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grandv  +   1142d ago
great 3d games
BigBoss3  +   1141d ago
why the many dissa... oh wait im on the biased site n4g
chukamachine  +   1142d ago
Wii u won't hold to wii sales.
jaymart2k  +   1142d ago
PS4 & Xbox 720 won't either. Your point?
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1142d ago
wiiU won't hold to Sony's ps4 exclusives or app loading time or cloud service or blu ray drive or being open to cross platform gaming like some pc/ps3 games or willingness to make new AAA games at the end of a generation to maximize your investment in a console or be the only company to not turn their back on the long time core gamers.. And that is during a financial struggle.

Everything else wiiU will do better I am sure.

As long as ninty stays true to the casual gamers they will stay on top. Or abandon you guys again.

Still waiting for N64 days to comeback? shame..
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Deku-Johnny  +   1142d ago
@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney, Wii U will have better exclusives than PS4. Nintendo have the best exclusives every generation. Especially when they finally release the new IPs they're working on.
zebramocha  +   1142d ago
@deku that is a big lie,nintendo didn't make any new games for the wii and didn't show any for the wiiu,which could've made good use of the game pad.
Amsterdamsters  +   1141d ago
@shutUpAndTakeMyMoney We're talking about systems that actually this point, you're talking about vaporware. Once the PS4 is available in stores, you're point would be more valid.
donman1  +   1141d ago
Hmmm where have we heard this and other lines like "Nintendo will fail", "Wii will not sell"... So far Wii U sales are mirroring Wii.
MegaLagann  +   1141d ago
How's that time machine?

I love how everyone at N4G has a marketing and business degree apparently.
PopRocks359  +   1141d ago
Then they go and criticize Pachter for doing the same thing.
Cocozero  +   1142d ago
Quite impressive sales, its even surpassed the PS3 LTD sales already. No surprise though Nintendo has always dominated Japan.
Servbot  +   1142d ago
Their consoles sure haven't. The N64 sold significantly less than the Saturn in Japan, and the Gamecube barely had a presence.
Zodiac  +   1142d ago
The DS turned everything around for them. Nintendo has completely dominated Japan since the DS was released.

The story goes pretty much like this. Give the DS a better back light and rule the Japanese gaming market from then on.

Even the Wii is getting close the PS2 LTD sales in Japan.
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adorie  +   1142d ago
Always dominated??
jetpacksheep  +   1142d ago
The Japanese market likes their countries consoles as well as Japnese developed games e.g Playstation and Nintendo, Xbox 360 sales in Japan are practically non-existant.
xflo360  +   1141d ago
Exactly! its the same reason why xbox360 is most popular in the usa and its also why in europe there is no dominant console!
josephayal  +   1142d ago
I'm not saying they won't sell
I have seen plenty of Wii U's at Walmart, Target, Gamestop and Best Buy
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brettyd  +   1142d ago
Yea i was just at Best Buy and saw several piles of them.
Deku-Johnny  +   1142d ago
There were piles of 360's and PS3 when they first came out and they've done quite nicely.
donman1  +   1141d ago
Piles of which version??? Last time I check Wii U white versions are out there. Its the Black Deluxe version everyone wants.
avengers1978  +   1141d ago
Plenty of both standard and deluxe versions, all over town in nw Ohio... Meijer was the only store, that only had white ones.
Khordchange  +   1142d ago
Wii U off to a good start
wiiulee  +   1142d ago
wiiu is a fantastic system...its selling better then the wii considering the higher price and all the hate.....and the potential to become even hotter is there...when the patches are there , and soon as miiverse and tvii becomes hotter.....and with great third party support..nintendo has a goldmine on their hands...
sdozzo  +   1142d ago
Love my Vita but I think i'm going to cave this holiday and get a 3ds. So many fun looking games.
tre  +   1141d ago
Sell your Vita like I did. I brought 4 3DSs for xmas gifts. Well 3 as gifts, 1 for me! My precious now.
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sdozzo  +   1137d ago
I'll never sell! But, I will buy both.
Amsterdamsters  +   1141d ago
I have both and find myself playing 3DS games more. Now I'm waiting for Luigi's Mansion....
lilbroRx  +   1142d ago
I don't see anything Sony related listed in the tags at the top, so why are there so many Sony fans in here trash talking the Wii U and slamming the people who anyting positive about it with disagrees?

Please, if you want to sing Sony's praises there are three sections listed at the top that you can do it in. Why do come to news that is solely about the Nintendo?

