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Godchild1020  +   1145d ago
Sony needs to bring Socom back with the Socom Pistol. No Pistol, then don't even think about it.
Sikkamore  +   1145d ago
Awesome vid!
LUKENBACHER  +   1145d ago
I am always amazed at the level of passion and creativity the SOCOM fanbase has maintained for the past decade.
brettyd  +   1145d ago
Yet we're ignored...
SilentNegotiator  +   1144d ago
Especially since they have gone through an entire generation of being crapped on.
StockpileTom  +   1145d ago
Yay FWC3... fun times....
zgoldenlionz  +   1145d ago
It's about time Sony makes socom 2 HD. If they make it I'll buy it and I'm pretty sure a lot of old fans would be very happy.
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1145d ago
God I miss Socom 2. Loved that game. By far my favorite game ever. The glitchers/lag switchers ruined it. I'd pay anything for a glitch free lag free Socom 2 hd remake.
BattleAxe  +   1145d ago
Lots of great memories of all of the Socom games on PS2. Its unbelievable how stupid the development team at Zipper was in letting this franchise go down the tubes this generation. Socom 2 and Socom: Combined Assault are still better than most multiplayer games this generation in my opinion.
Ulf  +   1144d ago
You are a fool if you think the Zipper dev team had anything to do with straying from SOCOM's roots.
Panthers  +   1144d ago
Socom 2 is still the greatest online shooter ever in my opinion. So much nostalgia in these videos. Socom was the last shooter that actually had the perfect mix of skill and tactics. Not just a twitch reaction shooter.

All they need to do is release an HD version for PS3 without any cheats. That is all I need.
akaakaaka  +   1145d ago
I'm amaze on how ugly Socom confrontation looks :/

for real if Sony want the hardcore for the PS4 they need to make a Socom confrontation 2 but one that is actually well done...
all they need is,

a confrontations alike setting (socom 4 settings just suck)

good graphics min 1080p or 4k

realistic physics

good special effects hollywood style

fun smooth fast game play 60fps

error free, lag free gameplay should be a must(socom fans had enough)

start with 16 maps classics only will do fine and new dls every 4 months for 1 or two years in a row(keep it simple no need to add new maps or useless new game modes)
akaakaaka  +   1145d ago
I bet the disagrees are because I say I want the next socom to be like confrontation in term of online game modes and settings and most want socom 2 like settings..

But I love the way confrontation was set, 5 rounds mercenary 5rounds seal's was fair and the points also made it fun(like in soccer but soccer also have extra times and penalty) so I will not mind extra rounds .

I also loved how one life per round was the main mode and it was set by solid gobal rules(fair competitive) plus the region lobbies was a good idea and multiple lifes was just to practice or have fun.

I think this details made the game more fun, just like in socom 4 I thibk is boring and stupid to play only one side and only few rounds? Or random what stupid idea.. 10 rounds plus tie beakers and switching sides should be a must for next socom..

And if there is a campaign it need to be like act of valor inspired .. socom4 idea was ok but if it was made into a open world in a more suited way for it(maybe with limited supply, survival type ) or just a semi open world co op game, will have been good.
Come on sony wake up and make this happen ..
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ritsuka666  +   1144d ago
I disagree.

There is a million annoying issues with the game. But it is still an original experience that you can only get with socom. I love it, and its still my favorite multiplayer game.
zgoldenlionz  +   1144d ago
I too like confrontation it's a damn shame it was released in such a shitty state. If the game released at the point about 6 months into the game when all the disconnects weren't happening and it wasn't hard to get together with all your buds it would hav been so much more of a success but by the time it was fun to play lots of the fans had already given up on it which is a shame cause it really was a lot of fun. So I see why people are disagreeing with you most people remember the game as a broken mess, I was lucky cause my whole clan stuck through all the BS at launch and I was able to really enjoy the game with all my bros and I'm sure you had a similar experience but most that isn't the way it went. From what I remember confrontation had all the same modes as socom 2 the same lobby system plus another mode or two I can't remember the name of it though it's been years since I played.

But really I don't care what specific socom they model a new one after as long as its not 3 or 4 I really hated 4 it was trash and I really tried to like it at first but in no way was it a true socom and 3 with the giant maps and vehicles was a good idea but having 1 dude that wasn't in your clan take a car all by himself so everyone has to hoof it across the map just to get sniped as soon as you popped up over a hill was a real drag and that happened way too often.

So to me a HD remake of 2 is the safest bet for a really good time. The maps on 2 were awesome they picked a lot of good ones from the first to return and added a lot of cool ones as well and from what I remember there was 16 in total, that's a good bang for your buck. Plus all the classic modes are there and pretty much every socom fan could be happy with this one.
KingofGambling  +   1145d ago
This show how dedicated Socom fanbase are and Sony should at least make an HD version of the first two Socom and make Socom 5 for the PS4.
sonicsidewinder  +   1144d ago
I only ever played the first, and it was only a little.

It was so, different to what I'd played.

Buzzing off the video when the Timesplitters 2 Music started playing there. :D
chasegarcia  +   1144d ago
cant wait for another good socom
JAMurida  +   1144d ago
Does anyone remember doing the infinite PMN mine/Claymore glitch on SOCOM 2 where you could lay down as many as you want? I rememeber doing that to mess around. Me and some clan friends would always mess around making a train of mines and watch them blow up.

But I'm not going to completely down memory lane again with SOCOM 2, too many good times had staying up on school nights to play late Gamebattle matches, paintball matches on SOCOM 2, calling out where you put your PMN mines and yet people STILL walked over them dying to it... Too many goodtimes and memories were had.

Thanks for the article though, a good after XMAS present to see people still cared about this series.

PS: Blackwido88 is funny as hell.
josephayal  +   1144d ago
Socom 4 is by far the best military game 2006-2013
Ulf  +   1144d ago
MAG was better
jukins  +   1144d ago
well im sure sometime down the road we'll see socom back it just wont be by zipper.
Jman36x  +   1144d ago
Sony needs to get their head out of their ass and make us a real Socom game, or at least give us an HD collection. There is so much love for this series but now we can't even play it online anymore :/ Socom 4 was such a joke.
hardcorehippiez  +   1144d ago
what do you mean cant play it online anymore ? i was playing it this morning.
Shadowgate  +   1144d ago
I want a new socom con2 would be amazing.
zgoldenlionz  +   1144d ago
I would be cool with that, I'd even be cool if slant six made it as long as they didn't have to rush it out before its complete. Slant six always did a good job of staying true to the franchise with the psp titles and confrontation, and to me socom is the type of game that doesn't need to change or have new gimmicks just new maps and maybe a new mode here or there as long as they don't take away any old ones.
PS3gamer4life  +   1144d ago
I want socom 3 hd
PS3gamer4life  +   1144d ago
If we all vote for socom collection hd they would listen but we need a lot of fans to push it and complain to sony
portoroc2010  +   1137d ago
this video had me crackin up this is the best socom video that video made me think bout the oldtimes of socom damn they should make a good socom with the throwback setting especially rank respawn the worst

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