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CuddlyREDRUM  +   1142d ago
GTA5 seems like another average Rockstar product. Just because you and the media eat their turds doesn't make their games pancakes.
ajax17  +   1142d ago
GTA V no question.
HorrorGod  +   1142d ago
Watch_Dogs was revealed for the first time at E3 this past summer. I highly doubt it's coming out in 2013.
Last of Us - Revealed at the end of 2011. (coming out in 2013)
GTAV - Revealed at the end of 2011. (coming out in 2013)

See where I'm going here?
isyourhouseonfire  +   1142d ago
GTA V... This isn't even debatable. Watch Dogs is basically the diaper that GTA V's baby wears when it sleeps.
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KontryBoy706  +   1142d ago
They are going to hype the hell out of GTA V just like they did AC3... you saw what happened
stuntman_mike  +   1142d ago
we haven't really seen that much of both so you cant really say.
ScytheX3  +   1142d ago
well GTA we've all seen in action in prior releases, Watch Dogs is a new ip so cant even really compare them yet till atleast WD is released, got high hopes for both though =p
Gaming_Guru  +   1142d ago
The author doesn't know about game design, open world games means that the player has two or more branching paths they can take while a sandbox game has two or more branching paths and unrelated activities to do.

With that aside if Watch Dog can do what Grand Theft Auto 5 can do with its level of quality, then Watch Dog will be a more promising experience.
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