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ziggurcat  +   1132d ago
hahaha isn't presenting a challenge the whole point of trophies/achievements (story-related trophies/achievements excluded)?

the only one on that list that i agree with being stupid is the XXL fight night 4 trophy, but that's mostly because i hate online trophies as i believe you shouldn't have to rely on the skill (or lack thereof) of other people to get any trophy/achievement.

and i'm glad that a lot of devs have cut back on the ridiculousness of their MP trophies/achievements - at least if assassin's creed MP is any indication, they've certainly eased up on the outlandish tasks you have to achieve since brotherhood's MP. the most annoying MP trophy i have ever had to deal with is red dead's kingpin trophy from the undead nightmare DLC.

bad enough that it required 8 people who actually had the DLC to be able to participate, but getting 8 unique people to come after you in that particular instance was impossible because: a) they just didn't care enough to break away from what they were doing with their buddies or b) there weren't even 8 people in your game session.

/rant :(
taijutsu363  +   1132d ago
Lmao its funny how I got the plat for LBP my lil sister made a world on my name and like 1000+ people like and shared it! I didnt ask her too nor did I even know she did it! But hey what can ya do?
taijutsu363  +   1132d ago
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Soldierone  +   1132d ago
I think online based trophies should be separated. Make the offline ones lead to the Plat, then have the online ones lead to an overall gold.

I have so many games on my list where i'm at 80 to 90 percent and I won't ever get the plat because the online modes are dead....

Those and the "get your friend to play with you!" trophies suck. You know how annoying it is trying to get my friends to play something other than a shooter? i'm sick of adding people just to do that
ZBlacktt  +   1132d ago
It sucks to all the legit players who have skills and took the time to play hard games. When you have so many other people using custom fireware to hack games trophies. Or using USB game save files. Makes the whole point about trophies somewhat meaningless. Sorry to all us legit players out there. You know who you are.
NotSoSilentBob  +   1132d ago
My votes go to either WhiteKnightChronicles 1/2 trophies. Takes so much grinding to get anything on the list.
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