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A2X_  +   978d ago
Is this patch coming on consoles too? having a hard time with screen-tearing on PS3.
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kevnb  +   978d ago
They won't be fixing that , ubisoft have been putting barely playable games out on console this year. I dont get it either, they know it runs at 20fps and with screen tear but released it anyway. They could of reduced the graphics quality if nothing else...
tee_bag242  +   978d ago
Even on PC at 60+ fps it still has these stutters than annoy the hell out of me. The game is fundamentally broken an all platforms to people that care and notice these things.
inveni0  +   978d ago
"Fundamentally broken?" That's hardly broken. Skyrim is broken. Use that as a reference.
tee_bag242  +   978d ago
The game runs like a bag of sh#t on all platforms. At least on PC, its not working right. Clearly you've taken my comment too literally.
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dontbhatin  +   978d ago

sorry to say this but its not gonna get rid of the screen tear. Thats just not possible to do with how the consoles already struggle to stay at 30 fps on this game. v-sync would kill the fps.
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Sykoticz  +   978d ago
@ dontbhatin

FC3 runs @ 20fps on consoles. Sad to say i know.
A2X_  +   978d ago
Just realised it said screen-clutter, not screen-tearing. Had hopes for a second.

On another note, what's up with all the 9s&10s this game is getting for the consoles version? It clearly has major issues. Low frame-rate & crazy screen-tearing as soon as you start moving the camera.

Loving the game for what it aims to be but, performance wise, it's disapointing.
RonRico  +   978d ago
Completely agree. Not a smooth experience playing this.
kevnb  +   978d ago
Because most console games have these sorts of issues, it has become acceptable somehow.
dkeat  +   978d ago
Silent Hill Downpour was the worst experience I've ever had with screen tearing. I have no idea how the game was released that way.
Kennytaur  +   978d ago
I stop noticing after a while. It's bad, but not game-breaking so.
OniXRuleZ  +   978d ago
kevnb... most console games have these sorts of issues????? sorry but you i dont see this on the "THE GOOD GAMES" like HALO4, UNCHARTED SERIES, RED DEAD REDEMPTION, and alot of other games that i play, the problem here is UBISOFT, FARCRY 2, ASSASSIN CREED 3, and all the GOOD games from UBISOF have this, to me is just bad work, and not the console falt!
PAYNEinc85  +   978d ago
It doesnt look very good on 360 either. Very muddy graphics.
Belking  +   978d ago
Speak for youself. It looks great on my 48o HZ samsung smart TV on xbox 360. No problems at all.
onandonandon  +   978d ago
Your TV fixes all the screen tearing and bad textures? That's a 1st!
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acemonkey  +   978d ago
did they update the no rocks and no cam? for the systems? bc i cant play....and even that one relic that is block off when you can go in the "cave" bc its still open and plus its open world sandbox you think u be able to go in
onandonandon  +   978d ago
My biggest issue is the crocodiles making me jump EVERY time they attack me! I can live with the other issues, I'm used to them as a console gamer!
PAYNEinc85  +   978d ago
led tv's actually do make a game look a lot better. They dont fix screen tearing though. Bad company 2 on PS3 on my friends 55 inch led looks like a totally different game than on my 40 inch samsung lcd. BTW I love how my comment about how Farcry 3 looks bad on 360 got all agrees. If I would have said the same thing but put PS3 instead of 360 it would be all disagrees.

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