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mochachino  +   1062d ago
I hope there are two million satisfied gamers then. Wii U is not for me, as my gaming tastes are more in the 3rd party/Sony/MS exclusive category but satisfied gamers are a good thing.
Joegrine20  +   1062d ago
lol wut.........anyways good to see the Wii U is doing well. Can't wait to see what E3 brings to the table. Wanna see those Nintendo exclusives (hyping up for retro studios hidden game)gonna buy 1 after E3. Plus i can't to see what the Other big companies are coming with. E3 2013 start counting down the days!!!
quantae06  +   1062d ago
I'm expecting Eternal Darkness 2, Fatal Frame, new Yoshi, and a new Metroid. I'm also expecting to see the new Monolith ip that they are claiming to be working on. Monolith made Xenoblade Chronicles, so most likely they are coming with something big. Monolith already sound like their motivated, with their latest comments on the competition. I'm also expecting tons of 3rd party games being released on the console.
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donman1  +   1062d ago
The WiiU/PS4 combo will be for me. Both Sony and Nintendo have the best 1st and 2nd party franchises. If Wii U does not get all the best AAA 3rd party titles then they will certainly be on the PS4. Face it guess we now live in a two console owning generation of gaming.
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Kingofwiiu  +   1062d ago

Same here definitely. I just bough a Ps vita 2 days ago and I love it!!! I prefer my 3DS (due to games) But the vita is really really really good. A sexy piece of Hardware.

(The kid I bought it off had Black ops declassified installed on it *sigh* . Worst game of all time. It looks like a dreamcast game or worse... Uncharted and gravity rush look almost like ps3 games though.....)

Moving on.

Now I need the Playstation Ultra (4) to take its thrown by the wii Ultra.

Nintendo Exclusives 1st 2nd and third for wiiu with the odd multiplat if it arives.
Ps4- Sony exclusives with the majority of third party games .

Who needs lamerosoft ?

Wiiu x 3DS x Ps4 x Vita . The only way .
BlmThug  +   1062d ago

It's funny how you hate MS in this comment yet in a previous comment, you list both the original Xbox and the Xbox 360 in your favourite ever consoles :S
MikeMyers  +   1062d ago
donman1, not sure how you concluded we now live in a two console owning generation. You seemed to have ignored over 70 million Xbox 360 console owners out there. I guess game publishers didn't get your memo.

The Wii U is doing well but the real data will come later on when those who buy every new system fades. That's when we will know just how successful it is and how committed 3rd party publishers are. E3 is going to be very interesting.
kesvalk  +   1062d ago
i will go with Wii-U/PC combo, but i will wait for some of the game i want to be released (like smash bros)
donman1  +   1061d ago

I fail to understand the point (Donman1, not sure how you concluded we now live in a two console owning generation. You seemed to have ignored over 70 million Xbox 360 console owners out there. I guess game publishers didn't get your memo)you are trying to make when it is obvious the majority of gamers have at least two consoles (be it WiiU/PS3, WiiU/Xbox360 or PS3/Xbox360). What does console sales number have to do with gamers owning more than one console.

I agree this years E3 will be very interesting. I know Wii U will not get all the key AAA titles so that way I will be a WiiU/PS4 combo. This means I will have access to all the best AAA 1st and 2nd party titles from Nintendo and Sony great franchise catalog. PS4 will get all the best AAA titles from 3rd party developers. So my combo of choice will be a win win situation.
metroid32  +   1062d ago
Mate on MiiVerse developers can find out just how people rate their games and how happy everyone is with their Wii U and boy i can tell you this console is OUTSTANDING and everyone is happy with it i love it and use the Browser every day its more powerful than my PC And MOBILE Browsers ?
a_adji  +   1061d ago
Unlike the wii (crap developer ports) the Wii U actually is a great system and right now my system of choice even for COD.

