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Septic  +   1141d ago
Good piece Jamie.

Funnily enough, we both share our fear of deep water, virtual or otherwise.

Far Cry 3 gets so many things right; amazing game world that feels limitless, random encounters that truly are random; I was lining up a head shot against one of the pirates when all of a sudden he screams " oh sh*t" and then outta nowhere, a leopard comes leaping at him etc.

The only thing that lets it down is the A.I but still, the game is just so much fun that doesn't really detract from the experience that much.

Simply put, Far Cry 3 is what many open world games try to be; fun, with freedom and functionality. My GOTY
Jamiex66  +   1141d ago
Thanks Septic for taking the time to read it. Not sure why our fear comes into play within a game, but the uneasy feeling knowing a shark could get me anytime...Freaked me the hell out! lol.

There were a few things that didn't gel right with me in Far Cry 3, but it was hard to detract from such an excellent product.
dboyc310  +   1141d ago
Coming from someone who doesn't enjoy open world games I honestly can admit that I love this game so much. The game did so many things right. From building up the character to the usage of hunting to upgrade items. Everything just fitted so well. Plus the usage of the bow and arrow were pretty bad ass too. Would have been cool if vaas would have been the central villain but still was able to enjoy it. The area where jason is interrogating his brother is intense and its one of my favorite scene in the game. So much emotion and suspense. Surprisingly good and now I'm a fan of the franchise.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1141d ago
Vaas... Micheal Mando did an amazing job

But... can someone tell me what the hell a "pussy trigger" is?
robavila95  +   1141d ago
Single player is a masterpiece, but the multiplayer IMO is very lacking of any originality or innovation, plus there's hardly any online population (xbox), which is a shame because it also makes the map editor pointless.
Jamiex66  +   1141d ago
I did not even touch the multiplayer, a game like this isn't about online for me, I have enough to do in the open-world.
ginsunuva  +   1141d ago
That's what I like here: the devs didn't put much time into MP, but more into SP like Crysis did before it.
It'd be better without MP altogether, of course.
GreenRanger  +   1141d ago
The only thing i didn't like about this game was the story and the horrible, unskippable cutscenes.
The characters were irritating.
I'll take Far Cry 2's mercenaries over a bunch of snobby annoying Nathan Drake-faced stoner brats any day.
Also, some of the skill points were pointless, like the one for driving better and the ones for increasing accuracy when firing from the hip.
Does anybody actually fire from the hip?
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Septic  +   1141d ago
I disagree. I fire from the hip. It actually works surprising well when my stealthy manoeuvres fail; which is all too often because, typically with my good luck, as soon as I'm about to knife someone, out there somewhere, a deer will run into a dog, which runs into a leopard, which runs into a bear, which will chase that leopard for about 20 minutes until it happens to reach me exact destination and a second before I press F to execute.

Oh and a snake will bite me.
hennessey86  +   1141d ago
It's an excellent all round game
My only complaint is the frame rates are choppy on the 360.
MizTv  +   1141d ago
I just started it last night
Played for about a half hour
So far so good
josephayal  +   1141d ago
Far Cry 3 is by far my favorite game of the year, but
I think Far Cry 3 needs Dinosaurs all the way
MarcoGT  +   1141d ago
I completed the story and now just finding all collectables, it's nice having the map telling you where they are and enjoying roaming around exploring different caves and stuff is fun.
This is like uncharted but free roam.
specsmatter  +   1141d ago
Mehhh havent even been playing it much because i just dont see the hype. I mean i hate most open world games at it is due to the monotony, large environments with limited enemies and constant corny missions and submissions that are repetitive as hell. All those hugely hyped series suffer from that including Assn. Creed., GTA and others. Ill admit Far Cry 3 adds more diversity but i do find myself saying wtf i have to do this corny sub mission or this mission. Sometimes wandering around the island seeing the enemies pull up in their jeeps ever so often. By the way driving the cars feel very unnatural to the point i rather walk lol

Graphic wise the game looks good in sp although i see many jaggies (ps3) and the mp i disregarded five matches later because the graphics are horrendous and grainy. The kill cam (you know that red lazer thingy lol) sucks and i cant stand it. And overall the mp feels awkward and def. not as good as games from years past with mp.

Bottom line i see all these nines for this game and i ask myself why? If you factor in the crappy mp no way in the world it should get this high and even the sp to me is maybe an 8. Alot of review sites are hypocritical and review one game one way, but another a totally different way. Do you know how many games received 2 or 3 points lower due to a lacking mp or sp? A good example is Starhawk great mp and the game is about mp, but suffered some lower scores due to the sp (which warhawk never had). I just see alot of big name and well known games get a free pass just because..... and thats not cool.

Im not bashing the game because it has its good aspects but i see some pretty negative ones as well. Max Payne 3 was another game that received higher scores just because of the name but when the hype dropped we started getting realistic scores like 7's.
dboyc310  +   1141d ago
I'm exactly like you when it comes to open world games but I thought this game added the fun aspect to separate it from other open world games. Nothing really felt like a drag to me. Capturing enemy territory filled me in with enough pleasure when I wasn't tackling the story and also even hunting to upgrade my gear felt fresh to me.
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specsmatter  +   1137d ago
I respect your opinion and in my critical analysis i did mention that it did some things to stand out from the monotonous open world games that we usually play. It did add diversity.
Irishguy95  +   1141d ago
I have to agree. The last big sandbox games I loved where Ps2 GTA's, Morrowind, Fallout New vegas. Other than that they have all been extremely repetitive to me.

Far cry 3 is fun enough that it can keep you tacked onto it. But I would give it 8/10 Maximum on a good day.
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