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PtRoLLFacE  +   989d ago
so what he said is make the ai smart and we'll have our selfs a perfect shooter
zeeshan  +   989d ago
I am with DragonKnight. I voted down Kotaku as well. Such a crappy website indeed with sour flavor of unwanted sensationalism all over the website.
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DOMination-  +   989d ago
My personal gripes with borderline is that its too much shootery - i know its a shooter but some areas are filled with so many enemies it Can get a bit tedious. Especially an area you cleared out before

And my other is the difficulty can appear somewhat.. Schizophrenic at times..? You'll level up and things will be really easy then halfway through that level suddenly enemies will out of the blue get really tough. Obviously they level with you but sometimes the system is a bit off. Its still a great game though.
Old McGroin  +   989d ago
"My personal gripes with borderline is that its too much shootery"

@ DOMination-

Yes, Borderline does seem to have some issues. Might I suggest you try Borderlands 2 instead? I would definitely recommend it as a superior shooter to Borderline. Oh, you seem to dislike "too much shootery", so may I also suggest you don't buy a First Person Shooter game as they tend to contain a lot of shootery parts? :)

P.S. I know it was obviously a type-o Dom, just playin' with ya :)
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Baylex  +   988d ago
LOL you should check what borderline is on google. Because yes it is schizophrenic at times LOL

Just watch what you're writting will ya?
DOMination-  +   988d ago
haha stupid predictive text
showtimefolks  +   989d ago

like we actually care about a site only looking for hits. go out of business
DragonKnight  +   989d ago
Kraptaku voted down.
TheTwelve  +   989d ago
Tired of all the Kotaku articles on N4G about now...
KwietStorm  +   989d ago
Seriously what's with the recent influx
ThanatosDMC  +   989d ago
It doesnt seem to lose stars though.
Young_ART  +   989d ago
Now, this is my opinion,
but I feel they should try to get in contact with Inifinity Ward/Treyarch, and get some tips on how to alter the AI. Because the AI in call of duty is just downright remarkable.
FarCryLover182  +   989d ago
Remarkably good? Or Remarkably bad?
Riderz1337  +   989d ago
Not sure if serious...
caseh  +   989d ago
I'm going to go with not serious due to the use of the words 'downright' and 'remarkable' in the same sentence when refering to CoD.
RXL  +   989d ago
or works for Treyarch/Infinity Ward
onyoursistersback  +   989d ago
I think your mistaking AI with animation?!
Other then that, you are way wrong!
spektical  +   989d ago
o yea, cod AI is amazing. I love how the enemies know where you are at every time. Phenomenal.
Dorwrath  +   989d ago
Really? Played BLOPS 2 and id be standing in an open space and they could walk straight past me.
rawshack  +   989d ago
@ Young_ART- your a idiot .that is all
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DeFFeR  +   989d ago
"your a idiot"


Sarcasm  +   988d ago
lol the irony


You're an idiot.


You are an idiot.
Reverent  +   989d ago
You have to be kidding.. CoD's AI is literally some of the, if not, THE worst AI this gen. They're like shooting at paper targets.

They are literally so scripted that if you run just an inch passed their spawn point, they'll completely ignore you and run off to wherever the game set them to run to, EVEN if you were to physically collide with them in the process.

Either you are straight up trolling us, or you have absolutely no idea what "AI" means. In case you don't (which I'm assuming is the case) , AI stands for "Artificial Intelligence".
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animegamingnerd  +   989d ago
meth is one hell of a drug
DarthJay  +   989d ago
Sounds like a personal problem. Sounds like he's looking for something to complain about. The game is what it is. If you're looking for it to be something else, go play something else. I look at the enemies you go up against in this game and they aren't exactly Mensa candidates. So no, I don't expect them to be very tactical. Gearbox definitely made the AI smarter than it was in the first game, but yeah, it's definitely a game where you shoot stuff. It almost seems like that surprises the writer.

Oh well.
Tetsujin  +   989d ago
Oh look, once again its Kotaku complaining about something, and one less hit from me for their site as well.
MrDead  +   989d ago
If they made the AI smarter then you would lose the arcade style gameplay, the action is fun, fast and chaotic I would hate for them to mess it up as the balance for this sort of FPS to me is perfect. Some games benefit from cleaver AI and some games don't, if you want a bad guy with smarts just play a different game.

I think Borderlands is fine the way it is.
Rupee  +   989d ago
Exactly I'm not looking for a gritty, realistic shooter. That's the difference between borderlands and shooters like halo, battlefield 3, etc.
NeXXXuS  +   989d ago
Halo 4 plays really well though. The online MP feels a lot better and smoother than all of those Crap of Doody games. I haven't been able to play Borderlands yet. I need to make room for some money in my wallet to go out and get it.
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Legion  +   989d ago
Isn't that why Serious Sam was so addictive? The enemies just kept running straight at you.
ApolloTheBoss  +   989d ago
KotalkShit yet again. That's it. Someone start a petition to ban these A-wads. I'll gladly sign.
Fixlarz  +   989d ago
Oh come on, I think he has a point. He didn't trash the game to complete bits, he just said he personally doesn't enjoy it that much. He didn't go telling everyone "er mah gerd dis gaem sux", he just told his opinion like he's supposed to. I don't know what's your beef with Kotaku as I rarely read any of their articles but this guy isn't the worst at all.
ApolloTheBoss  +   989d ago
I know he stating his opinion, but most of Kotaku's articles are just plain irrelevant BS. That's my beef with them, nothing personal.
Captain Tuttle  +   989d ago
If you don't like Borderlands you have a cold, black heart :)
Fixlarz  +   989d ago
I think he's absolutely right. I loved the original game and I do like BL2 but it is missing that same feel. BL1 was not at all a perfect game but it was something new and exciting, a FPS-RPG hybrid. BL2 improves on many levels over 1 but it's missing that brand new feel, it only feels like an improved version of BL1. It could be that I'm not as attracted to BL2 because I've kept playing BL1 now and then over the years and I played Diablo 3 a bunch this summer but I still do think he has a point. BL2 is a very good game but just not to me and I truly wish BL3 (if there will be one) will improve on the things mentioned in the article.

PS. I don't regret buying the ultimate loot chest edition one bit, I still am a huge Borderlands fan. :]
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Redgehammer  +   989d ago
I think the problem lies in thinking enemies that are multi-generational products of incest, and eat human flesh, are going to be smart.
mastershredder  +   989d ago
After Boarderlands 1, I was good. Really was not compeled to play the follow up. I'm more intested in Gearbox's upcoming Aliens Colonial Marines.
RavageX  +   989d ago
I didn't get to finish Borderlands 2, but I enjoyed 1 up until the end, cause that story was WEAK.

What? You don't play shooters for the story? Well I do. What is the point otherwise? If I simply wanna shoot stuff I could play any old game.

What I did play of Borderlands 2 I liked...alot, and I'm a guy who really can't be bothered with FPS. That means no COD, no Battlefield, no Halo, no Gears and so on.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   989d ago
Borderlands 2 is Borderlands with a slightly more or less interesting narrative.
near instantaneous boredom mired in repetition.
Kos-Mos  +   989d ago
Stop praising this game. It`s a mediocre game for pre-teens.
Norrison  +   989d ago
Get better at trolling, don't make it so obvious, borderlands 2 humor isn't for pre teens
ufo8mycat  +   988d ago
"I want more out of a shooter"

Borderlands 2 is not a shooter

It is a shooter WITH RPG ELEMENTS - yes there is a big difference.

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