It's solid but Nintendo need to sort out their marketing.
-Mika-  +   1062d ago
Ok but I don't think it going to reach that 5.5 million nintendo is expecting by march.
KangarooSam  +   1062d ago
So, according to you, Vita fails because it doesn't reach it's goal. (which was admittedly high)

But you have absolutely nothing to say about Wii U failing to meet it's goal? (which is much lower)

iamnsuperman  +   1062d ago
I agree. These sales are easily attributed to great timing with black Friday (identified by the massive difference between Europe and USA. Of course time and people are a factor as well) and also Christmas. It is this rest of the Wii U's first year that are going to be interesting.
MegaLagann  +   1062d ago
Again, everyone on N4G pretending they have marketing and business degrees when really they just pull "facts" out of their ass. We call this the "Pachter".
BlackWolf  +   1062d ago
Mika, bashing the Wii U one more time.

Well, as someone said below you, what do you have to say about the Vita? Sony has had to lower their expected sales more than twice, if I'm not wrong. Nothing to say? Ok.

On topic, the Wii U has been out for a month and a half, and it has already reached the 2 million milestone. There are 2-3 months to the final date of expected sales (given, if by march you mean the start or end of the month). If they can keep up a constant rhythm in sales, they could get to the 5 million milestone.
xursz  +   1062d ago
I'm starting to think Mika is a parody sort of like DarkSniper was, but just worse at it.

But like i was saying, (*i know i'll get ravaged by fans who bought the system, but hear me out first*) the WiiU is sort of in a tough spot. It's being slaughtered in sales by both Xbox360 and PS3. In Europe being outsold about 5-1. I think price is an obvious factor (as well as games) but above that I don't really see a need for the WiiU in the market.

I think we can all agree that the hype for nex gen has never been higher so why is the leader of the pack doing horribly compared to the old consoles? Simple, in my opinion Nintendo's attempt to play it safe (following the steps of the Wii) with weak hardware has backfired. You look at a multiplatform game on both WiiU and Xbox360 and won't be able to tell a difference.

In my opinion that's the problem. Nobody is jumping ship to next gen until we are really in the next gen, if that makes any sense. The WiiU needs a hefty price drop and soon. Otherwise nobody is going to cross over from their Xbox's and PS3s.
scissor_runner  +   1061d ago
Xursz it is more of a game issue. I'm not even excited about the other Jd games coming out plus every thing is on hold. No real next gen announced not even for the imaginary next gen!

There is to much juke up in the air to push forward right now.
vallencer  +   1062d ago
Where's your boyfriend hatsune?? It's weird not seeing him around.
ChickenOfTheCaveMan  +   1061d ago
I agree, the U benefited from the black Friday and Christmas, parents wondered what to give to their kids and went for the easy win, but the U is really an underachieved console and as soon as the 720 and PS4 will be announced it will become obsolete unless you like the plumber/Zelda/Metroid...
Neko_Mega  +   1062d ago
I'm not really one of those Two Mill, seeing how I brought my used from my friend. The Wii U isn't great, but it does have some good games only for it.

I do wish the Wii U Gamepad was alittle more lighter.
ChickeyCantor  +   1062d ago
Well in that case, why not work out more? That way you can be strong and amazing by holding that already light-weight controller.

Not trying to cramp your style or anything, but you know...some people are really b/tching about the silliest things.
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Neonridr  +   1062d ago
a little lighter? the thing weighs one pound. My iPad weighs more than that thing. Are you serious?

To each their own I guess, but how much lighter do you want it to weigh? It's not even double the weight of the wireless Xbox 360 controller, and it has a screen in it.
xursz  +   1062d ago
Wow @ you guys attacking him for wishing the controller was lighter... Fanboys are sensitive. -__-
hivycox  +   1062d ago
no...he is trolling...everyone knows the gamepad is a light-weighted controller..
and btw.: fanboys could wouldn'T be so nice ;)
RTheRebel  +   1062d ago
cant wait till e3 when nintendo unleashes all the best ip's
god_mode  +   1062d ago

One day in the far future I will definitely pick up a WiiU.
MadMen  +   1062d ago
WiiU is lame and nothing compared to the success of the wii.
PygmelionHunter  +   1062d ago
Oh no! The Wii U sales may not reach Wii levels, surely now the games are gonna be crap because of this!/s
Zechs34  +   1062d ago
Do you honestly even own one?...
Neonridr  +   1062d ago
so by your logic, the PS3 will never be anything compared to the PS2 because it will never reach the sales number that the PS2 achieved. And for that matter it's highly doubtful that the PS4 would reach the sales of the PS2 either. So does that mean that they are inferior as well?

