games are, patch this, install that, it drives me crazy!
ziggurcat  +   1130d ago
article down voted. not even worth the time...

it must be getting close to the playstation event since the doom articles are popping up.
Triggytrolls  +   1130d ago
I did enjoy playing on my PS3, but it never became my number one console to play on. I used it for exclusives like Socom and Killzone, but then it broke and I never got it fixed.
CrescentFang  +   1130d ago
The only flaw I personally don't like is that the PS3 doesn't support many different kind of formats, but that's to be expected since most commercially sold electronics are like that.
MYSTERIO360  +   1130d ago
Are you a PC gamer because the 360 supports far less?
CrescentFang  +   1130d ago
Not really a PC gamer (Japanese console exclusives are basically all I play), but in terms of entertainment I basically do everything on my PC.
Catoplepas  +   1130d ago
Let me break down the creation of this article for you:

Author sees his woefully unsupported console of choice is getting shafted for yet another year. Yet won't admit it.

Author sees competing console has excellent line-up that puts his console of choice utterly to shame.

Authors only recourse at that point it to attempt to discredit the competing console, which he hopes will draw attention from his woefully unsupported console of choice.

Author posts poorly written blog, filled with inaccuracies, and sits back to watch the ensuing carnage.

Author feels validated, and slightly better about his woefully unsupported console of choice.
Valenka  +   1130d ago
I prefer my Xbox to my PS3 but there is no logical reason to hate the Playstation 3.
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