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vork77  +   616d ago
this will be a great game
JKelloggs  +   615d ago
An engine will be a great game? Okay :-S
Hatsune-Miku  +   615d ago
Looks really good so we know these aren't Wii u screens. I cant wait for next gen consoles the xbox 720 and ps4

Metal gear ground zeros looks amazing at this point in time so I can't imagine what it will look like on 720 and ps4 next year
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vallencer  +   615d ago

So it doesn't matter if it's a nintendo article or not you'll bring up the Wii U anyway?? You really need a better life my friend haha.

On topic though they do look beautiful and i can't wait for a game of his that uses them.
BlackWolf  +   615d ago
Come on, again? As far as I know, the wii u is not mentioned even once here. Why do you bring it up? Please, respect yourself and STFU.

Now on topic, I think it looks really good. Very enjoyable graphics.
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This can't be next gen.. But looks good.
b163o1  +   615d ago
I can't believe they made this in just 2hrs!! Amazing!! Can't imagine what a 2nd gen Fox engine game would look like. I'm ready to preorder my NextGen system now.
cannon8800  +   615d ago
@ JKelloggs

We all knew what he/she actually meant by that.
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vork77  +   615d ago
im talking about metal gear solid grounds zeros
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WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   615d ago
Those screenshots in motion will not be possible on current gen hardware.
crxss  +   615d ago
when I first saw that bento box, it looked nasty haha. very well made that it doesnt even look like food. probably tasted great but you'd have to get over eating their faces
mafiahajeri  +   615d ago
He obviously meant ground zeroes.
MasterCornholio  +   615d ago
Great games will come from this engine.


Hatsune-Miku (Looks really good so we know these aren't Wii u screens)

I wonder if Kojima has even thought about the Wii U yet.
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The_Infected  +   615d ago
Don't Kojima like power? I don't think he really cares about the Wii U.
porkChop  +   615d ago
As of right now he has no interest in the Wii U. He's specifically said that for his current projects, including Rising, he hasn't even thought about doing Wii U versions or ports at all. He's a real pusher for power, so I don't see him supporting the Wii U considering how much slower it really is compared to PS3 and 360.

The tablet controller is nice and all, and brings some interesting possibilities for gameplay, but releasing a console that is supposed to be next-gen, yet is slower than current gen is never a good idea. I really see this backfiring on Nintendo. I mean they will still get some 3rd party support for exclusives, but for multiplats I see it being left behind next-gen. Developers are already complaining about PS3 and 360, and that they have done all they can with current gen and that they need new, more powerful consoles, so I see the majority of them skipping the Wii U.
onandonandon  +   615d ago
avengers1978  +   615d ago
Very nice engine, let's hope it's well utilized. A game may be limited by the engine If not properly done
Fil101  +   615d ago
And the game will be a great story.
Beastforlifenoob  +   615d ago
The graphics aren't that out of this world or amazing...
These are amazing
Until games don't get this good do not raise the volume.
Graphics in video games are back... And its not because of processsing power for example the highest model Mac Pro has 64GB of Ram, dual graphics Dual 3.2GHZ proccesors. Do not speak until games get this good EVER

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bunt-custardly  +   615d ago
Very flat textures, but the lighting is incredible.
Bimkoblerutso  +   615d ago
It's a very beautiful engine, it's just...why do so many engines these days make everything look like it's covered in cellophane?

The world is not as shiny as many developers think it is...
UnSelf  +   615d ago
So damn true lol
rezzah  +   615d ago
Ever considered the material of his suit was shiny?
The_Infected  +   615d ago
That's exactly what I was thinking. Always a shiny looking plastic.
Bimkoblerutso  +   615d ago
Right down to the straps apparently, which appear to be made out of shiny rolled duct tape.
Rebo00  +   615d ago
He's just come in from the rain :)
sweetSWAGGER  +   615d ago
He's shiny because he's wet. He's soaked in rain water, if you look close (especially at the third image) you can tell. The model was probably taken from the gameplay trailer of Ground Zeroes. Y'know... the one where it's raining a lot?
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GuyThatPlaysGames  +   615d ago
True! MGS has always had crappy textures.
porter470  +   615d ago
why release so small screenshots?
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Nyxus  +   615d ago
They are now larger, if you click on them.
DERKADER  +   615d ago
violents  +   615d ago
It's snake made by the fox engine standing in thier confrence room like augmented reality style. It looks pretty cool.

Cant wait to see what fox engine can do on my ps3 and hopefully my vita too!
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Mac is OK  +   615d ago
It's a 3D render of the room using the fox engine.
violents  +   615d ago
Could be, looks pretty good, it fooled me. Still cant wait to see what fox engine can do.
Mac is OK  +   615d ago
They had shown it before.
Check this link: ima-productions-fox-engine-upda te-shows-how-stealthy-office-ca n-be
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Vandamme21  +   615d ago
Raiden>Big Boss>Solid Snake
TheEnigma313  +   615d ago
No one is greater than snake; not even old snake. Raiden really?
Eamon  +   615d ago
Big Boss>Solid Snake>Raiden

paydayp  +   615d ago
you have it all wrong its

ocelot>bigboss/solid/liqui d/solidus/raiden :)

i just love revolver ocelot:)
DonMingos  +   615d ago
You've misspelled:

Raiden<Big Boss<Solid Snake
Irishguy95  +   615d ago
Solid snake > Big Boss > Raiden in terms of character and likability.

