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Rashonality  +   1135d ago
Majora's Mask and twilight princess in the 30's!!!
i can't say i agree, but i'll at least respect their opinion.
Blastoise  +   1135d ago
There's no way I'd put Super Mario Galaxy at number 3. Ahead of ALL those awesome games. Nah.

Also, Pokemon Red & Blue number 204?!
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GenericNameHere  +   1135d ago
If you drop the nostalgia classes, and just gave the newer games a chance, I'm pretty sure you'll find why it's not in a higher number. I'm not saying the Red and Blue aren't good, just that Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova have been better than Kanto.
Blastoise  +   1135d ago
Nostalgia glasses? I've completed all of them. But it's a greatest games of all time list. And Red & Blue were much more revolutionary back then than the new one's are now. So they deserve to be higher up
GenericNameHere  +   1134d ago
Yes, Red and Blue did start the whole thing, and they did revolutionize the handheld market, but you're telling me that just because the new ones aren't "revolutionary", they don't deserve to be on a higher list? Look at Diamond/Pearl. That game REVOLUTIONIZED Pokémon by adding online play. Before then, the only way you could battle and trade was by using link cables to things locally, and some e-reader or whatnot to get the event Pokémons. With D/P, Pokémons players all over the world can now battle, trade to collect and complete their, what was once seeming impossible, Pokédexes, communicate with other fans, and get certain event Pokémons instead of having to go to real life Pokémon Centers and Pokémon tours and other such events. D/P also brought 3D graphics (to the main games, at least) and brought back some old and some new fans after Gen III disappointed a lot of people. Gen V didn't do much, but it was still a good game (despite people hating it just for nostalgia's sake), brought easier ways o communication, a much nicer (well, debatable) viewpoint instead of the usual bird's eye view, and while it may not really be such a huge feature in videogames, but Pokémon now have moving sprites in battle instead of being still like in the past. To me, adding online features is just as big of a REVOLUTION to the Pokémon games as the release of Red/Blue.

Well, anyways, despite whether which Pokémon games deserve to be on top, all Pokémon games have been unique, featured their own game-changing features, and deserve to be on any top-Nintendo list.
Nick_515  +   1135d ago
Oh, I thought it was how many games Mario has been in. :P
Just kidding, but he HAS been in 244 games, so not quite 285.
Kingofwiiu  +   1135d ago
The real list -

1.Ocarina of time
2.Super Mario Bros
3. Mario 64
4. Pokemon Red . blue . yellow
5. Smash bros (can't decide which one)
6. The legend of Zelda
8. Mario Galaxy
9. Metroid Prime 1
10. Skyward Sword

My list :)
CrescentFang  +   1135d ago
In terms of raw gameplay, I would've sure thought Galaxy 2 would've beaten out the first one...
Awesome that Astro Boy is at 38! Even though it's a licensed anime game, it is a great game!
Surprised that Ninja Five-O even made it...
I think Earthbound should've been higher.
This list has some I guess "lesser" known titles and that's cool to see. I think most, if not all the games on this list are great.
Kingofwiiu  +   1135d ago
The standards of this list are ridiculously high. The top 100 are all like ''9.5/10+'' games lol...
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1135d ago
Not much mature content over the years.
MidnytRain  +   1134d ago
Who disagreed with you? lol
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NiceGuy360  +   1134d ago
Not sure if people with just one bubble are the best judges in maturity.
MidnytRain  +   1134d ago
Oh, come on, cheap shot, lol. You can't tell me N4G's BUBBLE SYSTEM is an accurate judge of character???
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Tetsujin  +   1134d ago
Wow, Mega Man 2 outdid Mario 3? Where's Star Tropics? I'm glad both Chrono Trigger and FF6 made the list.
from the beach  +   1134d ago
They couldn't find another 15?

I'd maybe have Mario Galaxy top, or possibly Mario 3.
mysterym  +   1134d ago
SM64 was a game changer, seeing it running for the first time was amazing. It's nintendos best ever game and putting it at 14th is a joke.
Justinakach0ppa  +   1134d ago
I agree also, super Mario 64 was by far one of nintendo's best games, also what about Diddy Kong racing!
Justinakach0ppa  +   1134d ago
Goldeneye, the game that set standards in the fps genre and was one of the highest selling Nintendo games of all time at 79?

