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strigoi814  +   1142d ago
And the GEEK wars stars guys should build your own gaming company and try to convince the haters
CERN  +   1142d ago
2013 will be a good year, but I think 2014 will be even better because i think the ps4 and the xbox 720 wont be out until late 2013. you will see few launch tites and ports and all the best games wont be out unil 2014. By then developers will get use to the new tech and start producing AAA games.
ufo8mycat  +   1142d ago
Three things

1) PS4 will NOT be able to run games at 4k resolution

2) 4k is pointless as there is no TV big enough to take advantage of 4k resolution. Hell most people that game don't even game on a TV bigger then 42", which is needed to see the REAL benefits of 1080p. - Waste of pixels.

3) You can try and blow my mind with Killzone graphics all you want Sony - the fact is the gameplay of the Killzone series is average. GFX mean absolutely nothing if the gameplay is average.
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BitbyDeath  +   1142d ago
Cmon, Killzone and Halo (and Timesplitters) are the best FPS have to offer.

If KZ is average then Crysis must be like pong for you.
level 360  +   1142d ago
Read somewhere that Sony was the first(?) to come out with next-gen OLED technology but then somewhere along the way they couldn't figure out how to manipulate and prolong the blue pixel which dies out real quick which is a big issue indeed as this completes the color palette.
Samsung is doing something about it at the moment by means of color mixing to fix the problem.
Which is the reason Sony went back to LED but turned up the wicker times 3 to get to 4K resolution.

I'm sure next year we'll also see another battle with OLED and 4K. But am definitely sure Sony will implement 4K on to the PS4 ( which might make the console pricier.. maybe/maybe not? ) because it's just simply good business sense to match it with their television/camera/film making department.
MYSTERIO360  +   1142d ago
in my opinion when it comes to killzone 4 graphic is second. Guerilla games need to focus on better gameplay, story, characters & multiplayer. id expect better graphic as its been apparent in the past now the focus should be fun varied gameplay with more mode. That would woo me
AKS  +   1142d ago
Oh, great. More of the outrageous expectations for resolution with new consoles...

I already suffered through the "Full HD" marketing bullshit last generation. Dual 1080p displays and all that. Do we really have to do this again?

1080p and possibly 2K are reasonable targets depending on the other settings. Beyond that is not.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1142d ago
I like how there's doubt that next gen will even be 1080p/60fps and this guy is hoping for 4k... Not to be a negative nancy but if the PS4 supports 4k at all it will only be for games with simple graphics. Otherwise Sony would have to magically jump ahead 5 years in technology if they wanted the PS4 to be sub $1200.
WetN00dle69  +   1142d ago
Wishful thinking and nothing more.
ninjahunter  +   1142d ago
OK, why the hell would you want 4K, how many people do you know have a 4k screen? exactly zero. how many 4kscreens have you seen for sale? exactly zero. Then why would you want something that would would seriously hamper the graphical performance but has no benifit over 1080p?
Dr Face Doctor  +   1142d ago
The only way you're going to get this game running at 4k is if you toned it down to make it look like Killzone 1, not that anyone has a 4k display anyway. 1080p MAYBE, but unless it's at 720p the graphical leap won't be that huge.
annus  +   1142d ago
Seriously, some people are just so stupid. Most PCs today wouldn't be able to run a high end game maxed graphics at 60fps with 4k resolution, and you can pretty guarantee that the PS4 won't be as powerful as the top end PCs at the moment, not unless you expect the PS4 to cost a huge amount as well as being absolutely massive.
nepdyse  +   1142d ago
Far Cry 3 in Eyefinity.
Father Murder X  +   1142d ago
Killzone gets so much fanboy love on this site but in the real world its totally irrelevant.
StitchJones  +   1142d ago
4K is not even an option at this stage of the game. The PS3 didn't do hardly anything at true 1080p for graphics. Most games were 720p based. This whole 4k thing needs to be dropped and a definitive true 1080p gaming experience needs to be delivered to the public. If Sony is even still in business in 5+ years then maybe they can discuss the 4k level technology when it may be a little more known at that point.
bucky1965  +   1142d ago
The 4k was meant for movies not games. P.C.'s can,t do it even, only for screenshots. I'm sure Sony fanboys beg to differ.LOL.
thecowsaysmoo  +   1142d ago
That is because pc gaming is going the route of simple graphics, mine craft is a perfect example.
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annus  +   1142d ago
Great example... A game from an Indie developer that was created on a low budget. Crysis 3 is ONLY supporting DX11, so it is missing out on a huge client base purely for the fact that they want it to push PCs and set a new benchmark for graphics, one could say that it is a sign that PC is still going strong in the graphic department...
thecowsaysmoo  +   1142d ago
Well, considering the conduit (wii game)is the best looking fps this generation I can wait to see it on the wii u.
iNathan  +   1142d ago
Dawg Killzone 3 e3 2005
i never saw a trailer so many times... i think i saw it for like 500 times no joke with my Psm2 dvd of videos...

Good times.
DivineAssault  +   1142d ago
nobody has 4k tvs yet but itl be nice as an optional feature for the future.. I dont see games running like that tho.. Maybe bluray xds or something but not games..
--Onilink--  +   1142d ago
i cant even understand how people cannot grasp the difference between this gen and 4K. I mean, you could put together a $2000 PC right now and most likely you wouldnt be able to run a game in 4k....

