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jdaboss  +   1059d ago
Some of you nerds need to get a grip.. If this game is good then guess what.. Its Good. No matter how much you get upset and cry because Dante may have a different haircut from the Devil May Cry games that you used to wank off to when you were 12, IT. DOESNT MATTER. I hope this game succeeds because some of your behavior towards this new release has been embarrassing for gamers.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1059d ago
I couldn't agree more
elda  +   1059d ago
@jdaboss...You've said it!!!....100% AGREED!!!!!
TemplarDante  +   1059d ago
But jdaboss, how are you going to balance playing DmC and COD when it releases?
Just asking, Ive learnt COD fans generally loved the demo.
Their also generally easy to impress and love to see a lack of quality in games.
Mykky  +   1059d ago
Yeah I learned that COD fans generally loved Mass Effect, Zelda and Journey too. Wonder how they balances it.

Do you really know how stupid you "sound"?
Killzoner99  +   1059d ago
This game deserves to fail. I swear I hope it bombs so hard. I'll be the first to dance on it's grave. Capcom had to have paid for this review and that just shows how corrupt Capcom has become in the industry. They need to be shut down.
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Hanso  +   1059d ago
i will dance too if it bombs xD
Lets be honest here most DMC fans who played the demo know DmC is a poor mans DMC and wont buy it
and DMC always relied on its hardcore fanbase
Mykky  +   1059d ago
You must have been payed by the guys that made the old DMC, just shows how corrupt they have become. Better to leave it to Capcom then.

^ Your logic right there.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1059d ago
To all you know it all's who say the reviewer was paid off I'd like for ANY one of you to show a link with proof that Capcom paid them off. Go ahead ill wait....
Killzoner99  +   1059d ago
We don't have to prove anything to you. We know.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   1059d ago
Of coarse you no ur a n4g reader they no everything /s. By the way can I get those winning lotto numbers? I mean since u no everything...
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1059d ago
The absence of evidence isn't the evidence of the absence, simply put.

Either way it doesn't matter. The consumer is what determines if a game is good or bad, not reviews, PR etc. Strictly sales.
gamernova  +   1059d ago
It's kind of cool how fans think that they know a creation better than the entity that created it. I guess us humans do the same thing with the whole God idea and nature. Haha
wishingW3L  +   1059d ago
the person that created it is not even at Capcom anymore to begin with. And beside, Capcom created but it was the fans that played it for years and years. The gamers were the ones that mastered its gameplay far beyond than its creators.

Just take for example the pro players of fighting games like SFIV; the players know so much more about fighting game mechanics than the creators themselves that they call these same players to help them create and balance their games.
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gamernova  +   1059d ago
I never said that gamers do not assist in the final product. This is where beta testing comes from. I also never said that gamers being picky about the game is a bad thing. The games are created with us, the consumers, in mind so we have the right to have feed back. I think that the whole construct is really cool like stated above but you seemed to perceive that I think it is somehow a bad thing. Like these companies need us to cut them some slack. That is far from the truth. As a PC gamer who is tired of getting half assed ports, I would be the last opposed to criticism of a game :)
Killzoner99  +   1059d ago
But it's ours now. We the gamers have taken the original and true DMC and made it something bigger than Crapcom ever intended and they take that from US the gamers. Now what we loved SO much is gone. Paved over by the greed and arrogance of Crapcom and their belief that WESTERN values is where the money is at. Why can't they just create a new IP with this stupid EMO style? Why change DANTE? It makes me feel physically sick just thinking about it and now this ABOMINATION is getting good reviews because Crapcom is paying everyone off. I know what PR is and I know what Crapcom is up to. Crapcom will never get a cent from me EVER AGAIN!!!
LordMe  +   1059d ago
This is not a shocker at all, everyone has been telling the DMC fans to shut up and that they don't understand their game franchise.

It did not need a reboot, and certainly not this one. Art aside the gameplay fails to live up to what DMC has become known for. And Tameem has been vicious towards the fansbase, and I understand there are radicals against the game, just screaming and not making any points just to be heard.

Though there are allot of us who tried for years to discuss out concerns nicely, and try to get people to see our side and guess what we get told? "It's just the hair" over and over.

The gameplay is flawed, Style meter is broken (single attack to SSS, and it never drops) the art is not DMC, everything is different and reads like a 13 year old's script. More mature? No, not with all the cussing and just general immaturity.