It would not bother me if there was not 20 or 30 games ahead of it that do not deserve to be.
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Blade1587  +   1134d ago
I'm glad they put solatorobo on the list even if it was on the 268th place
Y_5150  +   1134d ago
I'm glad that Mario & Luigi: super Star saga made the top 30s! Such a classic.

But not putting Donkey Kong Country in the top 200 is insulting!
modesign  +   1134d ago
star wars roque squadron at 188, epic fail list.
deadfrag  +   1134d ago
Advance Wars for the GC should be there,not to mention Killer7 should be in the top 20 of all times at least.I really hope nintendo brings Advance Wars to the Wii U! SW Rogue Squadron should be on the top 20 also,one of the best tie fighters,SW games ever made,every time i pop this game on my GC and get to that fight to destroy the death star,wow my 40 years old skin still gets chicken skin and i get a full adrenaline rush that i dont get playing todays games!A remake please!
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JustinWeinblatt  +   1134d ago
Glad to see games like Solatorobo, Astroy Boy, Killer 7, Ghost Trick, and Skies of Arcadia getting their due. Also happy to see Mega Man 2 so high up there.

If you want to sit here, nitpick, and complain that your favorite game isn't on the list/not high enough. As for me, I just had fun looking through the list and remembering some old favorites.
ShaunCameron  +   1134d ago
Good list. It should have came with a disclaimer "in no particular order". It's a privilege to play some of the games that made the list.
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imXify  +   1134d ago
Ocarina of Time is soooo freaking overrated -.-
And where's Banjo ? That game was a masterpiece !
imXify  +   1134d ago
And I fail to see how Rock Band is on the list but not Guitar Hero...Vivarious Vision sooo many good things with Guitar Hero 3, 5 and 6 with the song editor and things like that.

The Treyarch wii team pushed the Wii to it's limit and did things no one has ever done in a Nintendo console. I would put Black Ops 1 Wii on the list, somewhere between 200 and 250.

Oh...and no Okami on that list.
RiseAbove  +   1134d ago
A lot of those games don't belong on that list while a lot of the games deserved way better ranks.
SolDojo  +   1134d ago
The fanboy in me rages that FFVI is below mario galaxy.


But hey, I really did like Mario Galaxy.
RockmanII7  +   1134d ago
- Animal Crossing at 141
- No F-Zero's in Top 200
- Diamond/Pearl 2nd best Pokemon series
- Drill Dozer in Top 50

Real talk?
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RyanDJ  +   1134d ago
#13! Why do we not yet have an Elite Beat Agents sequel!!!
Theatrhythm is the closest, but I miss the zaniness.
EBA is so under appreciated. I got my son a 3DSXL for Christmas, my biggest excitement has been XL screen EBA.

3DS, or dare I say Wii U could do so much with the series!
goldwyncq  +   1134d ago
Putting EarthBound so far the list?! What were they thinking?
kesvalk  +   1134d ago
ocarina of time in 1°?

there are so many better games than ocarina of time.

super mario world should've been 1°
InfamousHero  +   1134d ago
The list lost credibility to me as soon as i saw how low Donkey Kong Country was.
izumo_lee  +   1134d ago
Chrono Trigger is way too low on that list. I know it is in the top 20 but to me it is better than Zelda Skyward Sword which i think is too high.

At least my all time fave Zelda game 'A Link to the Past' is at number 2! Glad Super Metroid is in the top 10 cause that game was bad a$$! Personally Mega Man X is a superior game than Mega Man 2 which i think is overrated. It's a good game but not the best in the series.

Also i did not see the original Paper Mario anywhere or did i miss it. Again why is the Super Smash series so low as well?
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brettski  +   1134d ago
Where is banjo kazooie? Bad choice to leave it off. Also uniracers was awesome but not here
o-Sunny-o  +   1134d ago
Earthbound Nintendo was so awesome. *_*
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