The fanboys on this site are ridiculously defensive to the point that any news that is even remotely positive about another console, they seem to view as an attack.
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dark-hollow  +   1141d ago
N4G is the ps3/vita section.
hduce  +   1141d ago
Because they have nothing better to do. I am getting ready to fire up the Wii U. My Nintendo ID is DuceStamina. Message me if you want me to add you. I have 16 games and counting.
fatstarr  +   1141d ago
you have the whole lineup of wiiu games?
Amsterdamsters  +   1141d ago
Wow...I have 6 retail and 3 eShop. Love everyone of them too...
DonFreezer  +   1141d ago
No the problem is not fanboys the problem is Sony's fanboys in particular. Have you seen any Microsoft or PC gamer to come to a Wii U article and tell you about Windows 8 and Xbox 720?
YoungPlex  +   1141d ago
You know what dude, your absolutely right! I've never seen anyone other than fanatical Sony fanboy's come bash the Wii U or 3DS. That's crazy!
herbs  +   1141d ago
DonFreezer speaks the truth. My theory is that the majority of the Sony fanboy crowd consists of spoiled children who's parents shelll out large $ for expensive Sony products.
fatstarr  +   1141d ago
Im glad you see that too, Sony fans hating on the success of Nintendo.
you see the impressive numbers,
Sony sees poor vita sales "oh these numbers are what we expected"
yeah right. lmao
hduce  +   1141d ago
I don't have every Wii U game but I took advantage of Toys Are Us's buy one get one %40 off and Target's buy two get one free. I missed the most recent buy two get one free at Target because I bought my nephews a Wii U for Christmas because they were burning a hole in mine.
Matt0611  +   1142d ago
Give me disagrees.
fatstarr  +   1140d ago
Just say something positive about Nintendo on any article.
bryam1982  +   1142d ago
Let's be honest who still using his wii for playing videogames as far as i know all my friend and family have their wii gathering dust somewhere oh yeah the kids of the house still using their wii lol thats the future of the wii U and the 3ds
jetpacksheep  +   1142d ago
From a marketing point of view that's what Nintendo wanted from that generation. This generation they are trying to reclaim some of their "hardcore" fan base but I don't think they will be as successful as Microsoft or Sony because of the 6-7 year lead on the "hardcore" market those companies have had.
Deku-Johnny  +   1142d ago
Yeah you're right. My Wii is just gathering dust now, I don't use it for playing videogames. I mean why would I? All those amazing games from Wii I can just play on my Wii U.
Zodiac  +   1142d ago
You're supposed to agree with Nintendo haters. It's no fun if you enjoy something they don't.

It's Nintendo fans like you that are ruining this site.

Get out of here and have fun with you're Wii U. That will teach you.
TheDivine  +   1141d ago
The 3ds is killer. I love the 3d, 2 screens, stylus, and the xl is a sexy beast with a huge screen (even the bottom screen is massive). Sleek hardware is great but its the games that makes it shine. From big 3rd party games, Nin ip's, classic titles remade, down to the crazy niche titles on the eshop. The ds and now 3ds has that magic to it due to the creative games. Stuff like TWEWY, Liberation Maiden, Crimson Shroud, Code of Princess, Kid Icarus, Sticker Star exc. Theres no compitition really. The wii had some great games also but it lagged behind due to outdated hardware and the sd res. The wii-u solves this, adds in the dual screen, has great 3rd party suport, and has a resurgance of classic Nin awesomeness. Screw how much it sells im happy with everything at the moment. Now to download Crimson Shroud from Level-5 and the designer of Vagrant Story, Tactics Ogre, and FF12. Enjoy!
Belking  +   1141d ago
Japan loves Nitentedo. They have clearly chosen them over sony this gen. The problem with sony this gen is that the big wigs at sony think too much like their fanboys. Just make the stuff and people will buy but it doesn't work that way.
Hicken  +   1140d ago
Make GOOD stuff, and people will buy it... which is what they do.

Funny, a thread FULL of Nintendo fanboys complaining about Sony fanboys... with NO Sony fanboys in sight.

And then there's you, of course, doing whatever's in your power to hate Sony.

Everybody else is bringing up Sony in this Nintendo article; the Sony people are nowhere to be found.

Belking  +   1140d ago
I can only speak for myself but i don't hate sony. What I said is absolutely true. Sony thought that they could just make the vita without any game support and people will buy it. It doesn't work that way. Sorry if the truth hurts bro.You really need to run along and stop trolling people who have their own opinions. Just because someone criticizes sony doesn't mean they hate them. Stop acting like sony is the air you breathe and you will be ok. Trust me, there is more to life than sony, microsoft and nintendo. Let them worry about us instead of the other way around.
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ronin4life  +   1140d ago
You obviously haven't been reading the other comments... or the high disagree rates. Once the Nintendo base flooded in, the sony fans backed off... just like they always do.

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