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Xof  +   1075d ago | Well said
As a writer, one of the first things you have to learn is that OTHER people will almost never read the same things into a story that YOU do. Never. They'll see subtleties you never intended, and miss the ones you did.

That's why the peer-review process exists. That's why we go through dozens, hundreds of re-writes and revisions.

The worst thing a writer can do is blame his or her audience for missing elements of the story. When that happens, the failure lies with the narrative itself, not the readership.

That's writing 101.
dboyc310  +   1075d ago
Think he over did the writing. He should have just focused on Jason saving his friends from the black market and getting revenge. The whole aspect of the tribes and the civil battle that was going on was just to much. That being said it was still a fun and good game. First of the far cry games that I have played and I can tell you I have become a fan.
Nimblest-Assassin  +   1074d ago
All I want to know is what exactly is a "pussy trigger"
wallis  +   1075d ago
A shitty writer blames his audience. End of.
Awesome_Gamer  +   1074d ago
The story wasn't that bad...
Bimkoblerutso  +   1074d ago
To be clear, the story was about a group of bro-tastic, privileged 20-somethings taking a trip to a tropical island...WHEN THINGS TAKE A TURN FOR THE WORSE.

There were some interesting characters, but in all honesty, did anyone give two licks about any of Jason's bro friends or why he needed tattoos to gain power or why he needed to bed a hot tribal chick to free his mind? Not really.

It was one of the best games of the year, but let's not try to make it something it's not.
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linkenski  +   1075d ago
At least Bioware didn't blame us for not understanding ME3's ending. I'm starting to appreciate how they put it when people started complaining about that.
Xof  +   1075d ago
...But they totally did.
Master_S  +   1075d ago
In the second island the plot fails.
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1075d ago
Geez, this sounds like the guy who did Braid. If you write a good story then people will like it. If you write a bad story or one that tries to be too smart for its own good, people won't like it.
SAE  +   1075d ago
i didn't find it complicated , i actually want it to be one so we could get a sequel ..

from my point of view , the game makes you do bad things to survive and achieve a good thing or a right , that's how i understood it , you also got a choice in some point to make you decide what character you want in the game ..

in a shortcut to the story , you do what you have to do ..
ElectricKaibutsu  +   1075d ago
Ah, sorry, I didn't actually play Farcry3 :-/. I was just going by the article. Maybe I'll give it a shot now though :)
SAE  +   1074d ago
you have to play it , it's awesome :)
GearSkiN  +   1075d ago
Could careless I'm enjoying the game.
cleft5  +   1075d ago
The story is obvious, simple, and nothing deep is there. Maybe the writer intended the story to have a deep meaning, but clearly the writer failed to deliver.
SAE  +   1075d ago
just completed reading the artical ..

i think he is right , calling the story of far cry 3 dumb is just dumb lol , i felt just like what he said , it's like a riddle ، i even said to my self the same thing , the story could be a dream or a coma and he wake up and realise that he read a topic in a newspaper about vaas then he fight him again some how xd

He wanted to make a complicated game like mgs or alice , i hope he do so people can understand his story's , but i didn't find it hard to understand it that's why i said it's not complicated , i just didn't focus on the things he made in the game , just like what he said , we are used to simple story's but it's not our fault...
bigfish  +   1075d ago
Its one of the best games of all time - forget what others say, they wouldnt know what a good game was even if it smacked them in the face.
noisemedia  +   1075d ago
I really want to read this article but the server keeps timing out or some sh*t. I started playing this game a couple days ago and so far love it. Excellent voice acting, in fact some of the best Ive seen in any game thus far.

As for the story, Im still so close to the beginning that its hard to tell where its going so we'll see. So far, this game is awesome.
SITH  +   1075d ago
Movies have racisim, yet no one says crap about them. This is entertainment not a experience in reality.
ironcreed  +   1075d ago
Story is nothing to write home about, but it sure is a fun game.
B00M  +   1074d ago
Great game. Just finished it on PC. This guy is just blaming the audience because he f*cked up the story. But the story leaves so much to be desired! It could have been so good.


The story in this game died when Vaas died. What were they thinking killing off the best character in the game? Jason Brody is a d!ck, Vaas was an amazing character and so interesting. Fantastic voice acting too. I didnt give a shit about Hoyt or the second island! However I feel that when Jason killed Vaas, he became Vaas. Lots of clues that point to this. He even said he had become a monster. Vaas knew this all along with the quote "I AM YOU, AND YOU ARE ME!" Waiting for DLC showing that Vaas isnt dead, would love to see more Vaas or maybe even play as him.

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