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TheSuperior  +   1136d ago
The Unfinished Swan was a really unique game, dont you think?
SheaHoff  +   1136d ago
It sounds really cool!
TheSuperior  +   1136d ago
It is. The games was just so different. Its a bit short but still full of meaning. Its a good buy :)
dariux32  +   1136d ago
I agree with you. This game surprised me (in good way), enjoyed it. I really hope for another game from "Giant sparrow " creators.
TheGrimBunny  +   1136d ago
100% Agreed.. Nice piece.
Decaf_PIxel_Kat  +   1136d ago
Guardians of middle earth all the way!
THESHAUNZY  +   1136d ago
Unfinishied swan for the qui gon ginn!!!
orakle44  +   1136d ago
Just got done playing through Journey, i now understand why its pretty much the game of the year. Unforgetable gaming experience, been awhile since ive played a game this good.....
sandman224  +   1136d ago
If you don't own killzone 3. I highly recommend the multiplayer from the psn store. It's mind blowing.
LOGICWINS  +   1136d ago
I expect the whole game to be free to play very soon for PS Plus members..same with Uncharted 3. Sony's left a very bad taste in US Plus members mouths with their Christmas offering. RCRs actually pretty fun once you get into it, but not something that should have been offered as a "Christmas present" to PS Plus members.

My guess is that they wanted to make holiday money off the games they're eventually going to give away for free(MK9, Mafia 2, Journey etc.)

As far as KZ3 MP, I like the brutal melee, but the maps are garbage and boring to play in. Kanzan Jungle is a joke. KZ2 multiplayerwise was much better all around. Single playerwise, I'd go with KZ3 for the level/mission variety.
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guitarded77  +   1136d ago
Unfinished Swan
Papo & Yo
Tokyo Jungle
Sound Shapes
Escape Plan
New Little King's Story
Rainbow Moon

There were some good games this year... and those are just off the top of my head.
xursz  +   1136d ago
All of those except Papo & Yo were great. Rainbow Moon is expected to hit vita in 2013 so some people might prefer playing it on a handheld in that case.
remanutd55  +   1136d ago
My ps3 picks would be
Starhawk online multiplayer

My psvita picks would be
Little big planet
Sonic&all stars racing transformed
Sound shapes
kupomogli  +   1136d ago
I'm not going deny any of those being good/great, etc. Haven't played them. But if there are people who aren't subscribed to PS+ and you have a PS3 or Vita and especially those who have PS3 and Vita, then that $50 will be the best purchase you've made all year.

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