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tompoulo  +   1135d ago
I can't wait for the new Xbox and the next Gen in general! I don't know if i will be able to afford both Xbox720 and PS4 but i can't freakin wait! I am confident, with all the rumors, both of them are going to be beasts techwise!

The one thing i want the most from the next Xbox is to be fully backwards combatible with 360 games, not only offline but also online!

In the first year or so i bet there aren't gonna be that much new games and very few of my buddies from my friends list will have purchased the new Xbox, so playing on Xbox Live "old" Xbox360 games with people playing from Xbox360 would be AMAZING!!! Do it MS! :)
urwifeminder  +   1135d ago
Moved to pc but have 110,000 points great friends so i will come back for another round as i had so much fun.
metroid32  +   1134d ago
LIVE is poor and full of snotty teenagers and imature kids SORRY Nintendo gamers are older and more mature you can experience this first hand in BO2,all this Nintendo is for kids is FAKE and funny at best it's the most mature audience in gaming the kids are playing 360 these days that's my take SORRY.
VA1N  +   1134d ago
BO2 on the Wii isn't a good explanation of your point. The reason there are "nicer" or "more mature" people on the Wii U version of BO 2 is because the sample size is so low. No one is playing the Wii U at this point judging by their sales so the sample size of possible jerks to play it is low. They are all playing the 360 version and have no incentive to move to the Wii U (since it's a less fleshed out version in terms of the features available.)

Gamers are gamers are gamers no matter where you go. You will find jerks and little snot nosed kids in any demographic you look. The Wii U is still too young to have a crowd (it probably never will have a crowd the size of the 360 or PS3 though.)
urwifeminder  +   1134d ago
All the people in my party range between 22 to 40 maybe you dont play in a party no need to apologise.
StreetsofRage  +   1135d ago
If the rumors are true, the next Xbox is going to be FREAKING BEAST!!!!!!!!! :)
metroid32  +   1135d ago
The problem is Nintendo with Wii U will carry on publishing games like Beyonetta2/Ninja Gaiden razors edge/Lego City/Wonderful 101,ect and with 1st/2nd party huge games that sell 10's of millions of consoles in development as we speak it's going to be a 1 horse race when Nintendo start to usher out these amazing games in other words games that get the best reviews in the industry ect no 720/PS4 will come close maybe between them both but in my eyes Wii U will out sell them consoles 2.1 and with powerful hardware and a better online than LIVE i'll vouch for that played both services and NintendoNetwork is by far more stable even on 1 bar of reception games like BO2 WII U run super smooth,for me Microsoft/Sony have dug themselves a big hole by over developing games on current hardware will make it harder for them to make a big splash on games unless there AAA games that have budgets of around half a billion and it just spells disaster in my eyes.
Gimmemorebubblez  +   1134d ago
Ahh metroid32 the supposedly mature fanboy on this sight.... *face palm. Hey but who knows you maybe right.... or terribly wrong.
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MultiConsoleGamer  +   1134d ago
Hype levels for E3 2013 at maximum.
BlackWolf  +   1134d ago
Well, this could be interesting. This is something special, given is such a long countdown. Hope is something really good.
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iTs_IDemonik  +   1134d ago
Could it be that Major Nelson is the last Mayan.... and made a new calendar???
VA1N  +   1134d ago
Most likely. It's not just a countdown to E3 because you don't count down to something that isn't your own. It's either the announcement of the nextbox or it's another significant announcement (of which I doubt there would be anything besides the next xbox.)
lizard81288  +   1134d ago
A website countdown, it MUST be an IOS game....
Tzuno  +   1134d ago
People are so hyped :) just relax, personally i don't think that we will see a announcement regarding a new Xbox console at E3 this year.
SimplySneaky  +   1134d ago
Considering the buzz about the next generation, it wouldn't be all that surprising.
Kidmyst  +   1134d ago
Whenever I get really excited for something, a negative action happens to change it. So I therefore will not get excited for an announcement from Sony or MSFT to avoid a let down. From MSFT I am most fearful of an integration and mandatory Kinect usage in the next console and for Sony it's Price and going cheap on hardware this time around. I'll most likely pick one console for launch and pick the other up a bit later. But do hope MSFT this time announces Gold is free with the next gen but maybe introduces a Platinum that is like PS Plus. So free to play online, chat, etc. but a paid subscription for bonus free/discounted games and exclusive things.
stefan771  +   1134d ago
Going by what MS have said and a leak a while back, I reckon Kinect 2
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