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Kos-Mos  +   944d ago
It's not a game, it's a poem, a bad one that is.
Sizzon  +   944d ago
Well deserved, Journey is just outstanding!
MuhammadJA  +   944d ago

Agreed! And the disagrees you got proves it.
creepjack  +   944d ago
Oh, i get it. this is the year of rebellion. The year where everyone picks things that are barely even games as GOTY. People, if "games" like Journey are the future of gaming, then this is only the beginning of a very quick end.
ayabrea93  +   944d ago
I don't get why short length games can't win game of the year according to some people? surely it's the content of the game, the way it makes you feel and interact with that environment. journey really immersed me and a lot of other people as well so I don't get why game spot can't have this as their personal goty :/
P_Bomb  +   944d ago
Going by the video review, the editors there seem a bit older. Old enough to remember the NES back in the day where classics could be finished in a couple hours (Metroid/Castlevania/KidIcarus ) or less (Mario/NinjaGaiden/TMNT Arcade.

Length means nothing if the journey (no pun intened) is worth taking. Contra, the Godfather of co-op alien shooters has a cheevo on XBLA for beating it in less than 12 minutes.
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FATAL1TY  +   944d ago

PS3 wins, Fatality!
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NastyLeftHook0  +   944d ago
yes, yes it does :)
Marceles  +   944d ago
Goes to show that games can't win awards off of the reputation of their name alone. "Mass Effect wins's Mass Effect! Halo because it's Halo! COD because...."
LAWSON72  +   944d ago
Good for them, my goty is halo 4
isyourhouseonfire  +   944d ago
Looks like there must've been a massive marketing advertisement payment made to Gamespot at the end of the year..

Gamespot just lost ALL credibility
P_Bomb  +   944d ago
I think you're confusing Journey with some other games' Doritos/Mountain Dew/credit card blitzes. No double XP under the cap here.
Jessika_S  +   944d ago
It's funny to me that all it takes is for one show to give a game The Game Of the Year, and then everyone follows I played Journey great game but just because it got nominated for a Grammy it does not make it game of the year.
ZBlacktt  +   944d ago
Another year of the PS3.
DevilishSix  +   944d ago
My GOTY list in no particular order is:

Mark of the Ninja - made sthealth fun again
Journey - brilliant experience I never expected
Halo 4 - best single player experience of series
Far Cry 3 - Skyrim with guns
Dishonored - brave new ip late in generation proving all big wig executives wrong.

That about covers it for me happy new year and happy gaming.
P_Bomb  +   944d ago
Disappointing to see some of the responses out there in general. From saying its barely a game and accusations of a pay off (you do *realise* the game already has a 92 meta average and Grammy nod?), to various colloquialisms on sexual preference.

Seems that for some, games should just be NRA endorsements.
Gun porn. IE: headshots, camping, no-scope ranting. Blood, bromances and babes. I guess I can see then why some peep are proclaiming the next mayan apocalypse here. What else is there when you're too young to drink?

In the meantime, downloadables (Walking Dead, Journey, Mark of the Ninja, Fez, Trials) rule the roost. For everyone else, the next AAAA multiplat' brofisters come out in but a few months. Peeps'll be stealing cars and virtua-cartelling on their console of preference in no time.
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Nac  +   944d ago
I agree with this.
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