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LOL_WUT  +   1138d ago
Seriously, Nintendo need to do this!
iamnsuperman  +   1138d ago
I know right how much money would they make off of this. It is one thing releasing the classics on the e=shop but on ios and andriod is another thing entirely. A mass audience to get excited in Nintendo's franchises (i.e. building up a new incoming fanbase) and they have software they can capitalize on. I am really surprised they haven't thought to do this yet
cee773  +   1138d ago
This will never happen Unfortunately
ronin4life  +   1138d ago
It really doesn't matter what titles were released; doing this would undercut their own platforms and hurt longterm sales. They would literally be cutting off their own hands by doing this, and for what? A possible short term gain for some with long lasting negative results for everyone.
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Cennus  +   1138d ago
It wouldn't hurt them at all. They would just have to release specific titles then advertise sequels or other hit titles are only available on the e-shop and whatnot. That's a smart thing to do.
ronin4life  +   1138d ago
But that would not be the end of effect. People wouldn't go "I need to buy a nintendo to play more of this game!!", they would say "why buy a 3ds? I already have mario" and "This game came out, so maybe this and this one will too". There would be no end to the waiting, whining, and demanding for more and more nintendo games on other platforms. Hardware sales would fall, income decrease and quality slip.

If you want precedence, look no further than Square Enix. Their home console games have slipped... but their ios and social games have become a massive success for them... and they have increased their focus on them as well.

This would be as ridiculous and stupid as Sony putting Uncharted 1 and 2 on Xbox. It is the exact same thing; putting your games on someone elses platform is tantamount to platfotm suicide.
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