Of course not, because you are using fanboy logic.
1upgamer99  +   1062d ago
The Wii U's sales are VERY close to the Wii sales, in the same time frame, also the Wii U has sold more Units than PS3'3 or 360 did same time frame...Don't believe me? Here is your PROOF... http://gamrconnect.vgchartz...
In fact Wii U has sold almost as many as PS3 and 360 COMBINED same time frame.
Kingofwiiu  +   1062d ago
Congrats Wiiu. Dunno how this console is gunna do in the long run. Could sell 30M - could sell 120M who knows....

Will have to wait and see in 6 years....

It's hard to see this console not doing well after the success of the wii.

My prediction is , things will go nuts and it will take off big time when Wii fit U , Rayman legends and Pikmin 3 , Monster Hunter and Bayonetta and wonderfull 101 arrive.

Wiifit U will be a huge game in terms of console shifting...
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WeAreLegion  +   1062d ago
I'm one of those owners, too! I can't say as though I'm 100% satisfied, but Nintendo does what they can. They don't have a billion first party studios like Sony or extra change to sling around like Microsoft. I'm hoping for another Super Mario Galaxy this generation!

My favorite game so far is ZombiU. Scribblenauts Unlimited would be fun...if they let you look at the TV. -___-
crazy_man  +   1062d ago
So in the same frame of time (Nov 11-Dec 22):

Wii: 2.67 million
Wii U: 2.208 million
PS3*: 1.079 million
Xbox 360: 1.032 million

Nov 11: PS3's Japan launch
Nov 17: PS3's America launch
Nov 18: Wii U's America launch
Nov 19: Wii's America launch
Nov 22: Xbox 360's America launch
Nov 30: Wii U's Europe Launch
Dec 2: Xbox 360's Europe launch and Wii's Japan Launch
Dec 8: Wii U's Japan launch
Dec 9: Wii's Europe launch
Dec 10: Xbox 360's Japan launch

*Note that these PS3 numbers don't include Europe as it had yet to launch in this frame of time (13 weeks later on March 23)

If anything this shows that launch numbers are never a good indicator of how well a console will do...well specifically wise.
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1upgamer99  +   1062d ago
I am not disagreeing with you, but you should have provided links to these numbers, because people are going to argue with you.
crazy_man  +   1062d ago
Yeah your right.

Here's the link:

Neonridr  +   1062d ago
Don't see how these numbers aren't good indicators. The Wii sold about double what the PS3 or 360 did in the same timeframe, and to date, the Wii has sold significantly more units (not quite double). The PS3 and 360 sold about the same number of units and to date, they have both sold very similar numbers.

If anything, your list gives an accurate picture of how the consoles were expected to do. Although I don't predict the Wii U selling more than 50 million consoles total.
supremacy  +   1062d ago
Not bad, i mean the only issue is see is current gen platforms arent going to make things any easier for the wiiu with the onslaught of games slated just for the upcoming spring alone.

I believe this is one of the reasons why it has not sold better; couple this with the fact that rumors about the other next gen platforms keep taking away its thunder. I mean one doesnt have to spend time in here to know or care about this; simply put anyone who has bought a console before is pretty much aware and are either waiting or are curious.

I was considering getting a wiiu as it is an HD console for some HD mario gaming, but lately ive been thinking about everything else instead because of the crazy games coming out.

