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landog  +   1014d ago
my only concern is how long will i have to wait for the pc version, I want to play it in 1080p, with all settings on ultra vs. low on console, and have mods later to toy around with

hopefully they only delay the pc version a month, but i'm not counting on it, though max payne 3 on pc was PERFECT, it looked 2 generations beyond the console versions. so its worth the wait.
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Plagasx  +   1013d ago
What's that you say? Rockstar didn't say this?

Fuck you then.
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Sp1d3ynut  +   1013d ago
So we're supposed to trust a retailer in Germany... a country that regularly BANS mature rated games?
SephirothX21  +   1012d ago
I think it will release April 30th. March is too soon. I expect the date will be announced before the end of January unless the game will be delayed.
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