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BlackWolf  +   1017d ago
Expanding the "fanboy logic" :

"The specs on the wii u are low, so it's weak. It's not gonna give me good graphics because of this, and that's all that matters. That console sucks."

It's kind of sad, because sometimes is a matter of performance rather than raw power. They fail to see this (or ignore it right away).
bullymangLer  +   1016d ago
yeh .. .
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Psxpimp  +   1017d ago
Don't want it turning into a "hackers toy"? What an idiot.
arbitor365  +   1017d ago
- 1.243125GHz CPU (per core)
- 549.999755MHz GPU
- 1 GB ram for OS and 1 GB for games
well..... that certainly explains alot. If this is true, then its downright pathetic. next gen, my ass.
and there are people who honestly think that sony and microsoft wont top this by a considerable margin with their new consoles in 2013? what are these people smoking?
metroidfusion2  +   1017d ago
I like how very few people know what they are talking about and a lot of people don't know what they are talking about and don't do gaming history research but if thoae people were born this generation then. I can understand your stupidity but its. Not hard to do research lol and I will wait for a full sspec sheet but to read the comments to see who knows what they are talking about and I could care less for specs because the games will speak for themselves later on just like for many other consoles but dumbass people will keep nitpicking and everything else about the wii u but I like the console and a single fuck was not given and I can't wait to see the 1st and 3rd party games that are coming and again for all of the bakas do your research and know facts from rumors and false info its not hard lol and its as simple as that
Rockefellow  +   1017d ago
I stopped reading at "I can understand your stupidity." You should learn how to write better than a second grader before criticizing others, pal.

(It does look like you wrote this on your phone, though, so my apologies if so)
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Steadyhndz  +   1017d ago
For anyone defending Nintendo...think about this.
With specs like this, they have totally skimped out on the hardware for a $250 system. They used a cheap tri-core system that runs at a very low frequency. Although it may be some of the newer technology among the world of Processors, they could have at least gone with a higher frequency CPU, because we we know the load times on this thing are complete CRAP! Also just knowing the frequency and cache isn't everything in a CPU, with more info coming out we'll be able to really determine how much they really skimped out.

As for the GPU, it's nothing special, but it's nothing terrible either. When it comes to the specs of a GPU there's a lot more to it...but this is coming from me, and I don't work with other electronics other than phones and computers.

With the clock speeds being revealed on the CPU and GPU it isn't enough to say how powerful this system is exactly. Remember that when a new gen console comes out it's graphical power isn't going to be at it's best, and no where near it actually. At the same time though we would expect a new gen to look extensively better than current gen.

Overall I think Nintendo should have put more thought into how well they want this system to work for graphics and just speeds in general.
mamotte  +   1017d ago
What will they say exactly?

"Hell yeah, we know it's not a mindbreaker as everyone expected, so the quality of the games wont be good, since the specs make the game"

Is that what you wanna hear?
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Rockdown  +   1017d ago
At the present time, with those poor specs, the Wii U is not good value for money.
Rockdown  +   1017d ago
At the present time, with those poor specs, the Wii U , is not good value for money.
madjedi  +   1017d ago
Really depends on the individual but, in my opinion yeah i agree with that sentiment completely, 4 or 5 yrs from now it will likely be another story.

For people spinning saying hardware isn't everything it's not, but when a 2012 console is marginally better than systems released 7 or 8 yrs ago it isn't a good thing either.

And yes i was there in the nes era and even slightly before atari, and despite what alot of retro pride cheerleaders state it wasn't really that fucking amazing vs this gen.

A small percentage of awesome games and a whole lot other that were either buggy, broken controls or like plenty of games this gen. Nothing especially noteworthy, just a decent game to occupy for a day or 2.
Schawk  +   1017d ago
Get over it fanboys the wiiU is more powerfull
ahaaa im loving mine
Black ops 2 multiplayer online with a screen each and the second players is not even in the same room he is in a room upstairs while the wiiU and the first player are downstairs in a totally differenty room
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madjedi  +   1017d ago
The funniest thing is the die hard nintendo fans bragging about how superior it is to the ps3 and 360, as though this is actually merits bragging rights.(i guess coming strictly from the wii, i could understand the confusion).

Thats like me dogging the original xbox by saying how superior the ps3 is compared to it, then a 360 gamer saying no shit dumbass it's a "new generation console" vs a previous one.

Why are you stupid nintendo guys, bragging about beating a seven yr old console.

The actual match is still missing two competitors, not it's 7 yr old predecessors, lets see nintendo fans brag in a yr or two about how superior the wii u is.

It's funny as hell to see nintendo fans try so hard to downplay the ps3 and 360, now that the "next gen" is here. Maybe when nintendo(not third parties) puts out games that matches or exceeds the best these old dogs have to offer or even 2010 games.

I'll start paying attention till then not impressed, with a very late addition still playing catch up to the lead runners.

Waiting for the masses of new 2012 accounts to spam how innovative tablet controls are, and how motion controls are so dated in comparison.
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nintendoland  +   1017d ago
all graphics whores grow up. Do graphics really matter in the end?
madjedi  +   1017d ago
checkout xcom enemy unknowns stellar graphics
"Do graphics really matter in the end?"

Are we still using nes graphics on any modern non retro inspired games?

"all graphics whores grow up." So we should grow up because nintendo intentionally skimps on it's hardware to maximise it's profits.

Will you dumbass nintendo fanboys get it through your skulls, that just because a person says something about graphics or power doesn't mean they are graphics whores.

If you think people put 100-200+ hrs into demon/dark souls, disgaea, borderlands, fallout ect for its graphics your a retard.

All idiots screaming graphics whores, stfu. I did my time with atari graphics, we have improved greatly beyond. It doesn't need to make a comeback.
nintendoland  +   1017d ago
i'm a nintendo fanboy because i don't care about graphics? Really are you that stupid?
Schawk  +   1016d ago
total and utter rubbish , if u worry so much about graphics and its obvious you do , go build a high end pc rig
bullymangLer  +   1016d ago
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Kingthrash360  +   1013d ago
The only thing that would make this relivent would be how the wiiU will perform when ps4/720 hits. Will it be able to match that they bring? For now tho this is just irrelevant. it matches current systems, that's good enough.
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