The last of us, God of war ascention, MGS ground zeroes, Crysis 3,Gears of war judgment, GTAV, Beyond two souls, ni na kuni the wrath of the white which, Sly4,Bioshock infinite, MGS raiden, Tomb raider,Dead space3,Devil may cry,Splinter cell blacklist,Watch dogs,FF13 lightning returns, and who knows when and if Agent, The last guardian and FF versus 13 come out. Also these consoles will only get cheaper from here on out and Half of these games wont hit the wiiu and by the time those dry up, the next Playstation and xbox will be making waves.
Nes_Daze  +   1062d ago
Don't see any games on WiiU worth getting yet, so I'll probably buy a PS4 before I see something interesting on the WiiU, I know there'll be some interesting games soon for it though.
Ben_Rage_3  +   1062d ago
You don't see any interesting games for Wii U, yet you are probably going to buy a system that hasn't announced a single game yet?

(Begin sarcastic sentence)"I don't want buy a PS4, because it doesn't have any interesting games yet." (end sarcastic sentence)
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Nes_Daze  +   1062d ago
I understand how that came out, and have fun being a smartass about it, but I'm sure that by the time a good Zelda or Mario game comes out for it I'll have a PS4 and a pretty good damn launch title.

Does the next Zelda or Mario title even have a release date? Exactly..
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BozoLoco  +   1062d ago
"According to VGChartz"
LOL_WUT  +   1062d ago
All credibility was lost just with that sentence alone. ;)
PopRocks359  +   1062d ago
Or you just want it to be. After all, you only ever seem to be commenting happily on negative articles.
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YoungPlex  +   1062d ago
Good stuff! I really don't care if it reaches the success of the Wii but as long as the install base keeps growing like this, Wii U will get plenty of support from all kinds of developers and possibly be the birth place for smaller developers, trying to get off the ground! Congratulations, but the battle is just beginning, now it's time to unleash the swarm of Wii U games coming this year...
wiiulee  +   1062d ago
great cause wiiu is a fantastic system....i hope nintendo start advertising it more and better.....and i know the third party support is not going away despite 2million up already...sure to be 10 million by the time the other consoles come out.....
ozstar  +   1062d ago
Personally I think Nintendo wanted better for Wii U through December (and i mean in terms of soaking up more 360 Kinect sales in the US, the obvious converts from Wii), but i think its pretty evident that handhelds aren't dead either, which is ultimately the thing thats keeping Nintendo kicking (as always).

I think Wii U's 2nd year is much more important in their mind, and perhaps thats why they delayed Rayman, Pikmin, Wii U Fit, etc.

On the topic of competing consoles, what makes you think Nintendo won't pull the rug on their home console competition, like they did with Vita and the 3DS price drop? If they do this, and its likely that they will, id say all bets are off, especially if Nintendo drop Pokebombs next Christmas
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Reaper9937  +   1062d ago
How do you define "fantastic" system...I bought a Wii U at launch and is was my most disappointing console purchase ever. Insane size mandatory patch (ADSL speeds in SA suck - so this took forever to download), no eshop is South Africa it's 360 all over again, controller is cumbersome and feels cheap, no games worth buying if you already own a 360 or PS3. Never is my life have I been so nervous to use a console due to damn freezing issues which required you to unplug the power cable, the OS is slow as shit. I could go on for quite some time, but I think you get my point so I ask you what makes a "fantastic" system.
Theyellowflash30  +   1062d ago
Your situation sucks but you have to remember everybody didn't go through the things you went through. My download was fast. My OS rarely crashes or freezes, and New Super Mario Bros U and Zombi U are 2 exclusive games that are awesome. I'll even through Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors edge in there to. PS3 and 360 both had growing pains. The Xbox 360 had the RROD the PS3 has the YLOD. Give the system some time. And the 360 and PS3 also can crash or freeze. It happens all the time
Reaper9937  +   1062d ago
At Theyellowflash30:

I do own ZombiU and SMBU, they are good games, but unfortunately not must owns. Yes the 360 did have the RROD debacle (strangely I have a launch day 360 and still works perfectly), I'm on my second PS3 though, never experienced any freezing problems with either of them.

