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StreetsofRage  +   1134d ago
This game kills the consoles version so I'm not surprised. Also not surprised that the ps3 version has more players since they really don't have any options. Their exclusive shooters pretty much disappeared. The 360 has way more multiplayer options like Halo 4 or Gears 3 which all have a very heavy following.

You can add all the online players of Resistance, Killzone, Uncharted, Mag, Socom, Twisted Metal and you still don't get what Halo gets in an off day. Hell, you won't even get the amount of players of Gears of War 3. LOL!
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trouble_bubble  +   1134d ago
You said the 360 has more multiplayer options and listed a whopping TWO exclusives...then proceeded to list SIX exclusives for PS3. 2 > 6 now? "Don't have any options" indeed.

They could've made a whole new IP for what they spent on the Halo Doritos/MountainDew/MasterCard /David Fincher/Forward Unto Dawn/Liechtenstein cosplay/launch parties/Thames glyph/Double-XP-under-the-cap ad campaign.

Battlefield 3, Starhawk, Dust, they're all options. This is just a batsignal.
poet215  +   1134d ago
In the past, I used to steer clear of FPS games. (check my comment history) I really enjoyed MW3, especially after I got good enough to call in kill streaks lol. Blops 2, let me down so much, I went back & gave BF3 another BF3 now!! Totally different experience for me, from COD. Don't see myself going back. Not saying I wouldn't try another infinity ward COD, but as to which style of game I's definitely the BF3 type of game...I'm sorry that I bought it on release & didn't get into it sooner! lol
brich233  +   1134d ago
but online right now
PC online 24,356
PS3 online 47,608
360 online 39,465
annus  +   1133d ago
New years eve/day isn't really the best of times to take statistics.
Gigglefist  +   1133d ago
Agreed. Most PC gamers I meet online are adults. They're all out getting smashed.

...God I hate being the DD sometimes.
tommygunzII  +   1133d ago
BF3 and COD both suck, in my opinion. There are free shooters on the PC that can compare to them in every aspect, not just PS2.
I personally liked SOCOM. Planting bomb satchels, running convoys, escorting and extracting VIPs was the good stuff. Shooting people is what you did when they tried to keep you from your objective, it wasn't THE objective.
Every shooter since then has been capture the flag or deathmatch type with respawn. Call me when real shooters come back in style.

Edit: BF3 lost me the minute they added that premium bs and I cant waste money on annual COD's.
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Legion  +   1133d ago
Which is funny... because every time I check my stats I see different reflection of who is online. While checking this article I simply took a snap shot of who was currently online.

Global stats
PC online 20 310
PS3 online 37 917
360 online 31 961
USMC_POLICE  +   1133d ago
I agree with the maturity comment I rarely see a kid on bf3 on ps3.
ATi_Elite  +   1133d ago
Well no CRAP.....Battlefield is still a PC favorite! Lots of People play BF3 PC on private servers and without Origin....I know I do!

I still play it at Lan parties even though i'm putting in a lot of time on Planetside 2 and Natural Selection 2!
JasonXS12  +   1133d ago
500,000 registered on PC, yet how many actually play the game.
delboy  +   1133d ago
I don't understand ps3 gamers.
They support a company like dice/ea,they played the game for 399 days with a game braking bug called input lag,they bought the dlc maps that came before the patch.
Dice/EA proved what's most important thing for them... they don't care about games or quality of the product, all they want is our money.
And they will continue it, there's no need for change, because gamers are dumb.
Sorry for being harsh, but it is true.
Gigglefist  +   1133d ago
This really surprises me.
I knew PC would be at the top, but I never would have guessed 360 would be dead last. I play all systems, and I always found PS3 to be the worst for FPS games (Not a big fan of those analog sticks). Then again, that free online is a pretty big selling point.
Not really a fan of military shooters (Cod 4 being the exception). I may be a harsh critic, but I really found BF3 to be subpar. Amazed so many people play it.

Aw well. Seems I'm out of the loop lol
faraany33k  +   1133d ago
PC online
45 957

PS3 online
44 853

360 online
19 953
KontryBoy706  +   1133d ago
that's because BF3 is best on PC and most 360 users are playing Halo 4 and Black ops 2 mostly.
flankhim  +   1125d ago
@ I2dusk & geth1gh

It is bullshit consider I made a $1200 cpu just to play this game. I did try alot of things router settings opening a shit load of ports. I dont have this problem with any other game. It might just be origin since its my only game on there.
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