Now, in terms of gameplay, it is whoever you are playing as wins.

In terms of who'd kill each other in a logical sense, Raiden would easily rape them. Raiden has the skills they have, he stopped using them in 4 and Rising because he doesn't need them

Yes he would easily kill them.
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BlackTar187  +   615d ago
lol raiden really hahahahahha please stop with the jokes Vandamme
Snookies12  +   615d ago
Grey Fox should be over them all, he's so badass... Sorry Big Boss, you're REALLY close, and so is Solid.

My personal listing goes as such...

Grey Fox > Big Boss > Solid/Liquid > Ocelot > Sunny > Raiden

(Obviously Sunny being above him was a joke... Hm, then again, maybe... Lol)
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Mounce  +   615d ago
I'd say....

Big Boss>Ocelot>Solid Snake>Grey Fox>Solidus>Kaz Miller>Liquid>Otacon> Future Raiden>Olga>SunnyLol> Early Raiden

:DDDDD Don't fuckin' forget Kaz Miller damnit.
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KrimsonKody  +   615d ago
Does this mean for certain that the Phantom Pain is either PS3 or PS4, & definitely not Vita exclusive?
It doesn't matter to me much, if it's exclusive to one or the other, or Vita crossover.
Just feed me more Snake!
SandWitch  +   615d ago
How do you people know The Phantom Pain platform by looking at some Fox Engine renders that are not even related with the game?
CaptCalvin  +   615d ago
If you look at the screenshots on the Phantom Pain website it doesn't look nearly as good as what's presented here or in Ground Zeroes. I think there's a real chance that Phantom Pain is for a comparatively weaker platform aka Vita.
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KrimsonKody  +   615d ago
My comment was more of a sarcastic reference to the article that N4G posted, maybe a couple weeks ago, mentioning whether the new MGS project was exclusive or not to Vita, thus, with graphics like this (Fox engine), it most likely could'nt be Vita exclusive.

Ya right, I can't tell. But I was never out to try to decipher WHICH engine was being used.

I agree, Ground Zeroes looks much more amazing than this demo, & Vita can definitely handle this demo. But a full MGS game on this engine, definitely possible, but at the cost of alot of storage.
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r21  +   615d ago
Oh my God, I hope Kojima's ok. How dare Big boss steal that awesome lunch box from him!
Longsama  +   615d ago
Goddamn that lighting is right, it practically looks like someone took a picture of an really high detail action figure
Longsama  +   615d ago
Goddamn that lighting is right, it practically looks like someone took a picture of a really high detail action figure
Yangus  +   615d ago
Cool, but this not next-gen. AAA quality current-gen visuals.
coolmaster  +   615d ago
sad but true.
Nyxus  +   615d ago
I don't think it's meant as such, the Fox Engine is being used on the current generation as well (like Ground Zeroes).
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Pillsbury1  +   615d ago
He's really shiny, can't wait for mgs:gz
Snookies12  +   615d ago
Well, he is Big Boss, the shine comes from his badassery.
mrbojingles  +   615d ago
I like how some are saying these can't be Wii U screens (well they can't since GZ isn't being made for it) but the game and this engine is being used on the 360/PS3 version of Ground Zeroes.

That's like saying this engine and game that was made on the N64 can't be made on the Dreamcast.
StraightedgeSES  +   615d ago
The only person who said that was Miku.
mrbojingles  +   615d ago
Well, I should've made it clear that I was referring to other sites too.
turgore  +   615d ago
Uncanny valley !
zeeman  +   615d ago
Looks schweet.

PES2014 will be using the fox engine as well. Can't wait to see how it all pans out.
imt558  +   615d ago
Sony bought Kojima Production with that food picture and Metal Gear games remain only on PS.:)
Indo  +   615d ago
Loving this Fox Engine. And this is on this Gen consoles! Pretty amazing considering the PS3 and 360 are 6 years old and outdated as hell now.
Omnislash  +   615d ago
Its kinda raw but Im not very impressed.
DwightOwen  +   615d ago
Oh my God those are ugly.
ninjahunter  +   615d ago
:X Oh god, i hope the game looks better than that, i mean the normal maps look nice, but jeezus, everything else looks terrible. Like, ive seen adult games (Problem?) do better than this and that is saying a lot.
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Ramon3MR  +   615d ago
Anyone else think Snake in the thumbnail looks like The Undertaker?
cellmember  +   615d ago
Not impressed atall. If this was a pc game those screens I would consider bad graphics.
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sweetSWAGGER  +   615d ago
The reason why Big Boss is so shiny is due to the fact that he just got out of the rain. I'm not joking, look closely at his uniform in the third image (his glove in particular), he's shiny because he's soaked with rain water. This is most likely the same model from the gameplay trailer of Ground Zeroes.

...why has no one pointed this out?
thecowsaysmoo  +   615d ago
Bigboss looks like a redneck pirate.
PS4isKing_82  +   615d ago
It looks good but also kinda robotic like if it was a game, it would move with a really low frame rate. All I know is that first ground zeroes trailer won't end up looking like that on ps3. It'll look good but not that good. But that's to be expected on these old systems. Ps4 mgs however should be something truly amazingly beautiful.
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