You are definitely correct I am certain it will get better in time, and personally I can't wait for March this year, once I start playing Rayman Legends and MH3U I will totally forget all my woes with the WiiU; the teething problems are just more prevalent at the moment because the lack of good quality software.
delboy  +   1062d ago
WiiU is selling really good,but to maintain this they need to release one good exclusive game every 3 months.
I'm sure getting one,just waiting for 3d mario or metroid or zelda or f zero... give me any of these and I buy one in a heartbeat.
KonaBro  +   1062d ago
VGChartz again? When will you people learn that VGChartz is not a legitimate source for numbers.
crazy_man  +   1062d ago
Most accurate your gonna get outside official numbers which are posted only few and far between by the console producers.

Japan numbers are usually very accurate because of weekly Media Create/Famistu numbers that are tracked.

Next comes America with NPD every month.

Europe is probably the least accurate but we're talkin only a few % off.

And anytime official numbers are posted they make adjustments if needed.
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G-cis  +   1062d ago
i dont get why you got a disagrees....
tre  +   1062d ago
Congratz Nintendo! Wonder what the 2013 sales will be.
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felidae  +   1062d ago
thank god there is Nintendo!
Godofgames  +   1062d ago
That's great lets see how ps4 and Microsoft next console sells
Plagasx  +   1062d ago
Not bad for a Wii 1.5
AWBrawler  +   1062d ago
You say that as if it were an insult and true. Lol troll harder
Brad13186  +   1062d ago
Day 1 WiiU owner here. Mine is already collecting dust. I have buyers remorse over it. I was "duped" into thinking that all of the "ports" would be better on the Wiiu. A "this game won't support dlc", "this games frame rate is off", and "no one plays this online" later and I am wondering why I bought it in the first place. Here's to hoping that Nintendo's first party franchises will eventually rescue the system, but with the ps4 and nextbox around the corner, I'm not so sure.
1upgamer99  +   1062d ago
Uhh, I don't know what you are playing, but BOPS2 is better on Wii u than my PS3, and Madden13 is GREAT on the Wii U. Nintendoland is allot of fun with other players. Try Ghost Mansion with other players, or Metroid stuff Zombi u is a great game(well I like it my friend hates it). Also I am finding now there are more players online because the Holiday is over and allot of people got the Wii U. Do you remember how VERY sparse PS3 online was the first 6 months at least?
Thepcz  +   1062d ago
looks like nintendo will own this gen too
Sgt_Slaughter  +   1062d ago
Wii U and PS4/Orbit will be dueling for No.1 this generation...

This is going to be a fun ride to see what Nintendo and Sony will do with new ideas and new tech. This is the most excited I've been for a console generation since the 5th generation.
RGB  +   1061d ago
Still no reason for me to purchase WiiU yet. After watching Ashens' review of the system I have even less reasons the purchase it.

HD Zelda would be the only real reason for a purchase of the Wii U at this point and that'll be a hard sale because the family owns a Wii and I didn't and won't get Skyward Sword because I don't care for gimmicks with controls for gaming experiences and chances are Zelda HD will be completely controlled with gimmicks in mind with the game-pad. (That was a long sentence!)

Ashens' review showed how terrible the system was for me. My extended thoughts are on this post here, 3rd page -

The RAM is budget RAM at best and is really slow (Ashens' reviewed slowed that). The CPU is just a triple-core Wii CPU which is an over-clocked GameCube CPU which is 1999 CPU architecture (disgraceful). The GPU is the only saving grace but my PC has a GTX660 and has an i5 and has 16GB of RAM with an SSD that can boot the system within 10 seconds and plays almost every game at x2 HD with 30FPS at worse and with no gimmicks, so yeah, Nintendo need to do a lot to impress me now and releasing "New" Super (insert title) doesn't cut it when 99% of the product has nothing new about it.

Don't try your PC cost like £800 (which it did) and the WiiU is like £310... 20 games for WiiU at £40 = £800. I have 51 games on Steam and paid less than £200... something called Steam sales over the years (All major PC releases besides a few indie games). Cheaper games make the cost difference so much sweeter and I get better games. Also my current system is only my 2nd in 5 years, only paid £1400 on PC hardware. Money I've spent on console games comes to nearly £3000 this gen. £1400 + £200 or less = better value for money. Although I will admit some of my favourite gaming experiences this gen has come from a console, the PS3.

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