For a casual consumer it might be ok to not grasp the significance in leap to 4k, but someone who "works" in the videogame industry should know better...
Pandamobile  +   1142d ago
A GTX 680 can play BF3 on ultra at 6k resolution at about 30 FPS. But the possibility of a next gen console packing something like a GTX 680 are pretty slim.
annus  +   1142d ago
5760x1080 = 6.22 million pixels
3840x2160 = 8.29 million pixels

The PS3 will not be able to render 1.3 times better than the GTX 680. Size aside (who wants a PS4 the size of a beast computer?), price aside (people don't want to pay thousands), view distance (and physics, textures, and all that other crap) aside, and assuming PS3 comes out in the next year or two (it will be worse than the GTX 680 most likely), assuming that games will be looking better and have more physics and other things happening in the background, assuming 60fps, we can see that there is no way that 4k resolution is going to be viable in gaming on a console in the next generation unless it is of minecraft graphics.
Pandamobile  +   1142d ago
Oh, I sort of assumed that 4k just meant 4 million pixels.
IQUITN4G  +   1142d ago
Still people talk of K2 matching the renders and still people fail to see how daft that sounds. The sheer amount of geometry available for renders means even next gen wont match it technically. Artistically of course that's something else. I did end up though rather liking the look of K2's final game graphics but absolutely in no way did they compare techically of course. Animation is another area that although excellent, is still very crude in comparison to the seamless transition animation needed for essentially a dynamic motion- the cgi here was of course rendered for this one take so was pretty much perfect in this sense
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pedroyamato   1142d ago | Spam
isyourhouseonfire  +   1142d ago
4K is dead on arrival... And Killzone was killed by KZ3's ridiculous ending, so unfortunately KZ4 doesn't stand a chance.

Nice try at an article, though...
palaeomerus  +   1142d ago
You doofuses were telling us all how Little Big Planet Karting and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale blew you away.

You'll pretty much cheer for any crap if its exclusive to Sony no matter how derivative, tired, or lame.

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KingKevo  +   1142d ago
Maybe they'll show it in 4k, but only as a graphicdemo, just like the GT 4k graphicdemo. I highly doubt we'll see any games in 4k next gen, not even some smaller games, unlike this gen where some games did run in native 1080p. $k isn't relevant at all and won't be relevant in 4 years. The conversion to 1080p isn't even fully over yet. And btw, if they are gonna present it in $k everyone will be bitching about the final game... again.
AO1JMM  +   1142d ago
Until I can get a 4k 50+ tv under 1000$ I don't care what they show.
SugarSoSweet  +   1142d ago
single card modern gpu's unless their SLI aren't strong enough to get 4K

The next consoles will be 1080p mark my words
Rettom  +   1142d ago
Shutup with the 4k resolution crap. Not even dual GTX 690's could run a game with that resolution, mmkay?? You obviously don't understand how taxing that would be, mmkay?? So would you guys stop talking about playing games in 4k resolution, mmkay?? For now you'll only get still images. Not even in the next 10 years will consoles run that crap. Most likely not even PC.
level 360  +   1142d ago
No question Sony can/might/will implement 4K onto the PS4 since it's just one cog of a number of departments associated in film/film making, electronics in the entire Sony sphere.

But in the end it is still the different game developers that will be doing the shots on how their games would adopt this next-gen graphic technology - the good thing is it's there for them to trial ( if their budgets can afford ) and experiment.
delboy  +   1142d ago
4k is nonsense! You wouldn't see the difference between 4k and a full HD 32' tv while sitting 4m away on your couch.
4k is for movie enthusiasts with their expensive home entertainment setups.
4k projectors and huge cinema screens are the only reason 4k exist.
It's a standard for movies only and Blue Ray, you won't see any game or streaming tv anytime soon.
DJ  +   1142d ago
Realistically, we'll get 1080p 30FPS for most of our games, which is good enough.

Sony prefers to show real gameplay, so that's what we'll see at the PS4 reveal.
Braid  +   1142d ago
I don't mean to sound like a wise arse but anyone who's even thinking about the slightest chance of this happening clearly shouts out "I have no idea how the console/computer hardware work."

Have you ever played any game at all on PC in your life, at maximum 1080p settings? If so, you'd know that you just won't be able to run something like Watch Dogs/Star Wars 1313 at 4K/stable fps with ANY single graphics unit in the following five or more years. You can however SLI two monster GPUs for your custom built PC and you'd see wonderous things but really... consoles? You have to be an extremely naive gamer to hope that a gaming device which is limited by the size of its case and power consumption can be released with a thousand dollar GPU unit alone. That'd make your "dream" console retail with a price tag of $1500 at best.

Now the question comes to this: who'd pay that much for a console? If you're such a graphics fan why would you limit yourself with a pre-determined hardware that you can not alter later on rather than building your own PC which can do ANYTHING if you have a thick wallet? How about power consumption? Would you really want your console to consume double the amount of electricity than your friggin' refrigerator? How about mobility, would you really want to put a gigantic arse console case on your TV unit which will reside continually in your living room to be seen by your surprised guests, visitors and family? That'd be visual pollution at its finest as a console is NOT a personal computer.

I'm not sure if they can blow gamers away with the demonstration of your imaginary Killzone 4K but I'm sure as hell that they'd be BLOWING THE CONSOLE UP instead as I know for a fact that a mobility type of GPU that can handle such graphics is yet to be invented and even the heating problem alone could give your console infinite red lights of death after five minutes of intensive graphics processing.

If we can get 1080p/30 fps in games like Watch Dogs, that's a bigger achievement than most of you out there think.
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