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knifefight  +   924d ago
Games are released on Thursdays in Japan, not Wednesdays.
KarbyP  +   924d ago
knifefight you should read this:

It will explain why an entire bunch of games are coming out in Japan on March 20.

One Piece Kaizoku Musou 2
Dead or Alive 5 Plus
Disgaea D2
And a bunch others.
knifefight  +   923d ago
No, I won't be clicking a rumor website that's posting stuff based on retailer placecholders, haha. Just post the reason here.
KarbyP  +   923d ago
Very well.

Put simply, March 20 is a public holiday in Japan and it would seem that most publishers have decided to get their wares out there on a Wednesday instead, for that week.
KarbyP  +   922d ago
knifefight I think you might be pleased to hear that we've secured proof that this rumour is indeed real.

In the first place if we thought there may not be truth in it, we wouldn't have run it. I'm sorry if you consider us a shoddy messenger for news and rumours.
Rockefellow  +   924d ago
Interesting! I wouldn't put it past NIS.
knifefight  +   923d ago
Actually, NIS has nothing to do with the Atelier series in Japan.

Gust develops and publishes the games in Japan.

NIS *America* translates them into English and distributes them internationally.

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