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bryam1982  +   1145d ago
Please finish ff 13 saga already so they can go ona and finish versus, FF and RE both sagas that went down the drain this gen
CatXFlash  +   1144d ago
Versus is part of the XIII Saga.. you trolls are really out of touch with things. Try harder next time kid. Fabula Nova = XIII.
fallensniper77  +   1145d ago
I just don't understand Square Enix, it's like they don't understand what the hell we are telling them! Us: "Oh god PLEASE do NOT make more FF13 games, we want FF vs 13 or maybe even a new FF altogether!" Square: "Alright we understand we totally get you! POSTPONE FF VS 13 AND START MAKING FF13-5 PART TWO THE WORLD OF THE ESSENCE OF MOOGLE POOP RETURNS WITHOUT LIGHTNING JK SHES GONNA COME BACK IN DLC BUT ITS OKAY CUZ THIS GAME WILL NOT BE MADE USING THE NEW AND IMPROVED LUMINOUS ENGINE WE'LL SAVE THAT TIL WERE BANKRUPT.... Part 5"
MelonSaurus  +   1144d ago
Wow another kicking and screaming FF fanboy. And with the caps of rage I'm emphasizing the screaming part. Chill the f*** out for god's sake.
helghast102  +   1145d ago
Nope, looks good.
BlueEye  +   1145d ago
Typical. ONE trailer and the shitstorm starts. This was roughly 2 minutes of gameplay. You haven't played the game, and it isn't even completed. I HATE the gamers of today! Nothing but bitching about everything game developers do!
Rayansaki  +   1145d ago
I liked FF13, FF13-2 and I think this looks even better :(
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   1145d ago
The direction COULD have been good. But if they are gonna make it single player and more freedom, they should have dropped the current combat system, or at least changed it significantly. It doesn't look to play THAT differently from prior entries sadly.

That all aside, would it kill them to make a few new enemies? I'm getting kinda sick of Reavers and Gremlins.
TotalHitman  +   1145d ago
The game shouldn't even have Final Fantasy in it's name. It's terrible. Please, just give us Versus.
CatXFlash  +   1144d ago
Why don't you ask for a brain instead...
TotalHitman  +   1144d ago
Why don't you ask for a heart or some courage instead...
betan21  +   1145d ago
Epic failed u got that right.
aim4dabushiz  +   1145d ago
The problem with the 1st 2 games, were the 1st 2 GAMES! Who do these developers have in mind when they create these games?!
wishingW3L  +   1144d ago
they think that because the first game sold 6 millions that if they keep trying they will be able to achieved similar numbers with recycled content. At least that's what I think....
BakaBlue2032  +   1145d ago
Honestly, what happened to square enix? They were so good at presenting appealing games with likable characters and interesting plots. Now......I feel like theyre trying to make up in their sales by releasing crappy games that only sell fast beacause they have a familiar title. I didn't mind the first XIII, it was a decent game, but definitely not sequal worthy. The second game was nothing to write home about either. The minute I heard this game was coming out I knew something bad was going to go down, but I kept my hopes up. But this, im sorry but this game is trying way too hard that its completely cheesy. I don't mind the graphics, its not even an issue but over the top outfits and strange "climbing" areas? Colorless areas filled with not much of anything? That's not final fantasy. And it will NOT appeal to western audiences at all. Wasn't the point of bringing over j-RPG's was to show off a different kind of game, something we weren't exactly used to? This is not sqeenix's golden age anymore; its time to close the curtain.
gamern4g  +   1145d ago
Lighting is one hot girl for sure!
Magnus  +   1144d ago
Why do I see FFVS13 sitting on the back burner yet again to promote another sequal to FF13. I think I am going to use my money on Tales of Xillia when it arrives to North America. Then whenever FFVS13 sees the light of day thats a Final Fantasy game I will buy.
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NonApplicable  +   1144d ago
Am I the only one who noticed the typo?
jc48573  +   1144d ago
going through all that trouble to dethrone FF7. dude, can it even dethrone FF1-12?
Tyrant13  +   1144d ago
I liked it and it was only the first trailer showing just one city to explore, might be a bit too early to judge it as a mess.

I've always liked the 13 series. 13 I admit was walking a stright line for most of it but it was one hell of a good line with great story, battle system and characters that I've finished it many times. I really liked that 13-2 imporved on things to do, I just wish instead of time travel with seperate areas it was one big exploration of pulse like the old FF games. So if this game is a combination of the ideas of the previous ones then I think it will be awesome.
iliimaster  +   1144d ago
this is crazy... why do they have lightning fever? they never showed cloud or sephiroth this kinda attention i havnt even beat the first one in the series of lightnings fantasy and i have part two but i cant bring myself to play thru the first one with all those stupid names like la seet and coocoon and its just horrible ive never played a final fantasy game where i forwarded
every cut scene its almost like they are doing this on purpose
gear  +   1144d ago
square enix screwed it again and as made this title"final fantasy" a super flop by their continuous release of final fantasy 13.
final fantasy 10,4,6 espically 7 that made a big hit even 10 made the name good,i just wish they stop making 13 or atleast release 13 versus to make the "final fantasy 13" name good since i didnot like any of the 13 titles.
I hope they release 13 versus since the hero is not a god.
seriously,what are they thinking making her a goddess she is more like a queen whore than a goddess,she is even destroying the title goddess
DivineHand125  +   1144d ago
I don't understand the hate
I have yet to play any of the FF13 games but from what i have seen in this trailer I can say that the author of this article is over reacting.
The Japanese games market is on a decline and the only markets left that buys games in the tens of millions are Europe and US. So obviously they are going to try their best to try to please the western rpg fans. The first final fantasy 13 game was criticized for being too linear so this time around they are trying to imitate one of the most popular open world western games.

We haven't seen enough to know if it is really a half ass job or not and the trailer wasn't that bad. Its definitely better than most of the trailers you see nowadays.
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gear  +   1144d ago
Its not that i hate it but why the craze for it anyway,mostly i am just pissed because square enix had announced 13 versus 6 yrs ago and this game is in development but for final fantasy 13 the game was announce this yr and its coming next yr it just shows that square enix as started lose its name by being too obsessed with lighting.
DivineHand125  +   1144d ago
I agree with you that this game was not needed but none of us really knows what is going on inside the company. Its possible that they are just buying time until new hardware comes out to bring out their truly remarkable stuff.
Versus 13 and kingdom hearts 3 might have been delayed and will be developed using the new engine we saw last year
How awesome would that be.
noxeven  +   1144d ago
That looks horrible. wow didnt think it could get worse. hopefully this is the last one
CatXFlash  +   1144d ago
If you don't like it than don't play it to me it looks amazing and I will be playing it.

Grow up why is it that these trolls feel the need to bash something simply because its not for them.

Go play some COD like the rest of the zombies.
gear  +   1144d ago
i would prefer playing god of war than this game
MelonSaurus  +   1144d ago
The framerate is probably due to it being in an Alpha stage. Everything about the trailer spells Alpha. I see your concerns, but I don't think it's safe to assume that this game is going to suck. From what I've seen it looks like the combat is going to be much more elaborate than its predecessors, which I know some people loved complaining about. The story seems alright, but the only thing I have a problem with is the new environment. It looks kinda dumb, especially if you hear some of the comments Andrew Goldfarb from IGN made while doing a rewind for it. If you look at the concept art though, you'll see that the game stretches plenty farther than the confines of this city. But like I said, the fact that the game is clearly in an Alpha stage makes me hesitant to label it good or bad.
Max-Zorin  +   1143d ago
Square need to stop trying to dethrone Capcom for most hated.
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