I don't think NT has done good by DMC, and I hope this is their only endeavor into the franchise. That said, I hope they take what Capcom taught them and make a great new I.P with it, they just don't need Tameem to be the only writer, or PR guy. And they need to get away from DMC.
Hanso  +   1059d ago
well said
ChipChipperson  +   1059d ago
Awwww, some of you are getting upset that the game got a early good review. If you hated it from the start, why are you still complaining about it?! Gotta love people's comments on how they say it looks like crap expect it to become a failure, but then come back with " But I'll buy it cheap/used or from a friend." Way to stick with guns there.
elda  +   1059d ago
I enjoyed the demo,played all DMC & I'm a FAN,I know this game will get scores between 7 & 9's & those scores mean the game is playable & enjoyable,glad to hear the first is a 9 even though I already made up my mind that I would buy this game no matter what reviewers or other people had to say & I've read alot of haters negative comments here on N4G....I always say....different strokes for different folks,can't please everyone but the haters better get over it because this game is going to ROCK & alot of those so-called haters will be playing also even though they're in denial,deny it or disagree...can't wait to play!!!
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Psycho_Mantis  +   1059d ago
Wow, its like people dont even know what emo means any more nowadays just because they have their hair like that..... >_>
andshesays  +   1059d ago
I'm buying the game because its such a refresh everything is cool about this game :)

Everyone needs to stop whining

Happy New Year!!
Omnislash  +   1059d ago
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!! There are other games coming out that are more deserving of your money, developers that ignore the fans do not deserve to be rewarded and the same goes for bastardized franchises.
TemplarDante  +   1059d ago
What a joke. .
Dont buy this game.. if you do and if Capcom give Onimusha a reboot with NT..
Im blaming the people that buy this garbage.
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MaideninBlack  +   1059d ago
Gamemasters UK gave it an 89/100

-The otherwise excellent story fades toward the end

-There's nothing here that's nearly as memorable as duking it out with Phantom and Virgil from the 2001 original

-New Dante is younger, meaner and swearier than his predecessor and-despite better voice acting-lacks that certain spark

-DmC combat doesn't feel as progressive as the rest of the game and is let down by the cookie cutter boss battles.

-Despite not making as heady of an impact as the original rebooted DmC is still a bloody fantastic action game

-It's a close run thing, but 2001 DMC takes it by a hair's width thanks to its smooth combat and iconic hero
VileAndVicious  +   1059d ago
That's seems like an odd score to give based on those key points...
But whatever.
bozebo  +   1059d ago
Cookie-cutter boss fights instantly make a game bad in my eyes. Along with poor combat in general... it seems like they didn't bother with those important parts because it will sell just because it's called DMC (despite offending much of the hardcore fanbase, that always happens with capcom games yet many fans still buy them). Ninja Theory are a good developer though.
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MaideninBlack  +   1059d ago
DmC has been a no-buy for me since it was announced. Nothing's going to change that.
Baka-akaB  +   1059d ago
its funny to indeed see such praise while the most important part are listed as cons , but whatever ... reviews arent going to turn people revulsed by the game as fans , nor going to repell those already interested .

I dont even get why are some fools above are mimicking Nelson from the simpsons ("HAHA!!) , as if a bunch of high score was supposed to prove anyone right or wrong .

Enslaved was one of the highest rated game last year , yet no one cared . It's a pyrrhic and small minded victory to rely on those scores
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Fakdafakinfakerz  +   1059d ago
Why?! Why Capcom?! Booohoohoo! I want my old Dante back! Booohoohoo! Booohoohoo!
TemplarDante  +   1059d ago
The gaming magazines, the same ones that throw 10/10's or 100/100's for COD games are the ones throwing high scores here.
The media has officially sold out and the easy to please kiddies are who they side with.
I swear this kind of crap is what is ruining the industry! Heads must roll if Dark Souls 2 becomes garbage due to this Twilight generations ability to not appreciate what quality is.
DmC is CRAP! I dont care what reviews say.
For the back story F'up angel/devil thing alone I'd slap a 60% on this game. For its sluggish framerate I would take 10% off that. The game is a highly polished generic turd, yet the people reviewing it are probably not true DMC fans to judge this one based on past iterations.
My verdict, turd. DONT BUY.
RazMaTaz0121  +   1059d ago
Gosh, how dumb are these pro DmC fans? All initial reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. Remember Driver 3? 9/10 on psm2, remember too human? 9/10 on OXM, remember Hitman, 9s also. These first reviews are nothing but BS, not to mention, hardly credible. Not to mention, DMC2 got many good reviews initially from magazines. Its when Gs and Ign posted the review, everyone was in shock and awe. Dnt forget both GS and IGN had positive previews for DMC2, i mean, who in their right mind will give a bad one? Bad business move, so its no surprise DmC is getting positive press.

seriously, dmc maybe a decent title, but you have to dumb to be this niave to believe initial reviews.
Hadoken  +   1059d ago
WOW this website is great.

Grow up children, buy/rent it, play it, discuss it like adults and move on.
deadfrag  +   1059d ago
Picking the PC version and pirate the 360 one!Nice score!
bozebo  +   1059d ago
Or for fans: 1/10

No doubt it's a good game though. I just don't like the way they need the franchise name to be able to sell, that is what causes problems in the fanbase. If it was essentially the same but not called DMC, the studio would go bust.
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InTheLab  +   1059d ago
Well, most critics out there still defend the Mass Effect ending even after Bioware themselves told everyone the endings were shit....

So of course the fans and critics will be torn with this game.

