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j-blaze  +   1137d ago
don't bother clicking, it another piece about "oh i hated the game at first but now i love it, NT iz awezome!!" i wonder how much NT paid him lol, but that's ok he gotta make living you know xD

from the piece: this will sum up the whole purpose of this article...

"So having played the demo and having gone from completely swearing off DmC to now actively wanting the game to arrive here sooner"

"There are always going to be fan-boys who will hate the new DmC because it’s not their original Dante" he still thinks it's only about the look of the character, ignorant much?

"we just need the game to arrive to prove all the nay-sayers wrong"

see, DMC fans "not the fake ones aka NT fanboys" want this abomination to fail for 3 main reasons:
1. the whole game is a huge downgrade
2. they got disrespected by the devs
3. they want a real DMC game. very simple
prototypeknuckles  +   1137d ago
thats funny because i started off saying ill give it a chance, or yeah thats not dante but he looks cool, but then the gameplay is downgraded, NT? capcom trash talk the fans and even troll them in game, a nd NT trashed the original dante, Creators, and the gameplay of DMC, they even said foul things about god of war and Bayonetta, so i dont see how peoplle are still so stuck up and idiotic enough to still buy this game even though there are hundreds of better games from better developers that deserve the money.
MmaFan-Qc  +   1137d ago
peoples seem to forget that the best DMC(3) was also made by the same peoples who made the worst DMC(2), so honestly i couldnt care less about peoples opinions on the new game, i will end up buying it as a fan and will also play it as a fan, THEN if i end up being disapointed by the final product...i will simply trade it and walk it off.

its THAT simple. so CRY MOAR HATERS!
DarkBlood  +   1137d ago
"so i dont see how peoplle are still so stuck up and idiotic enough to still buy this game even though there are hundreds of better games from better developers that deserve the money."

by your standards maybe.
VileAndVicious  +   1137d ago
I just don't understand why people arent allowed to have their own opinions and like a game. If you don't like something fine.

But damn, seriously? Only stuck up or idiotic people are going to buy this game? Lol what childish logic to assume that only your opinion matters.
DragonKnight  +   1137d ago
Anyone who starts off their DmC article and/or review with "I don’t think I have ever seen the amount of hate that the new DMC game has been receiving because of the change of appearance in a single character in my full sixteen years of gaming" or any derivation of that, making the assumption that the problem is and has always only been Donte's appearance, instantly loses all credibility and is moved to the idiot pile of journalists. Don't bother clicking on this stupid story.
prototypeknuckles  +   1137d ago
@MmaFan-Qc we all know DMC 3 was made by the same people that made DMC2 and it was hated on as well for being a downgrade, which is what this game is, but you have to understand im not hating just to hate or just because his hair is black thats a stupid reason not to buy a game but if a game is a complete downgrade from the past, and the company trash talks the FANS, the original creators, and the characters (Dante, Trish, Nero), and even trolls the original fanbase the ones that bought the DMC games and got it to where it is today then how does that company deserve money, you give me legit reasons for why i should buy the game over Bayonetta,MGR Revengeance(both of which were made by the original DMC creators) and God of War, because no one is crying, im just stating facts, that cannot be denied, NT try to pass the game off as something revolutionary and original, most of the weapons are uninspired knockoffs from other games or just plain boring, if i were to hate a game just because the character looks a little different then i wouldnt have bought and loved prince of persia 2008, and i wouldnt be so hyped for sly 4 or even the new tomb raider.

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