I personally don't care what the score for this game will be. Capcom is dead to me so even if the did the right thing and made DMC4 minus Nemo/emo/Nero like everyone wanted, I still wouldn't buy it.
darren_poolies  +   1059d ago
Why the hell does everyone want this game to fail? DMC is one of my favourite games of all time, DMC2 sucked, 3 was good and 4 was ok. I loved the demo and this series needed a reboot to be honest, hopefully this is it.
Whitefox789  +   1059d ago
I still say its not DMC people don't seem to realize that when you take key individuals away from a game franchise it begins to have an identity crisis (Resident Evil being a good example).

Though the people who aren't there in this case is Capcom where they are left in an advisory position for the game.

The franchise itself has now turned more towards the tastes of the western world versus the tastes of the eastern world. So with this point being said it will not be anything in appearance and gameplay like DMC 1,2,3, and 4. It's a completely different game that's just using names that people can identify with since game companies and the world in general is afraid of taking risks on something new.

I will end this by saying people also hate since the world "reboot" to a dedicated franchise like DMC or Castlevania is pretty much a bitch slap to the face and basically telling them, "The story you once loved and cherished is now swept under a rug never to see the light of day again, instead of continuing on with that story that you loved so much we'll give you a new story and never bring up the old story ever again."

People continued to buy the DMC games because there was a formula that persisted and evolved with each franchise. For this game the formula is being interpreted by an outsider, there was simply no need for that. Saying goes, "Don't fix what isn't broken."
sarshelyam  +   1058d ago
I will end this by saying people also hate since the world "reboot" to a dedicated franchise like DMC or Castlevania is pretty much a bitch slap to the face and basically telling them, "The story you once loved and cherished is now swept under a rug never to see the light of day again, instead of continuing on with that story that you loved so much we'll give you a new story and never bring up the old story ever again.", that's exactly NOT what they're saying. The reality is that they're at a cross-roads with the series and what is made obvious in a reboot such as this is the following...

CAPCOM took Dante just as far as they could. We saw the birth of the character, we saw his horrible stumble (DMC2), we saw him resurrected brilliantly (DMC3), and we saw him in a support role (DMC4)...which served as something of a milestone for CAPCOM in which they had hoped to pass the torch onto the idea, and I can't stress that enough, the IDEA that Dante has run his course in his current story-arc and someone new could step in. Think of DMC4 as something of a test.

It most certainly isn't a slap to the face, though "fans" may think it is, but more likely a salvation for the character that you loved. Look, they went in a new direction with a radical change in the hands of an external developer. Personally, I absolutely love the changes, but the risk was certainly posed in both options. Had they brought out a new DMC with the same old Dante, the expectations would have been through the roof. You simply cannot please everyone and, in this case, the minority of ignorant fans who refuse to accept this change...well...they speak the loudest. It's unfortunate because it makes us all look like a bunch of bickering non-progressive fools!
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Lavalamp  +   1059d ago
Wary of early reviews, but I hope this is good. I should probably get around to playing the demo so I can better understand the discussion.
auen1  +   1059d ago
did any of you losers bad-mouthing this game play the demo? it was boss.
Whitefox789  +   1059d ago
I would say anyone that genuinely hates the game will pick up playing a free demo....

I mean it just gives them more material to back up their claims.
dee-ecks  +   1059d ago
They must have played a different game than what was presented in the demo.
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sarshelyam  +   1058d ago
DmC really has brought out the worst in people and it shames me to call myself one of these "gamers" when some simply can't deal with change.

People are so hell-bent on calling foul on Ninja Theory's approach with the series when the reality is, we've only had 2 really great Devil May Cry games in its run, the first, and Devil May Cry 3. Furthermore, the biggest objections when this project was initially revealed were overly critical remarks on Dante's appearance. It's a reboot...and such, the main protagonist is given a new look.

I've been a fan since the first released on the PS2 well over a decade ago. I've been there for the ups, the downs, the return to formula (in part 3), and our first taste of change in 4 with a new lead in Nero (an attempt by Capcom to freshen the franchise with a character far too similar to Dante in appearance).

The bottom line? DmC is NOT a bad game. These "fans" or whatever they want to believe themselves to be, are so determined to speak ill of a game they refuse to acknowledge as superior, or even of the same level of their beloved franchise.

These same "fans" wish to boycott not only the developer, but the publisher because they simply cannot deal with change to their franchise. They're all too pig-headed stubborn to just up and ignore the release, or give it a fair shot.

I hate to say it, but for all of the hatred surrounding this release, there's going to be ample more love mirrored in the reviews of not only industry heads among the media, but also those gamers that simply appreciate a good story, a solid gameplay mechanic, while remaining true to the spirit of the franchise with or without the old visage of Dante at the lead.

I applauded Capcom for giving the project to Ninja Theory, and I applauded NT for the radical change in Dante. I've played the game numerous times over the last couple of years, and at various events, & I can honestly say I don't understand all of this hate. It's a solid game, and while I'm reflecting, so too have all of Ninja Theory's previous releases; Enslaved, Heavenly Sword, Kung Fu Chaos (as Just Add Monsters).

Day 1 and proud!
Humbuckers12  +   1055d ago
Wow, there aren't enough tissues for all you girls.
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